Sep 21, 2018
CRYEP - Viktorov Aleksei Iurevich
  • Fixed jumping-related shut-off shot
  • In PvP mode, a shot contact is fixed in the opponent
CRYEP - Viktorov Aleksei Iurevich
The game came out of early access but we continue to work on the development of the game, in the near future the levels will be updated!
We work on multiplayer! We are waiting for your feedback.
CRYEP - Viktorov Aleksei Iurevich
  • Added Russian and Chinese to the game interface
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved game balance

Aug 22, 2018
CRYEP - Viktorov Aleksei Iurevich
CRYEP has been updated up to 29-version and this is our 12 news update!

Fixed crazy-bees bugs, all enemies has become smarter and stronger. New dangerous lasers at level six.

Also we add power-driven spikes at the first VS level, just touch them to activate.

We continue to work on CRYEP balance, new levels and multiplayer mode, which we plan to show in final version.
  • Fixed interface, added text description in English
  • Fixed selection of characters in co-op mode
  • On the first level of the VS added buttons that activate dangerous spikes
  • Fixed errors in the operation of explosive barrels
  • Updated 1-8 levels and VS level 8!
  • Updated the game interface!
  • Improved game balance!
Jun 11, 2018
  • Improved VS mode
  • Fixed bugs
  • The levels for co-op mode are added and updated
Jun 1, 2018
  • Fixed VS mode operation
  • Added new levels
  • Added an artifact energy, the robot ball made a plasma field taking away health from the enemies (team super-punch Q).
  • Added a new level for VS # 7 mode![/ list]
  • New character added
  • The ability to switch between game characters (on the keyboard button Backspace on the gamepad button B)
  • Opportunity to play 4 players simultaneously in the pass-through mode
  • Added the ability to play 4 players simultaneously in arena mode

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