BombTag - David
This is just a small update to fix some important bugs that weren't fixed in (or were introduced with) the last patch.

Patch Notes:
- Fixed a bug that let players who weren't the host change the map, gamemode, and sudden death options
- Fixed sudden death bombs pinning players against walls/crates/other bombs
- Fixed a bug that let players pick up powerups when dying/dead
- Fixed a bug with controllers where players would move in a direction even with no joystick input
- Fixed a typo in the game lobby
- Improved consistency in bomb pinning mechanic: when pinned against a wall/crate/other bomb by a bomb, players will no longer sometimes be able to kick the bomb away
- Changed platinum and diamond badges to better differentiate them
- Changed input settings menu to show arrow key bindings as well as WASD for movement by default
BombTag - David
Hi everyone! This week's update contains a new feature, Sudden Death, as well as a few quality of life changes and of course, some much needed bug fixes. The patch will be live after the server restart at 1 a.m. PST.

Patch notes:
- Sudden Death added as a match option. During Sudden Death, bombs will fall from the sky until a player/team wins. Different options: 30-180 seconds depending on desired match length
- Added alternate skin tone for free players for both genders
- Unevens teams are now allowed
- Mouse buttons are now bindable
- Fixed the Discord button
- Vastly improved the word filter and added registration username filter
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to join matches before properly connecting to game servers
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to start a match with no one else in the lobby
- Various other bug fixes

And a few issues that have possibly been fixed, but require further feedback:
- Double chat bug
- Players unable to ready up/host a match
- Players unable to connect to lobby server

As always, let me know if you have any issues.

BombTag - David
Hi everyone! I've just released a patch that should fix most of the current major bugs. Here's a short list of the changes:

Bugs that are hopefully fixed:
- Host unable to start games
- Players unable to ready up or send chat messages
- Team/ready status not synchronizing correctly in match lobby
- Matches not ending properly
- Players unable to log in/register
- Players not spawning in Teams gamemode
- UI fixes for ultrawide resolutions

- Kick features reimplemented: no more typed command, just click a player's name to kick them
- Platinum medal tweaked to further distinguish it from silver
- Server will now reject any players running on outdated game clients: this should prevent some buggy behaviors

What's left to fix:
- Double chat bug: requires further investigation
- Countdown timer bug: requires further investigation
- Re-implement correct spawn positions for Teams gamemode

If you notice any of the bugs listed above still occurring, please let me know.

BombTag - David
BombTag has officially released, which means that everyone can now download and play, so grab a few friends and enjoy!

Huge thanks to everyone who helped beta test. A few of the main improvements from the beta:

  • All connection errors fixed: no more issues connecting and playing with your friends
  • Added host migration: no more dropped games if the host leaves, games now continue until there's a winner
  • Lobby synchronization issues fixed: ranks, ready status, and current team no longer sometimes get out of sync
  • Issues causing games to not end properly have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to join a game just as it was starting, then getting stranded in the lobby
  • Re-added different servers: play on the server closest to your location for low latency

If you find any more bugs, please let me know. Hope to see you in game!

BombTag - David Schneider

Thanks for your interest in BombTag. Release is a couple weeks away - in the meantime, there will be a small closed beta in order to test server stability, fix up any lingering bugs, and gather some player feedback. If you're interested in joining the beta, you can do so by signing up at the following link:

Keys are limited and distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Note that population may be a bit low until official release, so make sure to invite a few friends to join as well!

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