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The OB22: BokOps update is coming in October! Dive into the new BokOps Battle Pass, featuring 50 levels of futuristic military content. Storm the Realm with the One Man Army Warrior, or take a stealthier approach as the Infiltrator Assassin. Plus: with Chickens like the Cluckmando and mounts like F.I.D.O., this Battle Pass has everything you need to claim victory.

Leap into action with the third ability slot! Players can now hold an Offensive, Support, and Movement ability at the same time, opening up new combinations to take into battle. The Forge will now offer the ability to create Class-specific or Neutral abilities to accommodate for this exciting new feature.

Fungal Jungle is also getting a rework this update, taking the point of interest to new heights. A network of bridges now connect the towering portobellos of Fungal Jungle, with a massive mushroom Forge in its center. Gain a vantage point and show you own the throne in the new Fungal Jungle.

Evolve your tactics with the OB22: BokOps update with the newly added Gyro support! We’ve only touched the surface of features packed into this update.
  • BokOps Battle Pass
    • 50 levels of futuristic military cosmetics unlockable by playing Realm Royale
    • Unlock the premium track of the Battle Pass for 900 Crowns, or unlock the Battle Bundle, which contains the premium track and 20 immediate levels, for 2,250 Crowns!
  • Third Ability Slot
    • Players will now be able to equip an Offensive, Support, and Movement Ability at the same time
    • Players will have the option of Forging either Class-specific Abilities, or Forging from the neutral pool of Abilities available in game
    • Forge Talents now apply to the Forge Class Ability selection
  • Gyro Support PS4 & Switch
    • Gyro has been added to PlayStation 4 and Switch controllers
  • Input-Based Matchmaking
    • Players can now use the Input-Based Matchmaking Preference option under Gameplay
      • Same Input Type: Players who use a controller for a crossplay match will now only be matched with other players on a controller
      • Any Input Type: Players will be placed into lobbies with players using controllers and mouse and keyboard
    • If a player on a controller joins a party with a player on a keyboard and mouse, they’ll be placed into Any Input Type matchmaking
    • Players cannot change input methods during matches
  • Custom Game Player Requirements Lowered
    • The amount of required players to launch a custom game has been lowered from 24 to 12
  • Rank Rewards Coming with OB23
    • Reward for reaching the Master rank in at least one queue has been pushed to the OB23 update. Ranks will not be reset with the OB22 update
  • PS4 Cross-Play
    • Cross-play now welcomes PlayStation 4 to cross-play
    • Add players as in-game friends on the Social tab, then invite them to your party to play together
    • We do not currently support cross-progression (shared Achievement / Trophy progress) and cross-commerce (shared pool of purchased items across platforms). We’re working alongside our partners at Sony and will update the community when we have more information on these subjects
Map Updates
  • Fungal Jungle
    • Fungal Jungle has a new look. We’ve taken the area and made it sky-high
    • Inside the buildings players can now find more chests, and more areas to ambush their enemies
  • Small updates to clean up previously existing issues on the map
  • Weapons
    • Shotgun:
      • Added Knockback to base fire, scales with rarity
      • Damage increased to 750/800/850/950
      • Accuracy
        • Non-ADS accuracy increased to 75%
        • ADS accuracy increased to 80%
      • Time in between each shot increased to 1.1s
      • Reload speed decreased to 1.6s
      • Clip size increased from 5 to 6
  • Abilities
    • Dodge Roll
      • Movement distance increased
      • Cooldown decreased to 15/12/10/8
    • Flask of Healing
      • Cooldown decreased from 35/30/30/25 to 18/16/14/12
    • Healing Shout
      • Cooldown decreased to 30/26/22/18
    • Heroic Leap
      • Cooldown decreased to 28/24/20/15
      • Increased leap range
    • Proximity Trap:
      • No longer deals damage
      • On explosion Proximity Trap will now slow enemies for 4s
      • Deploy time has been increased across all rarities
    • Shielding Potion
      • Cooldown decreased from 40/35/30/25 to 20/18/16/14
    • Shielding Shout
      • Decreased amount of Shield provided from 400 to 300
      • Cooldown decreased to 25/22/18/15
    • Turret (Legendary)
      • Range increased
      • Projectile speed increased
      • Damage per shot increased to 250
      • Time between shots decreased to 0.75s
      • Cooldown decreased to 15s
  • Talents
    • Exaction (Hunter)
      • Decreased damage boost to 15%
    • Gladiator (Warrior)
      • Shieling Shout, Healing Shout, and Net Shot have 25% reduced Cooldown
    • Trapper (Hunter)
      • Changed to now Root for 1s and Reveal for 3s
  • Runes
    • Replaced Ability Cooldown Rune with Offensive Ability Cooldown Rune and Support Ability Cooldown Rune
    • Chicken Health Rune bonus decreased from 1000 to 800 Health
  • Quality of Life Improvements
    • Changing custom bindings will now be reflected in the UI immediately upon changing them
    • While scoped in with the Sniper Rifle, crosshairs will no longer appear on the screen
    • There is now an option to bind map ping to a controller through the binding menu
    • Rounds now end with the fog centered on a forge a majority of the time
    • Players are now able to mute players through the in-game map, by selecting their party member and choosing to mute
  • Bug Fixes
    • Addressed an issue where the spectator would focus on the incorrect player after your party is eliminated
    • Skull of Chaos can no longer deal damage to players using Ice Block
    • Snow no longer falls inside the Coldmist Village Forge
    • Gatekeeper’s walking speed no longer gets stuck on the player if the weapon is swapped while charging
    • Abilities cannot be dropped from the inventory while they are active
  • Under Investigation
    • We are still investigating the cause of some crashes on Nintendo Switch
    • We are still investigating the source of some lag issues on PlayStation 4
Realm Royale

