Realm Royale - MLC St3alth

New Currency - Nuggets
  • Players earn Nuggets in-match through various means:
    • Placing in the top 5 of your match
      • SQUAD Queue:
        • 1st place rewards each player 10 nuggets.
        • 2nd place rewards each player 5 nuggets.
        • 3rd place rewards each player 3 nuggets.
        • 4th place rewards each player 2 nuggets.
        • 5th place rewards each player 1 nugget.
      • Earn 1 Nugget per Team Elimination.
      • Nuggets have a chance to drop from any chest.
      • Earn bonus Nuggets for playing a match with No Fill selected.
        • SQUAD Queue:
          • 3 player Squad: 10% Bonus to Nugget placement reward.
          • 2 player Squad: 15% Bonus to Nugget placement reward.
          • 1 player Squad: 30% Bonus to Nugget placement reward.
  • Players can use Nuggets to purchase cosmetics in Store.

New Store Contents
  • Character Skins
    • Wandering Alchemist
    • Lightguard Paladin
    • Twilight Huntress
  • Chicken Skins
    • Mr. Fluffles
    • Waddles
  • Mounts
    • Obsidian Warhorse Mount
  • Emote
    • Thumbs Up Emote
    • Thumbs Down Emote
    • Why Emote
  • Sprays
    • Bad Mother-Clucker Spray
    • Bullseye Spray
    • Bad Egg Spray

  • Players will now drop one random piece of equipped gear when eliminated.
  • The potions chest visuals have been updated.
  • The end of every match will show the rewards you received for that match.
  • Chest spawn locations have been randomized across the map.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes chests would not be visible from a distance.
  • Magical Chests will appear closed until you earn your personal loot from it.
  • Revived players will now spawn as chickens.
  • Chicken skin preview in the lobby now plays the correct voice for that skin.
  • Added a UI prompt to indicate when players can and cannot vault out of a window.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes items could not be forged.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Runes that were forged did not properly lock from pickup.

New Daily Quests
  • Loot 15 items
  • Loot 5 rare items
  • Loot 3 epic or legendary items
  • Loot 1 legendary item
  • Loot 5 weapons
  • Loot 5 abilities
  • Loot 3 movement abilities
  • Loot 1 rune
  • Loot Potions 5 times
  • Forge a Rune
  • Forge Health Potions
  • Forge Armor Potions
  • Forge a resurrect
  • Forge gear 5 times

Map Updates
  • Added more grass, flowers, rocks, and other propping to fill in unpopulated areas.
  • Updated buildings in the ice district.
  • Added new stylized trees.
  • Updated the interior of the Zeppelin.
Realm Royale - MLC St3alth

