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Avast, all ye PC pirates! We just unleashed Battlewake patch v1.0.1 for Steam and Oculus players, which includes fixes for PvP, weapons, and more. Here are the full patch notes!

Patch Notes for Battlewake v1.0.1 (released October 22, 2019)
  • Various crash and stability improvements
  • Calibration: Fixed an issue where player would be calibrated incorrectly when using some HMD types
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue that caused weapon spread/accuracy to be incorrect on nearby enemies
  • Voice Chat: Fixed an issue where Voice Chat Mute button would not function correctly
  • Plunder PvP: Resolved an issue that displayed incorrect Health for users before they are damaged
  • Plunder PvP: Fixed an issue that caused late-joining players to lose weapon functionality
Thank ye all for yer patience, and please keep sending us whatever foul bugs you encounter on your voyages to!
Battlewake - Survios
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  • Battlewake: 50% | $14.99
  • Battlewake OST: 50% | $4.99
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  • Electronauts: 75% | $4.99
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Battlewake - Survios
September 19 is a date pirates ’round the world hold close to their plundering hearts, for avast! It is none other than International Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye scurvy landlubber. And to commemorate this momentous occasion, we're gathering all our V-ARRRRR pirates are here together on this important holiday, we have an incredibly important proposal for you all: BOOTY. This Talk Like a Pirate Day, Pledge the Pirate's Life together in an exciting collaborative community event where everyone wins!

From today, September 19, through September 29, ye have but two simple tasks:
  1. Pledge the Pirate’s life by visiting this site, then
  2. jump into Battlewake and get sinking as many ships in multiplayer as ye can.
That’s it! Like the watchful eye of Andromalius, we’ll be keeping track of how much chaos you all wreak together, and as you obtain greater accomplishments, so too do the rewards become all the richer:
  • Sink 50,000 Ships: Digital swag pack (for all participating pirates!)
  • Sink 100,000 Ships: Battlewake t-shirt/sticker packs (25 scurvy sea-dogs)
  • Sink 150,000 Ships: $50 Steam/PlayStation giftcards (your choice, 10 lucky landlubbers)
  • Sink 250,000 Ships: $1,000 USD (1 Grand Prize!)
Yarrrr, but how does this work?! Ye ask, scratchin’ yer skull. ’Tis simple: every day, we’re tracking the total number of ships sunk across all game modes and platforms, including Plunder PvP, and updating the total on this landing page. As ye unlock each tier, you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win! And to make achieving this just a tad bit simpler, we've set up PvP Happy Hours:

For more details, including official rules, visit the Pledge the Pirate’s Life website and join the official Survios Discord to get connected in the Captains’ Quarters! And get pumped with this recap of our launch week featuring pirates like you:
Battlewake - Survios
We know ye be itchin’ to prove your prowess alongside/against yer fellow VR pirates—here’s yer chance! Pour a pint of grog and log on for Battlewake Happy Hours tomorrow and Friday, 3-6pm PT and GMT. No becalmed seas allowed: let’s turn these waters white with the churning tide of battle! Join the official Survios Discord to find players with whom to seek the Throne of Shambhala in Campaign, test your survival instincts in Warfare, or just cut to the chase and duke it out in Plunder PvP.

Battlewake - Survios

After months of anticipation, including a bombastic PC beta, Survios's new VR game Battlewake is available now for $29.99, with an additional 15% launch discount! Watch the official launch trailer:
The Seas of New Urth constantly churn with the raging surge of battle. The treacherous Queen’s Company has taken your lands, your freedom, your riches, your power. Once squabbling towards extinction, the Pirate Lords now join forces to destroy their common foe, bound in blood by the demon Andromalius. They must regain their seas, avenge their families, take back their riches, and restore their world, with the fate of New Urth hanging in the balance. But will greed prevail?

Set your course for September 19, for not only is it a very important holiday for all pirates around the world, but it’s also the start of a thrilling community event that we can’t wait to share! Get your plunderin’ parties assembled over at the official Survios Discord, and we’ll see you all upon the high seas…

Known Day 1 Issues
  • Multiplayer - Players default to Diego when choosing a Pirate Lord after already playing multiplayer once
  • Multiplayer - Player will sometimes load into a Lobby or Match for a second time
  • Multiplayer - Enemy vessels will jump forward, desyncing position
  • VFX - Players cannot see ability projections when preparing special abilities
  • VFX - Zhang's and boss ships’ mortar VFX fire is observed floating midair away from the ship
  • UI - Some boss ships have two Destroy objective markers above them
  • Plunder - Upon respawning, the Helm can be observed falling from the sky
  • Plunder - The Flamethrower on Rev Ship's can damage itself
  • Warfare [Multiplayer] - Sometimes, friendly ships appear to jitter during a Warfare match
  • Campaign - Client loses skull scores after closing the application
  • Campaign - Earning 1 skull does not display on the rack-up screen
  • Campaign [Multiplayer] - The client will not unlock the trophy for clearing a Captain's campaign missions
  • Environment - Players are not taking damage from volcano meteors
Battlewake - Survios
Gather 'round the Captain's Quarters, for it's your last chance to parlay: Battlewake officially launches tomorrow!

Find the most able seamen to add to your party at the official Survios Discord, and keep a weather eye out for a special Battlewake community event on September 19. We'll you 'pon the seas tomorrow!
Battlewake - Survios
The time to heed the Boatman's call is nigh. Battlewake officially sets sail onto Steam (wishlist now!) on September 10!

Check out our brand-new gameplay overview to prepare yourself for venturing out 'pon the high seas...
Battlewake - Survios
Ahoy to all our Battlewake captains! After a rip-roaringly successful Steam closed beta weekend back in July, we wanted to share the data our intrepid devs collected in the wake of your devastation, from time played to your favorite pirates and ships!

Check it out below, be sure to add Battlewake to your Steam wishlist, and we’ll see you upon the seas once again later this summer (view the full high-resolution infographic here).

Battlewake - Survios
Landlubbers and sea dogs alike: ’tis time to heed the call of the Boatman. All courses are plotted for the Battlewake Closed Beta to officially set sail July 19-21―yes, that’s this weekend!―on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift+Touch players!

The Battlewake Closed Beta will start at 12pm PST on Friday, July 19, and run through 11:59pm PST on Sunday, July 21. Beta signups will remain open through 12pm PST on July 18, and beta participants will receive installation instructions via email the morning of July 19 (be sure to check your spam folders!).

The Battlewake Closed Beta will feature one playable game mode: Warfare, a cooperative, progressive gauntlet that supports 1-4 players. Choose your Pirate Lord (meet the mystical quartet in this blog post!), accept missions and battle enemies across a variety of lush elemental environments. Along the way, you’ll earn gold to upgrade your ship and abilities before embarking on your next adventure.

Watch Warfare Mode in action in this yarrrrrrr-some video made by our friends at NODE:
Now all that’s left it is to get in the seafaring spirit! Brush up on the four playable Pirate Lords, join the official Survios Discord to find your crew, and be sure to add Battlewake to your Steam wishlist. We’ll see you ’pon the high seas soon!
Battlewake - Survios
Happy E3 week, everyone! If you're stoked to see the most exciting VR this year's show has to offer, including all-new footage from Battlewake, you'll want to tune in to UploadVR's LIVE E3VR Showcase, starting...NOW:

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