Hi-Rez Studios is finally bringing Paladins, Smite, and Realm Royale players on PlayStation 4 into the cross-play fold, and those on Sony's machine will be able to team up with - or battle against - those on Switch, Xbox One, and PC starting today.

Hero shooter Paladins, its battle royale spin-off Realm Royale, and MOBA Smite all received support for cross-platform play between Switch, Xbox One, and PC earlier this year. Around the same time, Hi-Rez Studios' CEO, Stewart Chisam, fired shots at Sony on Twitter, writing that "It's time to stop playing favourites and tear down the crossplay/progression wall for everyone." Chisam told Sony it had versions of its games "ready to go when you are."

Now, some seven months later, the studio has announced that, following work with Sony, cross-play support is now live for Paladins on PS4, with updates for Smite due on 17th September and Realm Royale in "early October". To celebrate, Hi-Rez has release this thing:

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Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash
OB22 is arriving in early October, ushering in a new Battle Pass and many other exciting features! Ahead of the update’s release, we wanted to announce the introduction of a third ability slot! Abilities will now be categorized into three groups: Offensive, Support, and Movement.

OB22 is arriving in early October, ushering in a new Battle Pass and many other exciting features! Ahead of the update’s release, we want to announce we’ll be introducing a big community request: A third ability slot! Abilities will now be categorized into three groups: Offensive, Support, and Movement.

September 6-8: Players will be able to selectively Forge Offensive and Support Abilities at the Forge. Since each Class only has one Offensive and two Support Abilities, when Forging either of these slots, the pool of Abilities will include neutral and other Class’ Abilities. Movement Ability Forging will still only provide Movement Abilities for your Class.

September 13-15: Players will be able to selectively Forge Class- and Neutral-Offhand Abilities at the Forge. This means you will be able to choose to craft one of your three Class-Offhand Abilities (similar to the existing Forge Ability feature), or craft one ability that is not tied to a specific Class (Barricade, Turret, etc). In this context, “offhand” refers to Abilities that are not Movement Abilities.

Please join us on the Steam PTS to help test this new system for OB22’s release in early October! Following feedback, we will work alongside the community to figure out which system works best for players. For instructions on downloading the Steam PTS, see the diagram below.

Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash

Looks can be deceiving in Realm Royale’s newest DLC! The Cute But Deadly Pack contains the following items:
  • Cat Nap Chicken
  • Neck Slice Emote
  • 800 Crowns

Lull your enemies into a false sense of security with the deceptively cute Cat Nap chicken! With the new Chicken Combat system, becoming a chicken is anything but a snooze. Accompanying the Cat Nap skin, you’ll also unlock the Neck Slice emote to let your opponents know you may be cute, but you’re a deadly adversary in the Realm. Plus, you’ll unlock 800 Crowns that can be used to unlock premium content or Battle Passes in the Shop!
Aug 6
Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash

New critters have emerged from the enchanted woods of the Realm! These magical creatures can now be unlocked with the Fuzzy Bundle straight from the in-game Shop. The Fuzzy Bundle contains the following items:
  • Hilda the Huntress Hunter Skin
  • Royale Redd Chicken Skin
  • Smokey Mount

Your foes won’t stand a tail of a chance when Hilda the Huntress enters the battlefield atop the Smokey Mount. Among the menagerie of furry friends, you’ll find the Royale Red panda Chicken. This chicken is as cute as it is dangerous with the Realm’s newest battle feature: chicken combat!

Find the Fuzzy Bundle within the in-game Shop today for 1500 Crowns!
Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash


Ever wanted to fight chickens but were afraid that the long arm of the law would ruin your fun? Realm Royale has found a solution with the OB21: Chicken Attack! update! Attack your friends as chickens in public matches, or take advantage of the new custom match feature. Custom matches allow players to host private matches and test their mettle against friends! Among a number of other quality of life improvements, this update also features polish to some known issues. The OB21 update is scheduled to arrive in early August!

  • Chicken Combat
    • Chickens now have access to a melee peck attack and a launch ability
      • Peck is a close-ranged attack that deals 75 damage to enemy players
      • Chicken Charge is a medium range movement ability with a long cooldown that deals 250 damage if you collide when an enemy player
    • Chickens can now double jump
  • Buff Bar
    • Buffs generated from Abilities and Talents will now be visible on your HUD
    • Each buff has a timer that indicates how long the effect lasts
  • Custom Games
    • Players can now create and play custom games with up to 80 other players. Custom games require 24 players minimum to launch
    • Added a new game type exclusive to Custom Games: Trios!
    • Players in a Custom Game lobby will also join Lobby and Team chat channels
    • While in a Custom Game, the Map screen now shows a list of all remaining players in the custom game. After being eliminated, you can switch to spectating a specific player by clicking on their name in the list of remaining players
    • We currently do not offer official support or virtual currency prizes for third party tournaments. However, players can feel free to host their own community tournaments so long as they follow all rules listed in our Community Tournament License on the Hi-Rez Studioslegal page
New to the Store
  • Fuzzy Bundle | 1500 Crowns
    • Hilda the Huntress Hunter
    • Royale Redd Chicken
    • Smokey Mount
  • Cute but Deadly Pack
    • Cat Nap Chicken
    • Neck Slice Emote
    • 800 Crowns
  • Coming soon to the Shop
    • Screamin’ Weenie Chicken
    • Ember Emu Mount
    • Alpha 1 Warrior
    • Robot Dance Emote
    • Paper Trail Skydive
Map Updates
  • Lost Forge Update
    • Lost Forge has had a complete redesign. Battle your way through the three ziggurats that dominate the Southwest coast
  • Small Environmental Cleanup and Detail pass over the entire map

With the OB21 update, we wanted to make some changes to some long-standing overperformers across the board, leading to nerfs to the Throwing Axe, Barricade, and the Ghost Walk / Ice Block combo. The introduction of Chicken Combat warranted a full pass of chicken-related Runes to ensure that these Talents contribute to the fun and allow players to take advantage of the new and improved comeback mechanic. Finally, we have nerfed the Frost and Fire elements after consistent overperformance from these elements compared to Lightning.

