Gaia Beyond - elZanc0

  • Trading NPC items now restock
  • High Harvey Mini Questline
  • McKenzie is now helping to stop the CAD transport if you got his leg first

Location images

  • Ship Trade: Show the slot icons
  • Missile Battery
  • Med-Drone Launcher
  • Weapon turrets are colored in faction schemes now

New turret shooting 3 missiles at once

The Cure got himself a nice new drone launcher.

  • Pirate boss Dieu-Le-Veut, Simon Krull, Mr. Gates
  • Adaptions: Vasquez' lizard own portrait, GAC male: Sun-Moon version

Other stuff
  • More neon info signs (quick travel, ship trade, cargo container, garage, bar / café)
  • Punch sounds added to various dialog scenes
  • One-hit-exploding asteroids

Not too dangerous yet, but could become salty in the future.... ;)

Ships & weapons
  • Capitals acceleration increased
  • Weapon optimization (Capital lasers and more)

  • General performance improvements
  • Renderer modernization

  • Ship Trade: Show additional drawables and emitter
  • Analysis HUD: Draw items and asteroids with emitter
  • Tooltip improvements
  • Readables inspect window: vert scrollbar added

  • Updates & polishing

    FTA random female, Atlas, J12 random military, J12 female, Mr. Shiro, Caduceus male, Supreme Court judge, FTA agent male


Other stuff
  • A lot of dialog and dialog format polishing
  • Savegames: Validate shields and devices too
  • General savegame improvements

  • Savegames: docked ships loose the detail mode state
  • Controller: Cursor gone after exiting trade window with B
  • Thruster is always uncharged on savegame load
  • Possible crash when a person is deleted but still has a pending Message Request
  • Burst weapons can fail trying to finish the first recharge
  • Ship AI does not attack the Player sometimes if no friendlies are nearby
  • The Travel group waiting at destination state disables the ship target rotation (The Cure doesn't rotate during battle)
  • Auxilium cannot attack the CAD Escort
  • Crash when opening inventory (old savegame)
  • Old saves could have an invalid rajid dialog block
  • Ship selection stays after death when the respawn is delayed
  • Only show autopilot landing/leaving when a docking state is active
  • Autopilot says "landing" even if it cannot land
  • End an auto pause, on dialog end, only when it came from the dialog
  • Show the Cooldown HUD when a laser is bursting
  • Minimum energy required for laser should be based on the p_ttl
  • Remove the unused "Zion Farm" ship data

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Gaia Beyond - Flonor

  • Automatically switch the UI shortcut hints when using a controller
  • Show the customized shortcuts instead of the default ones where possible
  • Capital ships balancing (thanks deymoslex)

  • Add missing prices to some ships who still have the default pricing
  • Savegame upgrade for "Simon Boswell" can crash the script if the cad station is destroyed
  • Recreate persons that sell stuff for capital ships
  • Don't compare the same equipped item multiple times in tooltips
  • When large tooltips go out of screen they should check on which side the cutoff is less
  • First free slot is not used on auto equip
  • A very rare Landable HUD Player_Leaves() crash

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Gaia Beyond - elZanc0

  • New ships
    • Capital ships are available now!

      Each one is coming with a unique big type weapon slot (click for video).

      The capitals were added in dialog with the community – due to your wishes to actually fly these things, we revised our first plan to hold them back until the carrier feature arrives. We will just add more of the big guys as it gets implemented. Have fun!

    • Higher-level Mosura versions are also available!
      (Top level comes with FIVE weapon slots)

  • Quests
    • Crash Course has been changed to include a pirate wave defense segment
    • New escort sidequest
    • New Rajid pirate bounty hunt mission

  • Portraits
    • Because that last guy was just a placeholder (to re-appear as Jack Sperrholz), here is the real Vasquez - coming with a badass robo lizard!

      Captain Vasquez, new CoC random male

  • UI
    • Map mode: Non-discovered quest targets selectable for auto pilot
    • Add a key shortkut "0" to re-center the camera to the player in map mode
    • Custom icon for readable items
    • Plasma field map icons
      (known bug: icons should not be visible from the start)

  • Quests
    • Many dialog improvements and formatting fixes

  • Ships / Stations
    • Ship movement prediction improvements
    • Wächter & Caduceus Station size increased
    • FTA Hub polishing
    • FTA Hub open version (placed only once for now, at FTA Nexsen)
    • Essex Wreck full res polishing
    • Zion farms: lights animation
    • J12 Capital overall edge-fixing
    • Shuttle: turret slots swapped

      Note: CoC Mining Stations are not landable anymore.

