Star Singularity - Star Bunny
* Gas clouds in nebula nodes
* Gas extractor item
* Shipyards
* Faction shops
* Engine recipes for engines level 6-9
* Added ship loadout editor (Will be only in beta branch)

* Add patch notes in game
* Quick use slots are market with numbers

Back on track!
Nov 3, 2018
Star Singularity - Star Bunny
* Added filter crafting by categories .
* Ammo weapons and crafting.
* When hovering over an item in the shop the slots that can equip it will be highlighted.
* Materials stack limit changed from 999 to 9999.

* Fixed graphics settings (Now fullscreen and border mode are independent)
* Fixed bugs with advanced armory and armory enabling the same items
Oct 21, 2018
Star Singularity - Star Bunny
* Fixed crash caused by paying some music tracks
* Minimal supported resolution is now 1280 X 1024

* Shields level 6 and up need a medium size ship to equip
* Sort will also sort mothership inventory if docked
* Reduced the number of enemy ships in higher level systems
* Increased construction time for enemy ships
* More music tracks added
Oct 19, 2018
Star Singularity - Star Bunny
Bugs fixes:
* Loading will now log errors to a file (named "BuggyMcBugBug{date}{time}.txt" ) and show them on screen without crashing.
* Game can now work without a valid audio playback device.
* Graphics settings screen now functional.

if your game crashes please send us the log files!

* Removed Kemron voiceover.
* Sort will not change the order of consumables located in the hotbar.
* Sort will remove zero level items that can be crafted without cost.

Star Singularity - Star Bunny
Thank you for your feedback, we are doing our best to address the issues.
We uploaded a patch(0.121) fixing some urgent issues.

Bug fixes:
* Deployed crafting stations don't cause a crush when trying to craft
* Pickup loot mission is now timed to avoid situations that missions can not be

* You can issue fleet commands using R
* Removed auto sort of inventory items
* Fixed screen transitions
* Deployable Turret can now be deployed from inventory

We will keep the updates coming, hopefully with less urgent issues and more content :)


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