  • Weapons
    • Throwing Axe Balance Changes
      • Prefire Rate Increased to 0.5s
      • Damage increased to 725/850
      • Projectile Speed increased
    • The Gatekeeper
      • Ammo decreased from 500 to 300
      • Accuracy increased while in close proximity to other targets
      • Damage increased slightly to offset the lower ammo pool
  • Abilities
    • Barricade
      • Cooldown decreased from 25s to 20s
      • Persist time decreased from 6s to 4s
      • Health reduced from 5,000 to 2,500
    • Ice Block
      • Can no longer be canceled
      • Cooldowns increased across all rarities from 28/24/20/16 to 35/30/25/20
    • Ghost Walk
      • Can no longer be canceled
      • Cooldowns increased across rarities from 46/40/34/28 to 50/45/35/30
  • Talents
    • Feedback Loop Talent
      • Reduction from 5s to 3s
    • Concussed Talent
      • Concussion Grenade will now do self knockback but it will also do 200 self damage
  • Rune
    • Chicken Revive Rune has been disabled
    • CC Reduction Rune was decreased from 98% to 75%
    • Chicken Health Rune has increased from 600 to 1000
    • Chicken Speed Rune was decreased from 50% to 25%
    • Movement Cooldown Rune decreased from 35% to 25%
    • Ability Cooldown Rune decreased from 35% to 25%
    • Chicken 1UP! Rune added: Get an extra Chicken life
  • Element Changes
    • Frost Element slow reduced from 50% to 25%
    • Fire element damage decreased from 100 to 75 over the lifetime of the shot
  • Chicken Jump Height
    • Increased by ~20%
  • Horse Dismount DMG threshold
    • Amount of damage required to dismount a player increased from 100 to 350
  • Quality of Life Improvements
    • Your weapon reticle is now shown while mounted, chickened, and skydiving
    • Viewer count is now displayed on the HUD after being eliminated
    • Combined Damage Number Type time window frame has been increased from 0.3s to 0.4s
    • When your entire team has been eliminated, you will now be able to cycle spectating between all remaining teams
    • On Xbox, PC, and Switch, players can now interact with HiRez Friends on all social screens. To add a friend from your specific platform to your Hi-Rez friends list, as a Hi-Rez Friend, go to Social => Friends and add a friend
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with audio becoming choppy and cutting out entirely
    • Fixed an issue with bouncing projectiles that could lead to a server crash in certain situations
    • Fixed some windows in Sentinel Hold through which players could not vault
    • Fixed more environment issues including removing floating grass, movement of some objects to prevent getting stuck, and closing geometry gaps
    • Fixed an issue where the High Dive Skydive floaty would get stuck in mounts’ heads
    • Fixed an issue where Legendary Proximity Trap was dealing 600 instead of intended 400 damage
    • Cleaned up some small animation issues with certain emotes: Tuckered Out, Salute, Come On!, and Bop it!
    • Fixed a bug where quest bars weren’t showing any progress or completion status in the lobby scene
Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash

Happy Birthday to Realm Royale! It’s time to celebrate… And you’re getting the presents!

It’s been one year since Realm Royale entered Alpha on Steam, instantly winning over millions of players with its unique mix of fantasy and battle royale. But the game was far from done, with major systemic issues that led many players to leave the Realm, awaiting a more polished version of the Realm Royale experience.

Over the past year, the team has been working tirelessly to improve both the quality and the fun of Realm Royale, bringing it to its best state ever. With each successive update, the team continues to build upon some of the best aspects of Realm Royale, introducing new, fun ways to play the game.

Throughout Realm Royale’s development, the most important element that has made the game the great experience it is today is our community. We are so happy that the community has stuck with us through this time, and invite those who may not have played in a while back to experience Realm Royale and see how far the game has come!

To celebrate all that our players do for the game, we are giving away the Cuddles Chicken skin and 200 Crowns to all players who login now through July 19th! The Cuddles Chicken Skin is sure to spread the love within the Realm -- just as our players have spread their love in Realm Royale.