  • Weapons
    • Shock weapons are burst weapons now
    • More weapon upgrades and some minor balancing
    • Added 3 big weapons for capital ships

  • World
    • J12 & GAC colony pics updated
    • New kind of Nebula spawner at Zion Station
    • Some Pluto nebula gradient smoothing

  • UI
    • Origin menu re-layout, ship preview added
    • Added Autopilot text status "following", "landing", or "leaving"
    • Journal sorting: Sort by Main/Side/Finished Quests
    • Hide invalid slots when a drag-and-drop event starts
    • Analysis HUD: Show distance
    • Add a location person list "Visitors" sub-header
    • Freight hacking: show "Hack failed" (red) and "Hacked" (green)
    • Inventory: ship stats re-layout (turn rate + view range added, cargo moved to list)
    • Make RESUME the first main menu button
    • Inventory HUD: Replace the first matching weapon/shield/device slot by double clicking or on controller select
    • Inventory HUD: Remove "Boost" if it is the same value
    • Ship Trade HUD: Add turn rate, radar range, view range and layout improvements
    • Inspect-item window responsive layout

      HUD emitters are only animated with auto-pause off.

  • Portraits
    • Kouji polishing
    • ISA male polishing
    • Quick-polishing / backgrounds updated: Player #5, Bobby Cliff, Noob Henderson, Cram Bokaj, Teal, GAC Soldier x3, Zion female 1, Visitor
    • CoC male 2 added to random pool
    • James Lancaster -> Xander pic

  • FX
    • Explosion lens flares added
    • Frame-animated marketplace neon sign
    • Unique plasma drops
    • New FX for upcoming weapons

    • Old Intel graphics driver detection triggers too often
    • Memory usage increases with every savegame when parsing until all are loaded
    • Inventory HUD: memory leak when the ship changes
    • Script Attack() function should not validate the radar range
    • Rajid (on planet) should not have an input lock during dialog
    • Ship Set_Behavior() should ignore an undefined active behavior state even if it was not temporary
    • Cursor default image is changed when leaving inventory (only the back button works)
    • Level_Savegame_Person_Loaded() can continue with a deleted person
    • Savegame upgrade: do not continue upgrading destroyed sprites
    • Savegames: turret position problems with the size-increased stations
    • Weapon target selection icon is not updated on savegame load
    • Weapon target selection is not reset on unequip
    • Don't show Device "Init Time" if it's 0
    • Don't show Regen + Energy usage for devices
    • Turret Platform DEFEND_HOLDING can get stuck
    • Ship hull/shield bar stays at the screen position when landing
    • Mark the ship behavior if it came from a dialog lock and only remove these on dialog exit (allows setting any behavior in dialogs)
    • The initial HUD focus with a controller doesn't work
    • Correctly show "(failed)" when selecting a failed quest
    • Add a failed quest color
    • Ship Trade HUD: Show fractional digits for mass
    • Crash if mouse is over a landable icon while it is being reloaded
    • Use the fully reduced max speed when in distance_reached_far range
    • Don't allow opening blocking HUD windows when the menu is active (quickbar)
    • Savegames: loading can crash if the person parent is deleted (because the sprite validation failed)
    • Stronger shields for NPC capital ships
    • A Travel group at the waiting stage does not avoid collisions correctly (Mr. Shiro hugs Caduceus Station and wants to destroy himself)
    • Fix hard day of work with pre 0.9 saves
    • Don't spawn Dostavka OL
    • Support a default input key with a Ctrl modifier (Ctrl missing for the zoom reset shortkey)
    • Update the gamecontroller db
    • Location -> 'available persons' list: horizontal scrollbar (in 4K only)
    • Don't save the news in saves anymore

    Let's have a chat on Discord:

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Gaia Beyond - Flonor

Gaia Beyond took off into the steam universe one year ago. 🎂🚀

We've hunted mutations, been chased by bats, fixed broken legs, found treasures in wrecks - and sure been grinding the hell out of those asteroids!

