Monster Sanctuary - Josh_Team17
Hello Monster Keepers,

We're excited to bring the second content update for Monster Sanctuary to Early Access! We welcome you to relax on the sandy shores of Horizon Beach!

New area unlocked: Horizon Beach

As shown in our preview, Horizon Beach is an area featuring sandy shores, large underwater mazes and steep cliffs. Here is a breakdown of everything added:

  • A new story arc revolving around a treasure hunt, featuring a new Keeper duel and a Champion fight against an ageless guardian of the deep.
  • Eight new Monsters to collect, most of which are water themed. However, there's also the new Dodo mount and two new aerial Monsters with the new explore ability "Improved Flight" which allows you to reach higher places. We hope that you’ll enjoy collecting all these new Monsters!
  • There’s also some new items and rare equipment to find in Horizon Beach. They're tough to find this time - make sure to check every corner and wall!
  • The level cap of your Monsters has now been increased to 29.

To enter Horizon Beach, you will need to have finished the story arc of Sun Palace (because you need the special Monster that you gain at that point). The entrance to Horizon Beach is east from the Ancient Woods, which means you also need to open the doors that are blocked by the four elemental orbs.

Monster Farm

Immediately at the entrance to Horizon Beach, you will find the Monster Farm - a place where you can safely let your Monsters stay and show them off in the open. Unlike the Monster army, you can pick up your Monsters again at any point you like by revisiting the Monster Farm. This will make the Monster menus much more manageable, plus who doesn’t want to be able to show off their Monster’s?

Infinity Arena Changes

We've made some slight adjustments to the Infinity Arena mode:
  • There is now a limit in the Infinity Arena how often you can use Phoenix Tear per battle (5 times).
  • You get all your consumables you used back after the run.
  • The rewards have been changed.
  • The pool of random Monsters now depends on the highest Monster level the player possesses.

Patch Notes
There are also many smaller changes, which we have divided into "Minor feature updates", "Balancing changes" and "Bugfixes".

Minor feature updates:
  • Sycophantom and Kanko have a new explore ability: "Ghostform".
  • Magmamoth has the new "Sonic Assault" attack now.
  • Sizzle Knight has a new passive skill: "Blinding Sunlight".
  • There is only one kind of Level Badge now; it can be used on any Monster which is at least 2 levels below your highest Monster. All previous Level Badges got replaced with the new one.
  • Unique equipment items now have a yellow outline.
  • First Impact damage reduced to 30% (from 40%)
  • All dodge chances are now calculated multiplicative with each other (two times 10% dodge chance now results in a 19% dodge chance)
  • Blacksmithing value increased to 15% (from 10%)
  • Eternal Heart values increased to 12% (from 10%)
  • Mana Conflux required Mana reduced to 100 (from 120)
  • Shadow Proc damage value increased to 60% (from 50%)
  • Combo Potion now heals for 6x100 (instead of 5x100)
  • Fatal Upkeep now increases the damage of Poison, Burn and Congeal by 15% (from 20% damage boost for Poison and Burn only).

  • We have implemented a system that creates backup save files - for the rare cases when a save file becomes corrupted.
That's all for now
We hope you’ll enjoy exploring the new area, collecting the new Monsters and finding all the new hidden items and equipment. Oh, and finally having a home for your monsters and the ability to show them off to the world!

We are eager to hear your feedback on everything that’s been introduced with the new area, here on the Steam forums or on our Discord channel: Come say hi!
Monster Sanctuary - Josh_Team17
Hello Monster Keepers,

Today we bring you a special preview for an upcoming content update for Monster Sanctuary!

Welcome to Horizon Beach

Welcome to Horizon Beach! The next update will add an entire new area to the game, featuring eight new Monsters, a new story arc, a new Keeper duel, and more! One of these upcoming Monsters is the Dodo - a flightless tropical bird, which is another mountable Monster. They're also great support Monsters with "Multi Sidekick" and many other heal and buff-oriented skills.

Go diving

As you would guess, Horizon Beach will feature many large underwater rooms and mazes. You will face off against many new water-based enemies, introducing new water elemental attacks and many new skills. Some of these new skills utilize and improve the "Might" and "Sorcery" buffs.