Early Access 8 - Patch Notes

  • Class System
    • Classes have been removed from the game.
    • All skins may now be used on the base character, including the ones that were previously default classes.
  • Runes
    • Rune system has been added.
    • The following runes are available
      • Movement Speed
      • CC Reduction
        • Now reduces the strength of knockbacks as well as CC.
      • Passive Repair
        • Armor per second increased from 10 to 20.
      • Armor Potion
      • Lifesteal
      • Reload Speed
      • Headshot Damage
        • Headshot damage increased from 25% to 50%.
      • Mount Speed
      • Weapon Damage
      • Healing
      • Movement Cooldown Reduction
      • Ability Cooldown Reduction
      • Revive Time
      • Chicken Speed
      • Chicken Health
        • Chicken Health increased from 200 to 400.
  • Weapons
    • Base headshot damage increased from 25% to 50%.
    • All legendary weapons now have an element associated with them.
      • Each weapon will only have one element available.
    • The following weapons are available in slot 1 and fire projectiles.
      • Crossbow
        • Imbued with Fire at Legendary rarity.
      • Longbow
        • Imbued with Frost at Legendary rarity.
      • Plasma Launcher
        • Imbued with Fire at Legendary rarity.
      • Slug Rifle
        • Damage reduced by 5%.
        • Imbued with Lightning at Legendary rarity.
      • Sniper Rifle
        • Imbued with Fire at Legendary rarity.
      • Stone Spear
        • Imbued with Frost at Legendary rarity.
      • Throwing Axe
        • Imbued with Fire at Legendary rarity.
    • The following weapons are available in slot 2 and are instant-fire
      • Assault Rifle
      • Burst Rifle
      • Heirloom Rifle
      • Revolver
      • Shotgun
      • SMG
      • Sword
  • Abilities
    • There are now only 2 ability slots. Basic abilities and Movement Abilities.
    • Legendary abilities will now have some benefit associated with them.
    • The following abilities are available
      • Barricade
        • At legendary rarity has 50% more health.
      • Blink
        • At legendary rarity now increases Movement Speed by 50% for 3s on activation.
      • Charge
        • At legendary rarity now knocks enemies back on hit.
      • Concussion Bomb
        • No longer applies a knockback to yourself.
        • At legendary rarity now has increased area and knockback.
      • Deploy Turret
        • At legendary rarity can deploy a second Turret.
      • Dodge Roll
        • At legendary rarity now increases Movement Speed by 50% for 3s on activation..
      • Fire Bomb
        • At legendary rarity has a 30% slow.
      • Flare
        • At legendary rarity now reveals enemies for 5s.
      • Ghost Walk
        • Now grants 50% increased movement speed at common, rare, and epic rarities.
        • Now lasts 3s at all ranks.
        • At legendary rarity now grants 100% increased movement speed.
      • Healing Aura
        • NEW
        • Replaces Flask of Healing and applies in an area around you.
        • At legendary rarity now applies a burst heal for 400 health.
      • Healing Totem
        • At legendary rarity has a 100% increased effect radius.
      • Heroic Leap
        • At legendary rarity now deals 400 damage.
      • Ice Block
        • No longer heals at common, rare, and epic rarities.
        • At legendary rarity now heals for 100 health per second.
      • Net Shot
        • Now slows by 50% for 3s at common, rare, and epic rarities.
        • At legendary rarity now slows by 80% for 3s.
      • Proximity Mine
        • At legendary rarity two proximity mines can be active simultaneously.
      • Sensor Drone
        • At legendary rarity now has 50% increased radius.
      • Shielding Aura
        • NEW
        • Replaces Shielding Potion and applies in an area around you.
        • Now grants a 500 shield for 2s at common, rare, and epic rarities.
        • At legendary rarity now grants a 500 shield for 5s.
      • Smoke Screen
        • At legendary rarity now has 100% increased stealth duration.
      • Soar
        • At legendary rarity moves 50% faster.
      • Withdraw
        • At legendary rarity now grants 40% increased Movement Speed for 4s on activation.
  • Items
    • Basic Chests
      • Basic chests now have the following drops
        • Always drop weapon or ability.
        • Chance of dropping a potion or movement ability.
        • Small chance of dropping a rune.
    • Weapon chests have been changed to Magic chests.
      • Magic chests can be opened by each player.
      • Magic chests contain the same drops as normal chests.
    • Zeppelin Chests
      • Zeppelin chests now have the following drops
        • Always drop an epic or legendary weapon.
        • Always drop an epic or legendary ability.
        • Always drop a rune.
    • Disenchant values have been changed to
      • Common -- 3 Shards
      • Rare -- 8 Shards
      • Epic -- 20 Shards
      • Legendary -- 40 Shards
  • Forge
    • Each game one third of the forges will be randomly deactivated.
    • Forge options are now
      • Health Potions -- 15 Shards -- 30s
      • Armor Potions -- 25 Shards -- 30s
      • Runes -- 60 Shards -- 30s
      • Weapons and Abilities -- 90 Shards -- 30s
        • Can now craft either Epic or Legendary weapons/abilities.
      • Team Resurrect -- 30 shards -- 30s
        • Shard cost increases by 10 for each elimination the team has up to a cap of 200.
        • Crafting time increases by 5s for each elimination the team has up to a cap of 90s.
  • Environment
    • A Graveyard has been added to the southeast section of the map, with an accompanying forge.
    • The forge has been removed from underpass.
  • Game Modes
    • Squad
      • Players on a team raised from 4 to 6.
    • Solo
      • Temporarily disabled for reworks.
    • Duo
      • Temporarily disabled for reworks.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Starting health has been increased to 1500.
    • Maximum armor has been increased to 1500.
    • Players will start with 500 armor but can use armor potions to restore armor to the max of 1500.
    • Players can no longer run up especially steep hills/mountains.
    • The pre-match starting location has been changed to the interior of the Zeppelin.
    • Players can now vault through windows.
    • Potions that spawn from chests now automatically equip to the player who opened the chest.
    • Players can run over shards to automatically collect them.
    • Killing a player causes them to drop 50 shards.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where players could fire a weapon when reloading and mounting.
  • Fixed an issue where footsteps for other players on in the pre-deployment phase of the match were very loud.
  • Fixed an issue related to reloading and using the Soar ability.
  • Fixed a number of issues related to players not able to see other players skydiving or landing near them.
Known Issues
  • Standing near the platform and steering wheel in the front of the Zeppelin will result in being eliminated at the beginning of a match.
  • Text and voice chat will not work with all team members.
Realm Royale - HeroicLeapJNash