Time flew by like nothing (possible evidence for dimension shift... gonna check that later, let's focus on making this a great indiegame for now!) A big thanks to the awesome people who supported us during the last year and to the new fans!!

Anniversary discount running until tomorrow, April 1st!

  • New pirate portraits
    • Dr. Rick
    • Colonel Hintz
    • Captain Jack Sperrholz

  • "Resume game" button added to main menu

  • Ships
    • Mosura -> 3 different versions (purchasable soon!)
    • Create a "human_dropped" emitter on player death

  • World
    • Ship radar and detailed mode upgrade to include landed ships and add radar gain/loss events
    • Right-side world: Pirate spawners & Fortress
    • One Hard Day of Work quest improvements
    • New trashfields & asteroid spawners
    • Overall nebula parallax improvements (detailed nebulas slower, blurred ones remain)
    • Distance between station <-> turret platforms doubled
    • Repair sign redesign + animation
    • Nebula polishing / some artifact smoothing / final edge fixes

    • Callisto got an atmosphere (+slight texture improvement)

  • UI
    • Add a free giveaway option if the trader doesn't have enough money
    • Ship trade hud: add credits info / overall layout cleanup
    • Character main: XP progress bar
    • Loading screen hints: key map update, quicksave info added
    • Show the patch notes when clicking on the version text

  • Portrait updates
    • 3rd Zion male added to random spawner
    • Seraphim male replaced by Applicator pic
    • Ursa portrait switch
    • Overall assignment updates + some very old pics removed
    • Pirate default male polishing

  • Some small JSON loading improvements

  • Waechter hacking: The leaving ships are broken
  • Detail range collision category can be overwritten when leaving (O Dog collision state is broken)
  • Unicode crash when the Russian thousands separator is used
  • Font getTextExtent() rare crash
  • Text Box Popup: typing A+D keys fire focus events
  • Atlas could have a nonexistent "7_1" dialog block
  • Noob Henderson: Ignore the Pre-destroy callback when he is far away (is ignored)
  • Auxi is now too fast out of range in the Tutorial stage
  • Quest arrow draw can crash in map mode if the target has no map drawable set
  • Use link_to_scale_is_instant for all engine/light/fan/sign emitter
  • Savegames: When a docked parent of a ship is not available anymore the physics state is broken
  • An empty analysis HUD is shown when a save is loaded with the Analysis HUD visible
  • Map mode shows ships that shouldn't be visible
  • AI: Don't mine or try to collect cargo if there is no cargo space
  • Radar awareness improvements
  • Hud: Radar elements can leave visual circle boundaries
  • Different types of decimal point and thousands separator formatting
  • fix an UnicodeStringException
  • If a ship slot is clicked or controller activated the tooltip is lost
  • Mouse cursor default image should be different in HUD windows
  • When allow_target_loss_on_events is disabled don't retaliate when attacked
  • Player turrets don't stop shooting when target is dead
  • Trade HUD: Show the actual 'after trade credits' if one side doesn't have enough credits
  • Handle message answer unicode strings correctly when animating (use the code point lengths)
  • When allow_target_loss_on_events is disabled don't join fights on request
  • Particle emitter data: Add the missing emitter_iteration_interval entries
  • Input text: backspace repeat not working
  • Tooltip comparison with lasers sometimes does not use the dps
  • Add_Weapon_Cargo()/Add_Shield_Cargo()/Add_Device_Cargo() crashes when the element is not found
  • Cancel the ship leaving state if the target distance is too big
  • Never start the collision evasion when landing/leaving
  • Pirates should not talk
  • Ship data without a drawable set crashes the inventory HUD
  • Landable HUD does not call the the hud window Enter/Leave event
  • Old config files: The right mouse button could have 2 assignments
  • Credits screen is broken if logic hz is over ~70
  • Correctly unlink and delete Trade HUD cargo equipped links
  • Devices are sometimes not deleted (memory leaks)

Let's have a chat on Discord:

Learn more & stay tuned!
Gaia Beyond - Flonor

Hey aliens,

Hope everyone had a kickstart-2K19. This update brings you a big bunch of new features and maybe even some outer-world experiences. As promised, we polished a pile of features, such as ships (including the community favorite 'Wing Fighter'), and also brought you some new ones. Looking at the new quests, this would have also made a great Halloween update ;)

Because this patch note is going to be a bit more comprehensive, we've decided to give it an own video summary!