Log in today and join in on the fun!
Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash

The American Steel Bundle is now available on the Shop, featuring three cosmetics that will let freedom ring. For 1500 Crowns, you will obtain the following items:
  • George Crushington Warrior
  • Freeagle Chicken
  • Merican Mustang Mount
Ratify the constitution of Realm domination with the George Crushington Warrior atop the best mount that American Steel can make: the Merican Mustang. Should your opponents seek to take your liberty, soar the skies as the Freeagle Chicken.

Triumph over your foes today with the American Steel Bundle. Keep an eye on the Shop for new content each week!
Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash

Welcome to Realm Royale, a class-based battle royale set in a fantasy universe. In Realm Royale, you’ll utilize both weapons and abilities to conquer the Realm and be the last player standing. When you dive into the Realm, you’ll be faced with many new and exciting gameplay elements that make the world unique. Let’s discuss some of the key factors to getting started in Realm Royale.
Realm Royale is a class-based battle royale
When you start a match, you will select one of four Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Assassin, and Mage. Each Class has its own unique advantages with weapons and abilities you’ll find throughout the Realm. While players can use any of the items they find as they explore the world, each Class will have weapons and abilities that help support each Class’ role within the game. A Warrior, for instance, specializes in charging into battle wielding Axes and Hammers, where a Hunter may use its dodging prowess and mastery of the bow to gain the upper hand in combat. Mastering each class and its advantageous abilities are key to claiming the Crown Royale.
You’ll use weapons and abilities in combat
Realm Royale offers many unique combat interactions through its inclusion of weapons and abilities. Each player may hold two weapons, ranging from standard weaponry like Assault Rifles and Shotguns, to exotic weapons like Throwing Axes and Longbows. While any class can fare well with the standard weaponry, each class will have certain advantages with specific weapons and abilities. For example, an Assassin will gain Cooldown bonuses to abilities like Hidden, which serves as a means to remain stealthy and gain an advantageous angle on your opponents.

There are two types of abilities: basic abilities and movement abilities. Basic abilities will offer active offensive and defensive actions to take in combat to help defeat your foes. Movement abilities will allow you to travel, escape, or surprise your enemies. Each Class begins with a movement ability, but you are free to use whichever ability you find while looting!
In Realm Royale, you may be down, but you’re not out
When your health reaches zero, you’re not out of the game, at least not if you know how to escape your foes as a Chicken! If you survive long enough as a Chicken, you’ll be back in the action and ready to seek revenge. Learning to maneuver as a chicken will keep you in the game longer!
Mount up to traverse the Realm
In Realm Royale, you can use your Mount for quick transportation between points of interest. There are vast sandy deserts, frigid mountains, an iridescent mushroom forest, and many more areas for you to explore - use your mount to explore the Realm and find the loot to best suit your playstyle.
Forge items to get ahead
While exploring the Realm, you’ll discover Forges scattered throughout the map that allow you to craft Legendary Weapons, Combat and Mobility Abilities, and Healing Potions. Of course, crafting doesn’t come without a price! As you find items you don’t want to use, you can disenchant items to accrue Shards, the currency you need to craft gear at the Forge.

Once a Forge becomes active, it will make a fair amount of noise and billow out smoke, alerting nearby players that something is being made. Be ready to defend your well earned items, or take advantage of the situation to lay a trap for your opponents!

Each Forge can only craft each type of item once per match, so consider carefully which items to make to propel yourself to victory. Fortunately with your trusty steed, you can visit multiple Forges in a game to craft the items you’ll need as you explore.

Finally, the Forge allows players to craft Resurrection Scrolls, which will bring eliminated teammates back to life! This comes with a hefty Shard cost, but it may be worth it to bring your friends back into the fight.
Customize your gameplay with Talents
Each Class has a Talent System, allowing you to further customize your gameplay experience to match your preferences and playstyles. Each class starts with 10 Talents unlocked, providing passive bonuses to general stats, the weapons and abilities you use in combat, and which items you will craft at the Forge.