We are excited to announce that Realm Royale is coming to PAX West this year! You’ll find Realm Royale at the Facebook booth in the PAX West Expo Hall in Seattle, WA, August 31st through September 3rd.

Swing by the booth to play Realm Royale for your chance to win swag! Facebook will have eight computers set up to play the game. Members of the Realm Royale team will be present, loaded with exclusive Realm Royale content and items.

We are looking forward to a great event and can’t wait to meet our players! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more announcements regarding Realm Royale.
Realm Royale

The battle royale genre is a cut-throat business, and its latest victim appears to be Hi-Rez Studio's Realm Royale.

The game was released on Steam in early access on 5th June, and despite attention from high-profile streamers such as Ninja it has failed to retain public interest. According to stats on Steamdb (via GitHyp), the game has lost 94 per cent of its player base in only two months. Peaking at 105,440 players on June 10th, the number yesterday slipped to a mere 5561.

Realm Royale began life as a game mode in Hi-Rez's (more successful) hero-shooter Paladins. Realm Royale differs from other battle royales in a few ways: there are five different character classes, there's a crafting system, and players transform into chickens when killed. Yet even this gimmick has failed to prevent players from flying the coop.

Read more…

SMITE® - (Alice O'Connor)

The developers behind Paladins, Smite, Realm Royale, and Tribes: Ascend today announced they’re formally splitting into distinct new studios to handle their big games (no, not including Tribes) under an overarching publisher. At the very least, this should assuage some fears about Hi-Rez’s track record of ditching older games when their limited teams shifted over to newer games. For now, it seems their three core games are secure. Hi-Rez are also opening two new arms, one company focused on running esports events and the other making art assets. To speak in business terms, all of Hi-Rez’s limbs are possessed by alien parasites and wrenching out their sockets to skitter off on lives of their own.