Also, the Original Soundtrack is fully released now and available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud - check it out!

Alright now, LET'S GO!!

New sidequests
  • The Mutation
    Cram Bokaj first sidequest arc finishable (includes 2 new hidden sidequests)

  • "We Can't Stop Here..."
    Introducing O-Dog's secret sideques

  • Level of Subsistence
    A miniquest about stolen air filters on an ISA research station

Equipable devices
  • Here is a new way to modify all of your ships - the passive device feature is done! The thruster feature has been bound to equips as well, which allows higher-tier thrusters - meaning more speeeed for your vessel!

New ships

And suddenly, it's just there - equipped with a new kind of laser weapon. Pro tip: If you encounter it, quicksave before waking it up. ;)

New weapons
  • Zion weapons: Bucky, Matic, Betta Gun
  • Jodorowsky Zapper
  • Mining Tool
  • More weapon upgrades
  • New spotlight turret

    Spotlights are purchasable now, yet totally useless. ;)

  • Unique weapon icons for the turret class, spam, and shock weapons
  • New trade icons
  • Lab location icon

New achievements

  • Ships
    • Overall ship speed balancing
    • AI ship movement improvements
    • J12 ships polishing
    • The Waechter polishing
    • Improve the ship landing behavior
    • Add an option to switch to the ship after buying one
    • Improve the weapon target is in range checks
    • CoC transporters (resolution x2, turret fix, minor details - overview)
    • CoC Mining Station small restructuring
    • Some station sizes increased (more to come)

  • World
    • Background vs. foreground wrecks: depth effect & parallax improvements*
    • More Zion Farms (including more Trash selling opportunity)
    • Randomly position the asteroid cargo drops inside the collision geometry
    • Prometheus wreck station polishing
    • New GAC ship wreck site added
    • Faction spawner added to CoC Stargard
    • Drones slightly highlighted
    • Cliff Farm / Zion Farms small changes

      *There is a known bug slowing down the parallax movement of background wrecks when zoomed-out - which looks wrong :D Should be fixed in one of the next patches

  • Dialogs
    • New origin selection texts
    • Intro dialog cuts (Auxilium, Shiro / Henderson)
    • Many dialog corrections & improvements

  • Portraits
    • 3 Zion dudes

    • FTA female, Atlantic female

    • Cram Bokaj small corrections

  • FX
    • Dynamic foreground stars effect (higher-speeds feedback)
    • Front thruster emitters for all ships
    • Regular thruster FX improved
    • Shuttle signal lights improved
    • Neon signs (it's a sci-fi game after all!)
    • Airlock "spaced" animation visibility & duration improved
    • "Repeater" / echo effect, used on bats
    • FX improvements on some projectiles (wip)
    • Main menu background & animation improvements

  • OpenGL rendering updates and performance improvements
  • Safer game initialization
  • Add a info.json for the level version info (also useful for modding)
  • Add a savegame "version info not found" state
  • Error logging improvements

  • Ship control instructions updated in tutorial & HUD hints
  • Wei Xiu, Akihiko, Chin-Mae, Frakes, Getty, Huang Feihung, Marley, and Werner now use the Ship HUD
  • Improve the Inventory HUD Cargo Tooltip
  • Item comparison: hovered item is now highlighted
  • Item data cleanup (icons assignments, descriptions & more)
  • Inventory ship viewport expanded
  • Fully integrate the quickbar when the Landable HUD is open
  • Updated the GUI Renderer
  • Add an "Inspect" button for items with text
  • Sidequest icons are smaller
  • Location info textbox expanded

With the full release of the soundtrack, all the mastered music tracks by Miguel Johnson have been upgraded to high-quality audio files.