Go climbing

Horizon Beach offers more than sandy shores and underwater caves - there are also steep cliffs to climb and explore. On these cliffs, you can find two new aerial Monsters that are capable of "Improved Flight", lifting you much higher than other flying Monsters do. You will need to get one of these new aerial Monsters to reach all the new areas.

That's all for now
The update is just on the horizon - watch steam and our socials for the release announcement! We hope you're excited to explore the sunny sands, deep waters and steep cliffs of Horizon Beach!
Monster Sanctuary - Josh_Team17
Hey Monster Keepers!

Happy Halloween!

In the festive spirit we will be spotlighting a scary looking monster that you will be able to find in-game very soon. So, get your keeper notes ready to be prepared to battle and hatch one of your own!

The Nautilid

Don’t get caught in its icy gaze.

Nautilids are blue-blooded, have multiple hearts and may shoot clouds of ink to blind their foes. They have also developed a set of other defence mechanisms that aid them against all types of predators.

Its unnerving "face" is more like a mask: a thick, bony plate which protects its actual face. When it wants to eat, it must lift its mask.

Originally the Nautalids were bio-engineered to be foot soldiers in a bid for world domination however, these monsters are no longer thralls of their masters and can now be found in the wild.

The Nautilid is a versatile monster the has many active skills including: Acid Rain, Whirlpool, Slime Shot, Shadow Grasp, Voltage, Charge Power, Sorcery, Psychokinesis and Arcane Shield.

Here is a sneak peak of its skill tree:

To add a Nautilid to your party plus get the full bio and lore, you’ll just have to wait for the upcoming update!

Thanks for reading keepers, next week we will be revealing even more of the content that is coming soon!
Monster Sanctuary - Lauren_Team17

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Monster Sanctuary - Josh_Team17
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Monster Sanctuary - Lauren_Team17
Hello Monster Keepers,

as promised in our Early Access Roadmap, we have released our first content update for Monster Sanctuary today. This content update primarily brings a couple new features to the game, some of which have been highly requested.

Female Character choice

Probably the #1 feature that has consistently been requested the most for a long time, we've added a female character choice to the game. When you start a new game, you now choose between the male and the female character sprites. If you load an older save file, you will also be allowed to choose if you want to swap to the female character sprites (as well as change the name of your character, if you wish). Please note that this is a one-time choice.

Along with female character sprites, we've also updated the male character sprites. Enjoy!

Mouse support

We're also addressing one of the major criticisms that we've received since the EA launch: The game now also supports mouse controls (for people who want to play the game using keyboard & mouse). For example, you are now able to navigate the menus using the mouse. It's a first implementation and we're looking for feedback on it.
Combat Rating changes

We've given the Combat Rating system a small overhaul. The "Overkill" category has been replaced by two new categories: "Buffs / Debuffs" and "Execution".
"Buff / Debuffs" add points based on how many Buffs / Debuffs the player applied throughout combat and how many DOT (damage over time) effects enemies received. This was already present before, but it was added to the "Overkill" category, so it wasn't clearly communicated to the player before.
"Execution" does multiple things: first, it grants points for the first two acting Monsters based on their combo counter - so for every hit / heal / Buff that your first two Monsters land, your "Execution" rating goes higher. Secondly, "Execution" rewards the last acting Monster based on how much damage it deals relative to the enemies' health. Lastly, "Execution" grants additional points whenever any of your Monsters exploit an enemy's weakness.
The other categories of the Combat Rating system are now slightly less important for getting good ratings.

We hope it should be clearer now how to get better ratings, and these changes should also give the player more freedom when it comes to assembling your Monster teams.

Mountable Monsters

You can now mount Aurumtail and Qilin to get faster across the Monster Sanctuary. You just need to collect either one of them, select them as your following Monster and then press the "exploration skill" button.
There's also a new treasure in Sun Palace that can only be reached by using one of these two Monsters. In the future, there will be more mountable Monsters and also new areas that can only be accessed with these Monsters.

