Brief Battles - juicycupcake

Fix & Feature Patch 1.02.2
In this first fix and feature patch, we've added some pretty hefty PC-specific updates, plus we've squashed some more bugs!

  • Added full mouse support to the main menu and pause menus
  • Added keyboard remapping options for gameplay
  • Reworked keyboard menu controls to be more intuitive, while removing use of keys not internationally supported
  • Separated keyboard menu and gameplay control configurations to allow in game control flexibility while maintaining intuitive menu controls
  • Added interactivity to the video tutorial in 'The Basics - Lesson 3'.
  • Minor interface and performance fixes

We're really happy to be rolling out these mouse and keyboard updates! Thank you to all the keyboard players who've been waiting patiently for the option to remap keyboard controls.

We hope you'll have fun creating your own keyboard control configurations. If you think you have a pretty neat configuration, let us know in the comments!

These mouse and keyboard support changes required a pretty hefty overhaul of how we handle menu interactivity. We're pretty sure we've squashed the bugs that popped up with these changes, but let us know if you run into any trouble via We're always here to answer your questions and squash any bugs! 🐛🐞

On top of this in game update, we've now also doubled our localised storefronts on Steam, and updated our descriptions to add some further clarity in regards to Brief Battles being a couch co-op game, rather than online 🙃

We're already working on our next major update, which will include new gameplay options, along with fixes and usability improvements. If there's anything you'd like to see in a future update, don't hesitate to let us know!

Thanks for embracing the power of the butt 😊
Andrew 🍑
May 12
Brief Battles - juicycupcake

Hotfix 1.02.1
In our first of many updates to come we've squashed bugs related to the PC keyboard and mouse experience in the menus, plus an audio issue.

  • Fixed a bug that blocked keyboard menu navigation in some areas
  • Fixed issues with the menu losing focus when clicking the mouse in some areas
  • Fixed an issue where the GUI and round end sounds weren't muted by the master volume

We've heard your feedback that mouse and keyboard support needs work, and we're onto it! These keyboard and mouse fixes are the first step towards a large update for better keyboard and mouse support all round!

We're thrilled to see that players have been having a blast with the solo content on PC, with some playing specifically for solo, rather than multiplayer. For those of you playing without gamepads, we have full mouse support in the menus on the way, with keyboard mapping improvements to follow!

If encounter any issues while playing, please share them either here in our Steam community discussion, or via We're here to answer your questions and squash any bugs that pop up! :)

Tim and I would like give a huge thanks to everyone who's embraced the power of the butt and picked up Brief Battles already! It's been amazing to watch your streams and read your reviews. It looks like everyone is having a blast so far 😊

May your butt reign supreme,
Andrew 🍑
Brief Battles - juicycupcake

Gather some friends and embrace the power of the butt today!

Unaware of our underwear-fueled game? Check out our launch trailer to see what it’s all about!

Brief Battles brings butt-em-up action to your screen in a party game with a cheeky twist: It's all about the undies! You start hilarious battles with nothing but your buns to slam and squish those in your sights. Scramble to grab super-powered undies to embrace the power of the butt and gain an underwear-fueled edge over your friends, as you strive to prove who has the mightiest buns.

Key features:
  • Multiplayer mayhem for you and up to three friends in classic or ridiculous underpants-themed game modes.
  • Challenges to test your skills solo, or battle beasties with a friend!
  • Play as one of six cute, plump, wobbly underwearriors and unlock charming crossover skins.
  • Conquer foes with super-powered undies, including buns of steel, toxic tighty-whities, flaming hot pants, and more!
  • Battle in 50 unique and treacherous 2.5D arenas, across five regions.
  • Trophy hunters can push their skills to the limit to reach the hardest challenge goals, while accessibility options open the game up to everyone.
  • Free updates! No paid DLC. No butts about it.

Hang out in the Brief Battles Forums and to chat, ask questions and share tales of butt-battling glory!

May your butt reign supreme!

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