Jun 10
Fission Superstar X - Dr.Sauce
Bugfixes and balancing:

-Sudden Death bug should not happen.

-No duplicate bomb outfits.

-Pluto Boss is less shy.

-Repair has been tweaked in the shop.

-Sound static with Midboss3 removed.

More to come later.
Jun 1
Fission Superstar X - Dr.Sauce
This tiny patch fixes an issue with pause not working in certain levels when playing the game in windowed mode.

More to come.
May 27
Fission Superstar X - Dr.Sauce
Hello, another tiny patch has been released.

Changes are:

-Improvement to mouse cursor.

-ESDF keyboard scheme added.

-Last dev cheat codes removed.

-DNA has been rebalanced. You will get more DNA per runs but on the other hand the game will not give you free DNA if you're at 0.
Fission Superstar X - Dr.Sauce

There was a problem with the soundtrack DLC where it didn't install on some computers. A correction has been made and now it should work.

Apologies to anybody who had any trouble with that.
May 23
Fission Superstar X - Dr.Sauce
Just released a tiny patch that addresses some bugs:

-Mouse problems with cursor when the game is out of focus.
-Mouse problems on wide screens
-DNA exploit
-Weapon shop problem with price display
-Pluto Boss exploit fix
-Windowed mode changes

More to come next week.
Fission Superstar X - Dr.Sauce
The game is now available and you can now help dr.Leopold in his endeavour.

If you have some questions, head over there!

Fission Superstar X - Dr.Sauce
Tuesday you will all be able to do the bidding of Dr.Leopold and bring fame to Celine.

The game will be available at 13H00 Eastern time.

Dr.Leopold is already frenetically rubbing his hands together.
Fission Superstar X - contact
As the release date is coming closer, in May, official date to be announced soon, we are fixing some bugs.

One of the things we are fixing is the save system. The old save system wasn't compatible between versions. For the few people playing the game right now, mostly streamers and the media since it is not out, the next update will update your game with this new system.

Unfortunately, this will most probably break your current save game. You will not loose any unlocks of dna points but you will have to restart a new run. The new save is to make this not happen ever again. When the game will be released everybody will use the "non evil" save games.
Fission Superstar X - Dr.Sauce

We need to push back the release a bit to implement new stuff. This delay should not be too long and it will allow you to play a more polished and complex version of the game.

Already in the past months the game has changed, which forced us to do a new trailer to better reflect the current state of the game, the new pacing and the more satisfying explosions.

You can watch it here on steam or on youtube there:


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