Feed Eve - Wombtech
- A lot of new code that runs everything more efficiently.

- Minor map changes.

- New score/ranking system.

- New map.

- Changes to Home Map - easier to digest now.

- New experimental weapon!
Mar 18, 2018
Feed Eve - Wombtech
- New home screen added.
- More lore added.
- Performance improvements. [Frame rates are much better in jungle maps]
Feed Eve - Wombtech
A new locomotion system is now live in a small update.

Teleport to pre-set destinations by clicking on the thumbpad.
Feed Eve - Wombtech
[Update Live!]

- Today's update will have more than 5 new non-traditional weapons! time slowing bombs, scatter arrows (sorry hanzo <3), and other cool things for you to hunt down and play with.

- General improvements to controls, more lore added.

- Slight performance improvement.

- Officially tested and fully supports Microsoft motion controllers.
Feed Eve - Wombtech
Please try scrolling your thumb upwards while moving, the game will see the rate of scroll and adjust accordingly.

This is to ensure everyone can play. Pros should scroll up, and people who nauseate quickly from VR should use the default method.

A fourth new movement system is being worked on and will be on the next update - try it out from the in-game menu!
Feed Eve - Wombtech
[Update Live!]

- Massive increase in graphics vs performance.

- Graphics support long distance shading - objects further away will look crisp and sharp.

- New helper robot! Find your nearest Robot for advice and tutorial demonstrations!

- Weapon improvements and new weapon additions - All weapons now fire physics-based projectiles. Bullet interactions with environment optimized for lower-end PC systems.

- Default pistols upgraded!

- Massive Bow and Arrow improvements.

Update will be live March 10, 2018
Feed Eve - Wombtech
- Massive weapon update will be live March 10.

- New environment/weaponry interactions.
Feed Eve - Wombtech
[Update Live!]

- Better graphic handling and auto-detection for lower end systems.

- Blurriness reduced on certain AMD graphic cards.

- General Increase in performance

Update will be live in a few hours
Feed Eve - Wombtech
[Update Live!]

- Slight bug fixes in dual wield weapons

- You can now change the game's graphic settings from the in-game menu. Graphic settings are diverse and update live [Can change during game to optimize]
Feed Eve - Wombtech
- Update Live!

An update will be live shortly after this message with very slight improvements to game performance and a massive re-vamp of your Home Environment.

Stay tuned!

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