Two new Monsters

We have added two new Monsters to the game: Kanko and Tanuki.
Kanko is a hidden optional Champion in Sun Palace.
Tanuki is a rare Monster that can appear all across the Monster Sanctuary (starting after you have completed Old Buran's training and become a proper Monster Keeper). Tanuki looks like any other Monster in the game - it only reveals its real form after you've initiated combat with it. With each encounter in the game, there's a 3% chance that one of the Monsters is actually a Tanuki. Tanukis prefer the Sun Palace though, so the chances of a Tanuki encounter are increased to 15% while you are there.

Chinese Localisation has been added

The game is also available in simplified Chinese now.

Steam Cloud Saves
Support for Steam cloud saves has been added.

Patch Notes
There are also many smaller changes of course, which we divide into "Minor feature updates", "Balancing changes" and "Bugfixes".

Minor feature updates
  • Added a fourth Keeper Duel challenge to the Keeper Duel trainer; the reward is another shift stone
  • There are two new puzzles in the Sun Palace, one requires a mountable monster and another requires Koi
  • There are two new accessories: "Coat" and "Ornate Pipe"
  • There are new items available in the shops once you reach the Keeper Ranger rank (+3 Katar, +4 Ribbon, +4 Cape, Mango, Almond)
  • You can now buy Crystal shards in the shop once you reach Keeper Lancer rank
  • Paging functionality when the player has too many monsters

Balancing changes
  • Heroic Defense damage reduction increased to 4% (from 3%) per buff
  • Protector damage reduction increased to 7,5% (form 5%)
  • Age-stacks now increase damage and damage reduction by 5% (instead of 3%)
  • Precision crit chance bonus reduced to 20% (from 25%)
  • Reduced the gold the player gains from wild monsters & Champions (especially on higher levels)
  • Disease control damage reduction calculation changed (for multiple Debuffs the damage reduction values will multiply with each other and result in slightly less damage reduction)
  • Toxic Reaction trigger chance reduced to 40% (from 50%)
  • Infinity Arena buff stacks no longer reduce poison damage, instead poison damage is now reduced by 60% by default in Infinity Arena
    (going for multiple multi-poison monsters was currently far stronger in infinity arena then other setups. The goal is to have multiple viable team setups that can reach similar high levels. We need to observe if this nerf is enough, too much or too weak. Of course things will shake up more in the future with new monsters and Tier5+ skills)
  • All skill that have effects that count buffs/debuff (like Heroism) now count additional Buff/Debuff stacks of the same type beyond the first only as half.
  • Goblin warlock now has only one "Disease control" skill node
  • Regeneration effects on wild monsters are now only half as strong
  • additional buffs & Debuffs applied by Buff Mastery & Debuff Mastery now take up their own slots. Other monsters may still apply one normal stack of those buffs/debuffs afterwards.
  • Sidekick (Buff) and Shock (Debuff) damage reduced to 40% (from 50%). Both are very effective in the new combat rating by providing points to both the 'Buff / Debuff' rating and the 'Execution' rating.
  • Breakable ice platforms stay now a little longer before they break.
  • Damage multiplier in keeper battles reduced to 30% for both sides (from 50%)
  • First keeper battle (against Will) is now slightly easier
  • Medallion's Mana Regeneration slightly increased

  • Mystify & Exploit now trigger abilities that should be triggered when applying a buff (like Buffing Shield)
  • Double Impact now also works for both weaknesses for monsters that have two weaknesses
  • 'Holy Presence' no longer applies the extra buff to enemies for attacks that deal damage and apply a buff to the caster.
  • Fixed multiple stacks of Shock not triggering additional damage
  • Multiple stacks of Agility, Spellshield or Channel now work properly (additional stacks had no effect prior)
  • Fixed issue where the game was not able to create savegames for some players
  • Fixed several localisation errors

That's all for now
Hope you'll enjoy the new features we've added to the game. The next content update will add a new area to the game with several new Monsters and a new story arc.
We are eager to hear your feedback on the new features and balance changes, here on the Steam forums or on our Discord channel: Come say hi!
Monster Sanctuary - Lauren_Team17
Hello Monster Keepers,

Today, we're pleased to be able to share an early access roadmap with you!

While this is not an exhaustive list of what is to come, we wanted to give you an idea of the things we're looking to work on to make your Monster Sanctuary experience even better!

We're also incredibly excited to tell you that the first update will be coming later this month!