Realm Royale - HiRezJNash

  • General
    • Headshot damage reduced from a 100% bonus to a 50% bonus for all weapons.
    • The shard bonus for killing players has been removed.
    • Weapon damage has been rescaled from 0/10/20/30% to 0/5/15/30% using common damage as a baseline.
    • All players will start with 600 armor.
    • Armor from items has changed from 200/250/300/350 to 60/90/120/150.
    • Chicken timer reduced from 30s to 20s.
    • Chicken speed increased from 90% to 135% of normal speed.
  • Chests
    • Weapons chests will now drop the same loot as normal chests.
    • Disenchant values have been changed from 5/10/15/20 to 3/8/20/40.
    • Chests now have a small chance to drop legendary armor, weapons, or abilities.
      • Chest drop rates have been adjusted. Chests can drop up to 4 items.
      • The rate at which chests drop different amount of items has been adjusted.
    • Potion chests have had their drop rates adjusted.
    • Zeppelin chests can now drop between 2 and 4 items
      • Zeppelin chests can drop legendary armor, weapons, abilities, or armor potions.
      • Zeppelin chests will still always drop a Legendary weapon.
  • Forge
    • Chicken trophies have been removed from the game.
    • The maximum amount of shards you can hold has been reduced from 200 to 120.
    • Forge costs updated
      • Armor Potion cost changed from 30 to 25
      • Health Potion cost changed from 30 to 15
      • Armor cost changed from 60 to 50
      • Ability cost changed from 90 to 60
      • Non-Class Legendary Weapon cost changed from 120 to 80
      • Class Legendary Weapon cost changed from 200 to 120

Known Issues
  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary Soar have been disabled while we investigate an issue.
Realm Royale - HiRezJNash
  • Mounts
    • Damage taken to dismount reduced from 500 to 100.
  • Assassin
    • Blink
      • Pre-fire increased from 0.1 to 0.2.
      • Post-fire increased from 0.1 to 0.2.
  • Engineer
    • Deploy Turret
      • Deploy Time reduced from 3s to 1s.
    • Thrust
      • Now has 2 charges.
      • Height reduced from 25 to 15.
      • “We have added a second charge to Thrust so that Engineers can make good use of the ability in a wider variety of situations. Use two charges back to back for maximum height, or use them one at a time to traverse obstacles.”
    • New Passive: Gain 10% Forge Speed.
  • Hunter
    • Flare
      • Now reveals enemies in Stealth.
      • Now reveals enemies to teammates as well as the Hunter.
  • Mage
    • Soar
      • Weapon fire now cancels Soar
  • Revolver
    • Refire time reduced from 0.72 to 0.5.
    • Damage reduced from 500/550/600/650 to 360/390/420/500.
  • Chicken Skins
    • Keemstar Gnome
    • Cluckomorph
  • Emotes
    • Laugh
    • Slow Clap
  • Mount
    • Tropical Traveler
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Barricade appeared invisible.
  • Improvements made to players getting stuck on starter island.
  • Fixed a bug where Engineer turret kills did not grant elimination progress on Daily Quests.
  • Fixed a bug where Proximity Mine was not properly landing on surfaces.
Realm Royale - HiRezJNash

We have disabled the Deathmatch Training Grounds while we experiment with new game modes internally. Be on the lookout for new, fun game modes in the future!

Our goal with introducing limited time modes is to gain insight into features of the game that players enjoy. Deathmatch training grounds helped us with testing the pace of the game, gunplay, and class balance.

We appreciate everyone who played this limited time game mode and left us their feedback! If you have any further feedback, please direct it to the Steam Discussions Feedback Thread.
Realm Royale - HiRezJNash