  • Shield does not regen when landed
  • Trade amount window can't be closed with Esc
  • Stationary Traders on planets and stations need more cargo space
  • Unselectable answers can be selected with a controller
  • Correctly restore the disabled_color for controller selected answers
  • Changing music volume ingame from low to high does not work (it is clamped to the start volume)
  • Burst firing is disabled on weapon equip or a forced stop fire event
  • Mining NPC are stuck when they use mines as weapon
  • Inventory HUD: Damage type in slot tooltips is widened
  • Background stars z ordering is broken
  • Location name can be behind the quest target icon
  • Ship damage from asteroid collision is too low
  • Radar window clashes with the notification window
  • Mathilde shuttle can be owned by randoms
  • Cooldown bars freeze when the map camera moves a certain distance
  • Setup the player radar range state instantly on spawn (mainly for bullets)
  • Old savegames: Recreate Bartholdys station if it's missing
  • Hide the selection_info if the Landable HUD is visible
  • A physics engine div by zero fix
  • Show item received/removed notifications longer if on a landable
  • Don't update the Radar HUD when it's not visible
  • Turret lasers don't stop shooting after target was destroyed
  • Bullet speed is displayed on laser tooltips
  • Journal HUD: text lines vertical padding is missing
  • Remove some possible spammy error logging
  • Asteroid nitrogen debris emitter missing
  • Character HUD: XP color is missing
  • Ring spawner: asteroids missing at the arc end on savegame load
  • Assign_Shield(): Initially charged shields can crash if the slot does not match
  • AI: Max distance for shooting ignores the shield radius
  • Firing is still enabled while bursting
  • "Default drops" group added to gemstone asteroids (more drops)
  • Some weapon slot positions and collision fixes
  • Low turn rate ships can circle around landables infinitely
  • Rename the "Decrease Velocity" shortcut key to "Reverse Velocity"
  • Support modifying person savegame json data before loading starts
  • Level_Savegame_Sprite_Json_Loaded() is sometimes not called
  • Horizontal Map Crosshairs missing on lower resolutions
  • Ambient 1 music track ending cut-off
  • Henderson: The Pre_Destroy callback should not be active from the start
  • ship_damage_lightning_1 emitter_iteration_interval is not set
  • Fix Get_Primary_Shield() can return the wrong shield
  • Shield bars blinking when only the second shield slot is equipped
  • Planet rotations: more "authentic" speed and direction improvements
  • Opaque glow removed from GAC ships
  • Quest Item Counter does not display merged stacks correctly
  • Script Get_Cargo_Amount() crashes
  • Item data corrections
  • Ship slot & assignment corrections
  • Glyph missing (long hyphen not supported)
  • Wreck station #5 collision fix
  • Zion Farms have 2 shield slots (Medium + Big)

Snowball Cannons have been removed with this update. If you got them, they will stay with the savegame, though!

Let's have a chat on Discord:

Learn more & stay tuned!
Jan 11
Gaia Beyond - Flonor

🔥 Weapon Upgrades
    Some weapons can now be upgraded with the loot from asteroids and other resources.

  • Support old Intel drivers
  • Mine location image
  • Neptune got a continent!

  • Court location icon

  • Target prediction
    • Predict the target future pos for turret weapons
    • Include projectile speed max when calculating the weapon target lead

  • Pluto characters: New-Year's-polishing ✨
    click for hi-res

  • Explosion FX tuning

  • Sort fixed weapons first in lists
  • Analysis HUD: Show the cargo item count
  • Add a big text window for books/papers (Caduceus Brochure)
  • Savegame Menu: Load the selected item with the controller select button
  • Small performance improvements (~2%)
  • OpenGL init improvements
  • Spotlights for space memorial turrets
  • J12 station resize (x2.25)
  • Increase spotlight decay / blur out
  • Increase the respawn time for some cad station ships
  • Small Lashkar Gah surrounding improvements

