Camp W - Alexei

This new interview with Alexei, our narrative director, and Kelly, our art director, gets into the back-story of how Camp W got made, and will tell you a little more about our studio Psyop:

"Behind-The-Scenes Of Psyop’s Narrative Adventure Game ‘Camp W’" on Cartoon Brew

Camp W - Alexei

We're celebrating the spooky season with a limited-time 15%-off sale!

In Camp W, you take the role of either Liliandra or Lysander, a runaway Witch trespassing in the realm of Humans. Cast spells, uncover mysteries, and -- perfect for Halloween time -- gather around the campfire to hear spooky stories!

Camp W - Alexei
We've had a few interviews go online the the past couple of weeks that you might find interesting...

In this interview with Geek & Sundry, narrative director Alexei and creative director Kelly discuss the story behind the development of Camp W's world and art style.

Here's a quote from Kelly: "I wanted to spark in people the feelings of curiosity and playfulness and acceptance and strength. With the goal that anyone could find pieces they related to somewhere in it. I wanted to make people feel good about who they are. Who they genuinely are. That they don’t need to hide, and that their choices do matter. I believe that that is a really powerful thing which could be scary, but is so exciting."

Over on Gamasutra, Alexei is joined by lead engineer Charlie to discuss their new narrative game design tool, Branching Storywriter, and what it's like making an all-ages game.

Here's a snippet from that: “My worries for this particular game were sort of a genre worry, in that I feel like we’re doing something that other people aren’t doing, and you have to question, when you walk down that path, why hasn’t anybody been walking down this path before?” says Bochenek. “Is it dangerous? Or is it simply undiscovered?”

Follow each link to read the full articles.
Zone of Lacryma - (Sin Vega)

The grim prospect of shopping for PC components looms over my August like a looming, grim prospect. God I love writing.

You might be surprised how demanding indie games can be on a slightly creaky video card, and not always because of ongoing optimisation. Although admittedly it’s more likely the searing heat rather than some bad code that baked my video card and almost the PSU too. Bah. That said, today’s Unknown Pleasures coincidentally has a rather low-fi theme, so let’s take a moment to thank the gods of the PC for putting an end to the hardware wars.

Mastering the basics this week: titchy interplanetary farmers, non-irritating children, and stabby jabby ninjas. (more…)

Camp W - Alexei

We mentioned "Memories" in our last update, but I wanted to go a bit deeper into how exactly they work and what they contain.

One of my favorite examples of the Memory system is the telling of ghost stories, an event that happens twice in the game. Each time this happens, the campers gather late at night, and you are given three choices of which story to hear. For instance, you might get to choose between a forlorn fiancee, a mad scientist, or a creeping shadow man. Once you have chosen, another camper steps up to center stage and tells you the story, in their personal voice.

At the end of the story, you open up your Grimoire and sketch what you think the character looks like. On your next time through the game, you might choose a different ghost story, told by a different camper, resulting in a different Memory.

All of our Memories, of which there are dozens to collect, were done by talented illustrator Julia Iredale.
Camp W - (Dominic Tarason)

I reckon I may have a soft spot for weird summer-camp stories, if my love of Gravity Falls (technically not a camp, but hush) and Psychonauts is anything to go by. Camp W definitely fits the bill, telling the story of a young witch (gender of your choosing) spending summer at camp amongst the less magically inclined folk. There’s some snappy writing, some genuinely charming cartoon art, and while ostensibly a visual novel, there’s a bit more to do than just clicking through the story and enjoying the ride.


Camp W - Alexei

Throughout each playthrough of Camp W, you will unlock various "Memories." These are unique pieces of art associated with choices that you make. Your Memories are stored in your Grimoire, either sketched, painted, or taped onto the page next to the character they remind you of.

Above, you can see some of Wilfred's Memories.

Each playthrough will allow you to unlock 12 different Memories, from a selection of over 60. You'll have to go through the full game more than a couple times to see them all!

Camp W - Alexei
We have been posting tons of concept art on our Twitter and Facebook pages lately. If you are into that sort of thing, you should definitely follow along.

Here's a sample of some stuff that we have posted:

Camp W - Alexei
Today we've got two new characters to meet: your mom and grandma! You literally wouldn't even exist without them, which isn't something that you get to say very often.

Meet Mila and Gadgy, your loving and maybe at times a teensy bit overbearing family.

A celebrity Witch and star of her own show on PotionTV, Mila holds you to a very high standard, but only because she knows you're capable of greatness.

Gadgy is the definition of old school cool. She's perhaps the wisest Witch you'll ever meet, not to mention the best hugger in the whole town of Coventry.
Camp W - Alexei

There's one more character to meet at Camp W, and it just so happens that she is the most downright campery of all the campers!

Ruby is an expert on the history and lore of Camp W. Basically, she knows everything there is to know about this place--or at least she thinks she does--and she’s going to share it with you, whether you want to hear it or not!

If you want to ask her any questions, you can usually find her in the Camp History Center.

Stay tuned for more art shares, character intros, and Camp W announcements.

Next up: The counselors!

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