  • Warrior
    • Heroic Leap
      • No longer deals damage.
      • Jump strength reduced by 20%.
      • Air control reduced from 90% to 50%.
    • Charge
      • Animation has been updated.
  • Assassin
    • Class Bonus
      • Class bonus changed to +10% swap speed and 10% reload speed.
    • Ghost Walk
      • Duration changed from 2/3/4/5s to 3s at all ranks.
    • Sniper Rifle
      • Added projectile drop.
  • Hunter
    • Class bonus
      • Class bonus changed to +10% movement speed.
    • Flare
      • Effect radius increased from 120/150/180/210 to 160/190/220/250.
    • Dodge Roll
      • Animation has been updated.
  • Mage
    • Soar
      • Reduced grace period from 1s to 0.5s.
      • Attempting to fire a weapon will now interrupt Soar.
  • Slug Rifle
    • Reduced damage from 580/640/690/750 to 565/610/655/710.
  • Burst Rifle
    • Reduced damage from 220/240/260/280 to 200/220/240/260 per shot.
  • We are coming to console in Closed Beta! Register now for more information on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • Reduced the size of the first, fifth, sixth, and seventh fog circles.
    • 1st Circle - 11% reduction
    • 5th circle - 28% reduction
    • 6th circle - 35% reduction
    • 7th circle - 43% reduction
    • 8th circle - 44% reduction
  • Added Quackers chicken skin to Battle Pass.
  • Added Daily Quests.
  • Underpass
    • Cave has been expanded for additional playability.
  • Dragon Bones
    • Added two new Dragon Bones points of interest to the map.
  • Updated minimap.
  • Fixed an issue where some Ability Icons had duplicates on the Character Select Menu.
  • Fixed several Environment issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Armor visual FX wouldn't appear after reviving from being Chickened.
  • Fixed a bug where Warrior’s Charge was not playing audio.
  • Fixed a bug where Sniper scope overlay would get stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where recovering from a chicken removed Engineer’s jetpack.
  • Fixed bugs with missing textures in Old Manor.
  • Fixed a bug with floating chests.
  • Fixed a bug where players could carry multiple stone spears.
  • Fixed a bug where panning the camera broke various emotes.
  • Fixed a bug where players could crouch during Mage’s Ice Block.
  • Fixed a bug where the Assassin’s Concussion Bomb passed through the Engineer’s Barricade.
Realm Royale

There's always that moment in Fortnite when I engage an enemy player and they start hastily erecting a goddamn fortress and I realize I've lost because my clumsy fingers just cannot build that quickly. I love Fortnite, but I just do not have the patience to try and learn how to build. That's why Realm Royale, an Early Access spin-off of Hi-Rez's Paladins, first appealed to me. 

On the surface, it's Fortnite without the building. But Realm Royale has more going on than I initially thought. Its class-based combat and crafting system evoke World of Warcraft PvP in a really exciting way. But an over-reliance on the same structure seen in every other battle royale makes it hard to appreciate. 

Keepin' it classy

Realm Royale's class system really forces me to think on my feet.

The main hook of Realm Royale is the class-based combat and abilities. When I join a match and am dropped into a lobby, the first thing I need to do is choose which of the five classes I'll play. Each one has access to different spells, abilities, and a few unique weapons. It's a smart idea that immediately injects a little variety into that same routine of dropping, looting, and fighting because different classes can have wildly different approaches to combat.

Each class uses two abilities from a possible four that are usually looted from chests or dead players along with varying qualities of damage-reducing armor and weapons like assault rifles and shotguns. These abilities (and a few weapons) are class-specific, but they're only one part of what makes your class unique. Passive bonus and a movement ability like the hunter's dodge roll add a lot of flavor to each playstyle. The engineer, for example, passively regenerates armor points, can launch straight into the air, and has access to abilities like being able to drop an automatic turret or protect himself with a big shield. The assassin, likewise, moves faster and can teleport short distances while throwing down smoke grenades or Ghost Walking to escape a bad situation.

What I love about this system is how much depth it adds to fights without making them impossible to follow. Unlike Fortnite or PUBG, where I'm mostly listening for what kind of gun they might have to help inform my strategy, Realm Royale's class system really forces me to think on my feet. If fighting a mage, I need to anticipate that she might use Iceblock to nullify incoming damage and regain some lost health. And I should think twice about chasing a hunter into a house on the off chance they've laid a trap for me with a proximity mine.

Like Fortnite, fights are fast and hectic but they're far easier to parse too. While there's no chaotic eruption of walls and floors to frantically navigate, there's still moments where an almost dead enemy can turn the tide with a clever play. During one fight inside a house, I had a mage turn tail and zip out a window, fly around the corner and come back in through another one behind me. I didn't even realize what had happened before it was over.