This update will be available on September 25th and will include:
  • Chinese localisation
  • An updated playable character
  • Mount exploration ability (you'll be able to choose some monsters to be your trusty mount!)
  • Mouse support
  • Two new monsters
  • Some balancing changes

After that, we will focus working on the next content update which will add a new area with even more new Monsters. We will release it later this year, so look out for future announcements!

Monster Sanctuary - Sersch
Hey Monster Keepers,

We just released a small Patch to address a couple of Issues:

- Linux version should no longer crash on start
- People with Chinese Operating System should see text now (no localization yet, this will come soon)
- Starting popup message is now localized into all available languages
- Fixed the issue that some sound effects were not affected by the SFX volume setting

We are going to post a road map for the upcoming bigger updates soon. Hope you're enjoying Monster Sanctuary so far!
Monster Sanctuary - Jonno

Hey Monster Keepers,

Welcome to Monster Sanctuary, a pixel art monster collecting and battling game set in a Metroidvania world!

Everyone at Moi Rai and Team17 are excited to be launching into Early Access today and would like to welcome you to the Monster Sanctuary community with open arms.

You can check out the launch trailer below to see what your journey as a Monster Keeper will be like:

The Early Access Adventure Begins!

As you pick your Spectral Familiar and take your first steps out into the Sanctuary, you’ll find a world teeming with monsters, friendly faces and lands to explore. Throughout Early Access we’ll be further expanding on the game with new features including, but not exclusive to:
  • Story continuation
  • New themed areas to explore
  • More monsters
  • More skills & abilities
  • Keeper customisation
One big boon of Early Access is that Monster Sanctuary can grow with community feedback at the heart of it. We look forward to hearing from you on things such as gameplay, balance and monsters!

Oh and if you find any bugs, do let us know so we can squish them.

Key features

Explore a Metroidvania world as you seek to solve a mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters!

Battle in 3vs3 turn-based combat as you use your team of monsters to fight rival Keepers, wild Monsters and boss creatures!

Hatch and grow your monster companions from monster eggs that can drop after battle. Each monster has an individual skill tree with active and passive abilities. How they specialise is down to you: damage dealer, tank, healer, support, debuff, glass canon, status or any hybrid combination – the choice is yours!

Collect and discover treasure, items and equipment for your monsters! These can be secured from successful battles or by exploring the world and solving puzzles. Using your monster’s unique abilities in the open world will lead to new areas opening up for you to explore…

Launch Stream – See Monster Sanctuary in action!

We’ve got five Monster Keeper Streamers playing Monster Sanctuary right now for the next seven hours!

To watch, ask questions and say hi, just click your way to our Steam Store page here.

Join the Keeper Community!

We’ve got a friendly Discord group where you can meet your fellow Monster Keepers, talk all things Monster Sanctuary and get hints and tips on building the perfect team for your playstyle!

Everyone is welcome, so come by and introduce yourself on the official Monster Sanctuary Discord.

For even more monstery goodness you can follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.

That wraps up our introductory post! Now go forth and become the ultimate Monster Keeper!

Launch Week Discount!

For the first week of Early Access launch you can get Monster Sanctuary at a 10% discount!
Monster Sanctuary - Jonno
Hey Monster Keepers,

Today we’re incredibly excited to announce that Monster Sanctuary is launching on Steam Early Access August 28th!

To celebrate this news, we’ve released a new trailer that you can check out below:

To the whole community that has already formed around Monster Sanctuary, we want to say thank you.

Your support has got us to this point and we can’t wait for the world of Monster Sanctuary to open up to everyone later this month.

Prepare to become the ultimate Monster Keeper

Pick a Spectral Familiar and build your first team of monsters now with our free demo, available on our Store page:

Whilst you’re there, feel free to Wishlist us to keep up to speed with all things Monster Sanctuary!

Meet your fellow Monster Keepers

If you’d like to talk all things Monster Sanctuary, from combat tactics, to exploration and your favourite monsters, you’re more than welcome to join our official Discord channel.

Come say hi!

You can also follow us on Twitter to get a sneak peek on upcoming content and more straight from the Developer!

That just leaves one question, which Spectral Familiar will you be picking on Early Access launch?
  • Team Wolf
  • Team Eagle
  • Team Toad
  • Team Lion
Let us know in the comments!

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