  • Zopa late game dialog crashes
  • Zopa "sleeping_pod_lie" dialog crash
  • Script crash when "Xentron Revealed" is finished
  • Skill icons are missing after video options are changed
  • Crash when ship.Attack() target is null
  • Old Savegames: player id should not be modifiable (fixes the Kalypso Waechter Guards)
  • Tiled background star drawable flickers
  • Lasers don't hit missiles
  • Revealed Hokucho map icon disappears
  • Laser does not hit affinity enemies
  • Smoke emitter placement is defined by the shield size
  • Controller Button A selection breaks if the mouse select button was changed
  • Savegames: Healthbar can be visible when a ship is dead
  • Double "active_focus_frame" window crash
  • Asteroid ring bg image are hidden too early when rotated
  • Emitter could be hidden too early if particles are rotated
  • Smoke emitter placement defined by shield size
  • Savegames: Ghost turret platforms until they respawn
  • Item cargo could be set with a null item from asteroid drops
  • Set "CAD Guard Ally" to gaia and add affinity for the cad_transport quest
  • Inventory HUD: Support equipping items and opening text items with the controller
  • Controller: Support the exit button in the Question Box
  • Popup Boxes: Select the default focus window (fixes the select button in the amount window)
  • Trade HUD: Can't select merchant items with the controller
  • Exiting the savegames/options menu with the controller does not show the logo again
  • Sun/Saturn ring is spawned with each savegame load
  • Inventory HUD: remove the item comparison text

Let's have a chat on Discord:

Learn more & stay tuned!
Gaia Beyond - Flonor


🎄 🎄 🎄

Hey folks!

Space Santa got a bit delayed this year... His GPS was confronted with some major bugs, so he spent the Christmas days in the tool shed fixing them. Now that everything is back on track, we can finally get to the unboxing part! :) 🎁

Miguel has been in the tool shed as well by the way – he just released the original Gaia Beyond soundtrack on bandcamp, check it out!

New Quests!

🔥 Main quests: The Caduceus arc is finishable now!
🔥 New sidequests

An FTA shared cargo container and Rajid's cargo container!

Capital Ships!

Capital Ships for J12 and the Atlantic Alliance. Both come with a new slot type for extremely powerful weapons. We're also having thoughts about a "carrier" feature and slot types that spawn small ships. We will extend on this before making these giants purchasable.

Controller support for all HUD windows

Ship HUD for Rajid's Garage

New weapons
  • X-mas content: Remains once unlocked.
    Snowball Cannon – releasing deadly balls of highly-concentrated H2O.
    Yellow Snowball Cannon – you really don't want to get hit by one of these.

  • More mining lasers!

  • J12 & Atlantic turrets: Laser (capital slot type), Spam, Missile

Other Stuff
  • Background snowflakes (seasonal)

  • Allow shooting down enemy missiles
  • Improve turret weapons precision
  • Re-enable the laser end drawable
  • Weapon optimizations and fixes
  • Controller: Support map movement
  • Dialog improvements
  • Projectile glow FX
  • Icon rework – Mining laser distinction, new colony icon etc.

  • Airlock drop animation visibility improved
  • Bacterius fight should prevent the use of a circle tactic
  • Some local asteroid spawners added
  • Chests added to the first wreck, 'Prometheus'
  • Add a kuff to the last transporter pirate wave
  • Only show the landable location name on hover
  • Hokucho and Nancho mass increased

  • Pluto Colonists shuttles are empty when leaving
  • Hokucho locations are twice for older saves
  • Random cargo for shields is broken
  • The health bar is hidden before the player shield fully recharged
  • Wrong mouse cursor texture can be displayed
  • Placeholder shuttle removed from landing overlay
  • Tyrell Wharf doesn't respawn after being destroyed
  • Ben does not sell shields
  • Special asteroids mass and hull are the same
  • Use a story var for the memorials read counter
  • Free XP (+1XP from dying asteroids)
  • Ships are spawned on every savegame load
  • Controls: Select does not work with the keyboard
  • Correctly default and load unassigned input controls
  • Savegame upgrade: remove the old Memorial location
  • Autopiloting to an Asteroid in map mode crashes
  • Nebula can have a wrong texture when video options change
  • Only update the image cache if in dev mode
  • Inventory HUD: Selection is discarded on cargo changes
  • Trade HUD can crash when re-opened with an old Tooltip still active
  • Quest HUD: Don't allow setting a finished quest to active
  • Controller back in Start menu does not show the logo again
  • Controller: Drop Button is not updated in the Inventory HUD
  • Trade HUD: Show Tooltip on Controller select
  • Person death event can be fired twice
  • FTA quick travel: camera stays on the old location when in map mode
  • Sounds are not limited to the global volume when played simultaneously
  • Music/Sound channel volume could be set without the group volume

Let's have a chat on Discord:

Learn more & stay tuned!
Nov 28, 2018
Gaia Beyond - Flonor

"First-half-hour-deserves-more-action" Update!

