Police Helicopter Simulator - Aerosoft

We are super happy to announce the official release of Rescue HQ - The Tycoon. After months of work, sweat and tears it's done! We want to celebrate the release with a 10% launch discount for one week. Have fun!


Join our Rescue HQ -The Tycoon community & share your experiences and feedback with us!
Police Helicopter Simulator - Aerosoft

A few days left - our first Tycoon "Rescue HQ" will be released on 28.05.2019!

In Rescue HQ you build, organise, and manage a station for the three emergency departments police, fire brigade, and ambulance. With a limited initial budget, you further develop the HQ, expand your crew with new employees and provide them with all the equipment and vehicles they need.

In addition, Rescue HQ can be extensively modded. Create or download your own assets, maps, and missions via the Steam Workshop and connect with the community!

Add "Rescue HQ - The Tycoon" now to your wishlist!

Police Helicopter Simulator - VISGamesDev
Version 1.3 fixed some smaller issues.
Besides other things, we fixed the issue with the french language.
Nov 13, 2018
Police Helicopter Simulator - VISGamesDev
We just updated the game to version 1.1

-Minimap and instruments now show the symbol "E" for east in all languages without german.
-The fuel of the helicopter reduces faster than before.
-A new mission type is available in career level 1
-It will not happen any more, that the same mission type will appear in a row
-More placed events at patrol-flights at once
-Longer time between missions is possible now
-Checked all achievement triggers ->no issues could be found
-Checked controller settings with 5 different controllers like xbox, logitec and steam controller. No issues could be found
-Some smaller collision issues have beed fixed

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