But even when the mage shotgunned me in the back, things weren't actually over. One interesting wrinkle Realm Royale adds to the battle royale formula is getting killed temporarily turns enemies into a giant chicken that you then have to kill a second time. It's essentially no different than being downed in Fortnite or PUBG except you can run and jump (and gobble incessantly) and this even happens in solo games. If I survive for 30 seconds without being killed a second time, I'll turn back to normal with reduced health and can continue the fight.

I have a real love-hate relationship with this system. If I'm in a squad, it's great to not be deadweight the moment I die. In the chaos of a fight, I can scamper off and (hopefully) stay safe long enough to revive. Instead of being a liability, my team can just focus on winning the fight and I can continue taking responsibility for my own survival. But, at the same time, downing someone just to have them cluck off before I can finish them is maddening—especially in solo games. It's not all that fun to win a fight and then spend another ten seconds chasing an enemy just to finish them off. I haven't had one instance where me or my enemies have managed to evade long enough to revive in a solo match, so it ends up feeling like a needless process.

Part of that has to do with Realm Royale falling into that same pitfall that Fortnite and PUBG haven't escaped from: There is rarely a happy balance to the flow of combat over the course of a match. I either drop into an area where I'm fighting a few players between vast stretches of boredom or I land in a hotspot that typically ends in defeat because there were just too many people. Having people turn into chickens during the later makes already frantic free-for-alls even harder. 

Arts and crafts

Realm Royale nobly tries to alleviate this problem with its crafting system, but it's not a perfect solution. In most major settlements on the map exist especially large buildings which house forges that can be used for crafting. While looting, unneeded pieces of gear can be disenchanted for shards which, in turn, can be used at the forge to craft especially powerful armor, weapons, and abilities. Doing so takes up to a minute, however, and anyone nearby can tell the forge is running due to the massive plume of smoke rising out of its chimney.

It's a promising feature because forging is the only reliable way to get the best gear but it also makes you vulnerable to nearby players looking to kill you and steal that epic-quality loot. If you're near the center of the action on the map, it'll certainly drive combat your way. But it's also just as easy to run to the fringes of the circle and use an isolated forge thanks to each character having access to a speedy horse they can summon at will. It's like having a car at your disposal at all times, which kind of trivializes how easy it is to get places or outrun the slowly collapsing circle of death.

As much as I like these ideas, though, they feel kind of lost in the all-too-familiar routine of battle royale games.

This epic-quality gear, especially the unique class-specific weapons and abilities, can really turn the tide in battle and it's practically mandatory to have some going into the final minutes of a match. Other players certainly will. Fighting over them at forges, then, makes for a great conflict driver in that long stretch between the beginning and climax of a round.

As much as I like these ideas, though, they feel kind of lost in the all-too-familiar routine of battle royale games. At the end of the day, I'm still jumping from some kind of aerial vehicle onto an oversized battlefield filled with named clusters of buildings that all feel and look the same. I'm still enduring long stretches of boredom as I run from house to house collecting gear. And, though Realm Royale is a promising battle royale game, I'm reaching the point where scoring that coveted victory just doesn't have the same emotional rush that it used to.

Realm Royale is also still only in alpha, which means there's a ton of work Hi-Rez needs to do before it can even hold a candle to Fortnite. Though I often tire of Fortnite's building system, the weekly challenges and ever-evolving map and game modes keeps me invested. There's a very compelling metagame behind Fortnite that Realm Royale doesn't have.

In the same way that Heroes of the Storm became the accessible third option for players turned off by DOTA 2 and League of Legends, I can see Realm Royale becoming a haven for players sick of Fortnite and PUBG. It's surprising success on Steam already indicates as much. There's an undeniable charm to the clever way it innovates on combat and looting. I just wish Realm Royale expanded that vision to subvert more of the genre's stale tropes.


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