Starman's VR Experience - Yen Dreck
Today, on April 28th, Terry Pratchett would be 70. The brilliant writer sadly is no longer with us, but his work continues to influence many of us and it did influence our VR experience as well. Let us know if you find something unusual!
Starman's VR Experience - Yen Dreck
We're super excited o announce that Starman's VR Experience was downloaded by more than 10 thousand people! Thank you, we hope you will keep getting back to the experience for a soothing journey through our Solar System.

We are also releasing a small update with minor fixes, updated GUI and an option to display planet labels, so it's easier to track the position of individual planets.
Mar 20, 2018
Starman's VR Experience - [DGS] GreatOnion
Today we launched Starman's VR Experience on Steam. Everyone can get the game and enjoy the ride through our Solar System. This is just the beginning of our journey and we hope you will join us in this epic adventure.
If you would like to support us and help us expand the experience with new features and options you can share the experience with others, post on social media or visit our Patreon page.
Starman's VR Experience - [DGS] GreatOnion
Thanks once again for all the feedback we received from our Reddit beta testers.
This update contains some of the most common issues, like camera re-positioning, car spin speed and small bug fixes

Our journey continues!

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