Aug 16, 2018
Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hey everyone,

Just letting you know Cardinal Cross's trading cards have been approved just now! =)
Along with trading cards, there are several emoticons and backgrounds too!

I'm not very familiar with them, so please let me know if I've done something wrong.


See you!
Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hey everyone!

We are finally out of the Early Access!

First of all, thank you so much for your support and all of your help during the EA.
Your suggestions, feedback and bug/spelling error reports have been incredibly helpful!
I can't say it was always easy working on Cardinal Cross, but I always felt the same enthusiasm from chapter 1 to 12. A big part was always thanks to you.

This was a story I really wanted to tell and I hope you will enjoy it!

Now that the game is completed and out, there is the question of "what's next?"

Of course, along with new game/visual novel developments, I am planning to keep Cardinal Cross updated.

A DLC or a continuation is not in the close future plans, but there are few things I want to add to Cardinal Cross.

The first and the most important one is translation to different languages.
As a non-English speaker myself, I know how important it is to read a story in your native language in order to truly understand the meaning.

During the development I had so many people ask about translations, and it's definitely in close future plans.
I will be saving a big part of Cardinal Cross's earnings for the translation of the game.
I'm sure I won't be able to cover all languages, but I'll do my best!

The rest of the future plans are more like dreams at the moment, and I wouldn't want to promise you anything I won't be able to do. So, I'll keep them to myself until I'm sure they will happen.

Again, thank you so much for everything.

I'll keep you updated on the translations and future plans.

See you!

Jul 9, 2018
Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hey everyone!

Just a very short announcement to say I released the full version update for the Early Access users! It's around 300mb.

You can start playing the rest of the chapters now.
(You may have to restart the client if you didn't receive the update.)

I'll keep the game in Early Access just for a day more, in case of game breaking bugs if there are any.

As always feel free to give me your suggestions and your feedback.

I'll see you tomorrow for the actual full release, and let you know about the future of Cardinal Cross. What I'm planning after release etc.

(No picture this time. I'll keep it for tomorrow!)
Jun 20, 2018
Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hi everyone!

As we are getting really close to full release, I'm having a hard time trying to write spoiler-free updates. There is so much I want to say, but can't.

I'm done with chapter 11 in the game. It was a very exciting chapter and left one of my real life testers really hyped.
It's just one person, but it still feels great to see someone so excited after playing it.

Now, all that's left is Chapter 12. The endings.
Half of the ending Cgs are done, and the scripts are ready, so hopefully, I'll be done within two weeks at most.

Which takes us to the matter of the full release date.

If everything goes right, and no catastrophic delays, I'm thinking July 9th I'll release the update for the early access owners and the 10th of July will be the full release date.
So, I'll have at least one day to fix bugs or possible achievement issues.

Next 2 weeks, I'll have to pass the weekly info. (Unless I have something really important to say)

From now on, I'll be full on testing/bug fixing/developing mode.
But I'll be checking out here and all social media platforms if you ever need to contact me.

Thank you so much for all your support and help during the early access! I'm beyond grateful! (And excited)

As always, feel free to give me your suggestions and feedback.
I'll see you on the full release day!

Jun 13, 2018
Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hey everyone!

I have so many good news, I don't know which one to start with!
(So excited)

1- I'm completely done with the script! Every ending / branching is ready.
I will, of course, re-read the whole thing again and again for a few days to make sure everything is working out as intended.
There is quite a bit of change with earlier choices, so I have to make sure they are persistent.

2- CGs are getting ready pretty quickly, and I may have some time to add a hidden CG series to unlock when you complete all endings!
It was something I wanted to do only if I had the time, and I think I will have the time!

3- I still don't want to give an exact date (just in case), but the release month is %99.01 July.
(Probably the second week of July.)

I'm off to working on the game now.

I can't believe the full release is so soon!

See you next week, and as always feel free to give me your feedback and suggestions!

Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hey everyone!

This week has been so productive!
Although I worked a little on chapter 10's placement, I mainly worked on the endings and I only have 2 endings left to write! Everything is planned already, so no extra delays here.
Chapter 12 (actually multiple chapter 12s) is probably my favorite chapter now.
(I'm especially happy with sad/dramatic endings and variations!)

As for the artwork, everything but some of the ending Cgs are complete!
After the Cgs, all that is left is to place them in the game, send the rest of the script off to editing, add achievements and release!

I'll hold the actual release date for a while longer, just in case. (But it's really really soon.)

I can't wait to show you the rest of the story.
I'm beyond excited!

Going back to work now!

As always feel free to give me your feedback and suggestions.

See you next week!

May 30, 2018
Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hey everyone!

This was a slow week that got really fast right at the end of it.

The great news is, I now have a new additional (awesome) CG artist who is working on the ending CGs at the moment.

Chapter 12 script is advancing very quickly, and chapter 10 placement is halfway done.

The bad news is, there will have to be a few weeks delay to the full release because of the last minute CG artists change.
(I am still one CG artist down)

I could actually rush and get the game ready by early to mid-June.
But I wanted an extra week or two for testing and making sure everything is working properly.
Because there are quite a few branching on chapter 11 and 12, the longer I have for testing, the better.

And with the extra time, I thought I could add a few more CGs to some of the scenes I had to cut out due to timing issues. (One of the reasons for the delay.)

All in all, I think we are still moving on without a last minute catastrophe.
Just a small turbulence.

Hopefully, it'll be worth the wait for you.

As always feel free to give me your feedback and suggestions.

See you next week!
(Maybe I'll finally be able to announce the full release date?)

May 23, 2018
Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hi everyone!

This has been a very exciting week for Cardinal Cross!

Our side characters are %100 complete and more than half of chapter 11 and 12 backgrounds are also done.

We are two CG artists short, so the CG artwork development is a bit slower than I expected, but we will figure it out!
I will most probably have to hire more CG artists, which means more variation in CG styles. But I don't want to cut back on the quantity or the quality. Hopefully, it'll work.

Good news is, chapter 9 is almost complete in the game, so I can start chapter 10 a little earlier than I anticipated. Which is great, because it gives me more time to double-check the rest of the script.

It's almost over, and I really can't wait for the full release.

Starting a new project is always fun, but finishing one feels way better.
I can't help but feel a little proud.

As always, feel free to give me your feedback and suggestions!

See you next week!

May 17, 2018
Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hey everyone!

Due to the emergency gallbladder surgery of my mom, I am one day late for the update!
For initially a useless thing, gallbladder has the power to do quite a lot of damage.

Guess it has a lot in common with Lana.

Good news is, I'm done with Chapter 11 and already started Chapter 12 branching.
Although, this week I'll mostly work on the programming/placement of Chapter 9 in the game.
Can't wait to show you in-game teasers of chapter 9.
Parties, jungle planets and a hidden main character incoming!

Many of the last backgrounds and side characters are done, and CG artists are already working on the ending CGs. (I see dead people.)

Everything is going very well. I can't believe there are still no possible delays. Minus one gallbladder. (fingers crossed)

As always, feel free to give me your feedback and suggestions!

I'll see you next week!

Cardinal Cross - Rinmaru
Hi everyone!

This will be a short update, I just wanted to let you know everything is going very smoothly here.

The artists have already started working on the last batch of the backgrounds and side characters.
Once the backgrounds are done, I will be able to send final CG briefings to the CG artists. So many of them in chapter 11 and 12.

The script of chapter 11 is almost done. Branching took a bit longer than I anticipated, but with good reason. Hopefully, even though it's a very fast-paced chapter, it won't feel rushed.

I can't wait to show you the rest of the story. =)

See you next week!


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