May 13
Builders Of Egypt - Builders_Of_Egypt

This time flies so fast, it seemed to me that I wrote the previous devblog yesterday and it's been over two months now. Forgive me this radio silence, while working on BoE I lost my track of time.


The final trailer for BoE is now being created, the basic gameplay is finished, the premiere is not yet set, game mechanic is changed

Release date
This is the most important topic that everyone is interested in, and this is what you ask most often. In short, I'm not able to determine the exact release date right now. I mentioned Q2 earlier and it would have been like that if the release process had ended with sending the latest BoE build to Steam and clicking Publish.

I didn't know it then, now I know that the development of the game itself is a 50% success, because there must be internal tests of the game, translations into languages (yes, friends from China, your language will be there too, you can rest assured), certification, so now nobody is able to determine how long it all will last.

It's best if I don't give any new approximate dates, my prediction sense turned out to be too weak in this case, but I can assure you that we are already very close to the release.

New materials
Soon there should be a gameplay trailer that will promote the game. You will see completely new stuff that I haven't published so far. I'm working hard on it right now and I hope you enjoy it because I'm looking forward to receiving your feedback!

At this point I managed to finish the basic gameplay.
Some of you who follow the forum on Steam already know that I have decided to modify the game mechanics. It's mainly about the way of delivering raw materials and services to buildings.

After reading all your comments and having a long chatting debate with some of you, I have come to the conclusion that I will use the best features of all these mechanics depending on the purpose of the building. For example, the police will have a range with an effectiveness gradient (guards will still be circling the city and interacting with bandits), but a resident of the house will have to move on his own to pick up food from the Bazaar.

I think that such a solution is logical, most realistic and will prevent from simplifying the mechanics for senseless running of suppliers and reducing the game to putting together ideal patterns from the Internet. I think it works much better than I had it done in the prototype game, it's consistent, predictable and interesting because it looks at it well.

From less important things I've improved my landscape textures for the hundredth time and for the hundredth time I've improved the vegetation in the game - at this moment I'm already satisfied with the effect (you'll see it in the trailer).

The next devblog will appear soon because of the trailer premiere.
See you later!

Feb 25
Builders Of Egypt - Builders_Of_Egypt

Builders Of Egypt

Changing the game title!

We decided to change the name of the game to something friendly, easy to remember and obviously associated with what the game is about. I hope that this will help in the game recognizability, so we do not hide that this is mainly a marketing step.

The previous title was a quotation from the Book of the Dead, which I liked so much that I wished to give the game a title based on it, only that at that time nobody knew that it would actually be a game that will be released on Steam in the future. No matter how much I liked the title, there were many voices that the game seems to be cool but the name is terrible and it's high time to abandon it.

Below is a screenshot from the progress of work on the map of the world, there are no cities on it yet and no ready UI, but I'll tell you more about it in the near future when I'll write something more about how it should work - if you are familiar with the Total War series you generally know what it's all about.

Feb 8
Builders Of Egypt - Hard_Ancient_Life

Egyptian light bulb – lost technology?
Imagine you’re an Egyptian craftsman, hired to paint frescoes in a freshly carved tomb. Precise drawing requires good light, but oil lamps in the chamber would leave soot all over your hard work.

So how... about electric light?
A stone relief in the Hathor temple at Dendera in Egypt depicts what some have interpreted to be the very first electric glass bulb with a tungsten filament.

However, the Egyptologists argue that this ‘bulb’ is in fact a stylized depiction of a lotus flower (very common in the art of Egypt), spawning a snake (filament) inside it. The snakes coming from the lotus symbolize fertility, linked to the annual Nile flood.

If so, then why were tombs clean of soot deposits? Did the painters use mirrors to light them or some other way? What do you think?

Tell us what you think about posting interesting facts about Ancient Egypt, if you like this formula, we will write some more every few days!

Author: Maciej Paprocki
Feb 3
Builders Of Egypt - Hard_Ancient_Life

A lot of time has passed since the previous post
- so it's high time to get new screenshots! We are working on a new UI, for now we are showing you how the main screen and message panel look like, there are still many new features hidden under the icons next to the date, but we will write about it in the next posts!

On the screen below you can also see a grey granite quarry, a building that is unique because it will be quite rare in the game.

Dec 23, 2018
Builders Of Egypt - Hard_Ancient_Life

Thank you all for your positive energy to work, for various ideas for game development, for all the questions asked, suggestions for help with game production and testing, and all the nice words that you gave us in your comments.

We hope that next year at this time, if everything goes according to plan, we will be at least at the end of the campaign production, and the game mechanics itself will be polished in close cooperation with our players.