As you level up with a Class by playing, you will unlock additional Talent options for each of the 10 Talent slots. Select your Talents carefully to build upon your preferred playstyle: if you have a preferred weapon or ability, there are many talents that offer you advantages to the weapons of your liking. For full details, see our Talent System blog.
Loot extraordinary items from extraordinary sources
As you make your way through the Realm, you may hear some snickering from unseen foes. These mischievous creatures have been collecting weapons and treasures of battles past. Find and defeat them to steal their loot! Loot Goblins don’t stick around for long, so you’ll need to defeat them quickly before they retreat back to their lairs.

You may also hear a Zeppelin overhead during a match. Follow it closely, as they will drop Legendary Chests containing Epic and Legendary Weapons, Abilities, and Runes! Legendary Chests and Goblins can drop items found nowhere else in the Realm, so they may be worth the risk to pursue.

Have more questions? See our FAQ below.
  • Is Realm Royale free to play? Where can I download the game?
    • Realm Royale is free to play on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Players can find Realm Royale on the Steam store.

  • Which platforms are crossplaying?
    • Currently, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One are crossplaying. We will be sure to announce if and when crossplay compatibility extends to additional platforms.

  • Are there bots in the game? Why?
    • AI are currently in the game for a number of reasons, and the team is constantly keeping an eye on the number of bots in a match to ensure that gameplay feels smooth and rewarding. At the current time, AI players help us to ensure that players enter matches without needing to wait in queue for extended periods of time. They also allow us to test with the functionality of NPCs for future features we are testing with the game. Over time, there may be adjustments to the number of AI players that are in a match as we keep an eye on data and monitor the gameplay experience.

  • What is the Battle Pass?
    • The Battle Pass offers players the ability to continually unlock content as they play Realm Royale by accruing XP and leveling up. Each level will grant items or content to the player. Players can progress on the free track to earn items, or can unlock the premium track in exchange for Crowns. The premium track also gives you a +50% Battle Pass XP bonus, so be sure to unlock it early! If you decide to unlock the Battle Pass after playing on the free track for a while, you will be rewarded all of the premium track content corresponding to the level you have reached.

  • How long do seasons/Battle Passes last?
    • Battle Passes will be arriving during the Open Beta on a regular cadence. Right now the team is looking to have multiple Battle Passes in a year, each spanning around 3 months in length.

  • I found a bug and/or have feedback, where can I report it?
    • Realm Royale has an official Discord server where we have channels dedicated to all available platforms for feedback and bug reports. A number of Heroic Leap Games staff are available for direct help as well!

  • Can I stream or create content Realm Royale during the Beta?
    • Yes, under certain conditions. Fan video creation (including streaming and VODs) of our games, including Realm Royale, is subject to the Hi-Rez Studios Policy for Streaming Videos and VODs. For other types of fan content, please check out our Legal FAQs. We also have a Content Creator Kit to help you create that awesome fan content (but our lawyers want us to clarify that that's only with respect to fan content that is in compliance with our policies).

  • Where do I buy crowns?
    • Crowns may be purchased in the in-game Shop!

  • How often does Realm Royale update?
    • Our goal is to patch every six weeks, bringing new exciting content and/or features into Realm Royale with each update.

  • Where can I stay up to date on Realm Royale news? (Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Discord, Website)
    • Be sure to follow Realm Royale on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the most recent Realm Royale announcements. We also have an active Discord server for live chatting, finding teammates, or getting information on events.
Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash

The Next Frontier Battle Pass is coming to its end soon. Starting today until the OB20 update releases, players will earn triple Battle Pass XP! Complete your Battle Pass to unlock cosmetics like the Hi-Tek Warrior and HL-1700 Mount before it ends.

For the full breakdown on XP gains (unmodified by Battle Pass XP multipliers), see below.
Match Experience
  • Survival Time
    • Players receive 20 XP for every minute they stay alive during the match
  • Placement Bonus
    • Players receive an experience bonus for placing top 3
      • 200 XP for 1st place
      • 150 XP for 2nd place
      • 100 XP for 3rd place
  • Elimination Bonus
    • Players receive an experience bonus for their first elimination, and experience for each elimination thereafter
      • 100 XP for first elimination
      • 20 XP for each subsequent elimination
Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for more information regarding our next Battle Pass!

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