As we wrote earlier, it was a very intensive year, which ends with a happy cooperation with the publisher. Thus, since December the production of the game has significantly accelerated, thanks to which at least one new building out of more than 70 available in the game is being built every day, not including the monuments!

The most difficult task now is to completely organize the game code, because probably, as you can guess, we didn't take special care of this mess during the production of the prototype, at the same time we implement various optimizations. This is the most important thing to do in the near future, but we still have a lot of time so we plan to complete the next milestones.

In addition, as always, we are constantly trying to improve the quality of graphics and this time we present a completely changed visual appearance of the desert areas.

Next in the queue is the water shader, which is currently also being recreated from the beginning and >all< textures of green areas, which we will show later but some of them can already be seen on the graphics from the header.

In the next year we will also change the name of the game
, because the current one was treated as a working title, which could possibly be changed to something more marketing-friendly in the near future. Only when we manage to carry out this process will we start making the first full gameplays available, because that's the starting point for preparing the game for release and trying to get the players interested in this title more widely.

See you next year!

Builders Of Egypt - Hard_Ancient_Life
If you want to read something more about the game, I encourage you to read the interview with me. The interview is in both Polish and English.

Interview on Gameplay

Thanks to Medic from!
Nov 10, 2018
Builders Of Egypt - Hard_Ancient_Life

Information about the release, early access version and planned demo.

As some of you noticed, according to the deadline written on Steam, there should be specific information about the release date of the game. We can say straightforwardly that the game will not appear this year and although it sounds like bad news, in practice it is completely different. Why? You will find out more about that in the next part of the news.

Despite the fact that this is not the end of the year yet, we would still like to summarize all the events that have taken place so far. The game has been developing for more than two years as a side project developed by one person after work hours in the free time. The most important part of programming was created over this long time, a specific graphic style was developed, the whole game design document was described and a working prototype was created.

Usually indie games are rather small productions, especially those made by one person, but in this case it was supposed to be different, which results from the simple assumption that we want to present Egyptian history in a fresh and contemporary way, maybe also in some sense innovative, and this means a huge amount of work, which we are not afraid of.

It wouldn't be possible if we didn't finally find a publisher who would support the whole project, and thus help transform a small one-person project into a large, fully-fledged game that will have to face the demands of the market and all the fans who actively support the development of the game all the time.

At what stage is Hard Ancient Life at the moment?

The game is still prealpha, playable and basically playable at the moment, but there is not quite enough of it to release it on the market with a clear conscience, even in the early access version.

That's why we decided not to release the game yet. The appearance of the publisher means that with such support we can now focus exclusively on the production of Hard Ancient Life, as well as enriching the game with elements that due to the high costs we hadn't planned at all before and are now within our reach. This is a big chance for the game to become something even better than it was originally intended, and we don't waste such opportunities. We promise that it will be worth waiting a bit longer.

Then what can you expect in the near future?

First of all, from December a lot of new information will start to appear, we promise to inform more often about the progress of work, there will be a real video gameplay and at the end of Q1 2019 there should be a long-awaited early access version as soon as we solve all legal problems. By then, we will certainly be able to expand this early access to such an extent that most things will work right away and the gameplay will be at least a bit enjoyable.

We hope that the reasons for postponing the release are understandable for you, we look forward to your comments, thoughts, hints and expectations regarding the game on the Steam forum and in the comments below!
Nov 7, 2018
Builders Of Egypt - Hard_Ancient_Life

In this episode we will show you as always a quick preview of the production cycle - this time the pottery maker and additional effects when constructing the building!

As everyone is surely aware,
the release should soon follow the deadline set on the Steam. We will write a message about it soon, as well as what to expect in the near future and what the work on the game will look like.

We hope that we will also be able to boast of great news, but we ask you to keep your thumbs up for a while!
Oct 23, 2018
Builders Of Egypt - Hard_Ancient_Life
We're coming back now with more frequent sharing of shorter game materials - short videos look better from games such as city buildings. In today's video you'll see the production cycle of bricks - the full sequence is not shown here (we won't show all of them to leave you something to explore), but you can definitely see what it's all about.
Oct 15, 2018
Builders Of Egypt - Hard_Ancient_Life
For a long time there were no updates about Hard Ancient Life, it's time to say what's going on!

Recently a full documentation (game design document) has been created, in which all elements of the game have been described. The document was created quite a long time, because the game is not a small, simple game, but quite a complex project. We hope that it will allow us to establish cooperation with the publisher in the near future.

Besides, the work on the game itself focused on the struggle against optimization and general preparation for the game release in early access, but about this there will be another separate information, in which the whole publishing plan will be described.

The attached graphic shows how the various events that the player will encounter during the game will be illustrated.

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