The Pluto introduction is pretty close to its final state. We did another bunch of improvements and added the new NPCs Noob Henderson and Bacterius (we all just struggled with the flu) to give some action to your nervous trigger fingers!

Will you get the achievement though?

We're curious to hear your feedback on this, as well as on the project in general – if you want to support us, don't hesitate to leave a review and tell your friends about the game!

On with the usual:

New Ships!
  • Cazador
    a three-slotted killing machine...

  • Entrega Grande / Gaseoso
    the cargo centipede (meanwhile got a 3rd slot, too...)

  • Heavier Wing Fighter versions

  • More to get
    We just hit the 30 purchasable ships mark!

Batched Rendering!
  • Massive performance boost in asteroid fields or other sprite count limiting situations

New Weapons & Shields!
  • Shock Cannon
  • Some new faction weapons / shields

Other Stuff!
  • In-space Memorials

  • GAC Courthouse
    judging you all night long...

  • New achievements activated
    "It was the worst of times...", "Curious Neighbor", "Noob friendly"

  • Atlantic Mining Station Gas port

  • Miguel Johnson himself in the house!
    he brought his "currently out of order" Jukebox (mini feature to come, later)

  • McKenzie got a pic!

  • Chests again - this time: Plutonium

  • "Flowers" trade icon
    Y'all have been waiting for this!

  • Ships & Stations burning effect

  • Ships with mixed weapon types try to buy all compatible weapons
  • Big bunch of Turret- & Weapon Reassignments
    (turret slots on some of your owned ships might have changed!)
  • Change the Enlarged Fonts setting to Font Size and enlarge the default fonts
  • Savegame upgrader improvements for landable locations
  • Cooldown HUD: Show the weapon fire interval

  • Zopa portrait "polishing"

  • Final turrets restored (resolution x8)

  • Dialog corrections by Cecell from Discord (Thanks a lot :>)
  • Colored weapon damage types in tooltips
  • Implement ship cargo drop chances
  • Add a shield regeneration rate cooldown when hit and show the regen modifier when shutdown
  • Show "New Savegame" in Savegame list
  • Hide the ship trade arrows when only 1 ship is sold
  • Some menus re-layouted
  • ISA outpost location image updated
  • J12 male portrait updated
  • Mr. Shiro appearance music changed
  • Pilot License does not use a skill point anymore

  • Emitter textures can flicker
  • Crash when the character HUD is open and an asteroid gives you XP
  • Do not allow dialogs while landing or leaving
  • Quickload on an alphanumeric key is still preferred if the character name entry has focus
  • Bartholdy does not talk
  • Zeldi's custom fighter (Ginny) spawned in level
  • Quest person removal can crash after genocide
  • Landable quest icon link can crash after genocide
  • Ships can be bought even if the player has not enough money
  • "0 regen" shields don't recover at all (not even between fights)
  • Nearest asteroid in radar range detection can crash the game
  • Some shield types use the wrong graphics/sounds
  • Landable HUD: Character Portraits are not updated on a portrait change
  • All Caduceus weapons can be spawned in level
  • Wicked ships kill counter is increased even out of range
  • Waechter hacking music repeats endlessly
  • Ship damage (smoke) emitter stuck at 100% ship's velocity
  • Force the shiro dialog on landing if it was evaded
  • Inventory HUD: Ship image can be missing after a video option change
  • Main Menu with vsync off speeds up time
  • XP/Items collected is drawn over ship after an item was received on a landable
  • O Dog continuously rotates
  • Travel Groups can slow down massively if the leader has landed
  • Broken extended characters on some person names
  • Dropping cargo does not notify the quest item counter
  • Re-position the frame window close button
  • "Fight off the Caduceus and free Lashkar Gah Research Station." is broken with older saves
  • Save Overwrite / Enter Description popup: Accept and Cancel are swapped
  • Bulwark ship graphic displayed too small in UI
  • Cram Bokaj money reward is only half from the displayed amount
  • Person Set_User_String() always creates a new user string
  • Pasting text ignores the max text length
  • Tooltip comparison: the lower fire rate has the "improve" color
  • Savegame memory leaks
  • Shaders are not deleted completely on reload
  • Do not crash when loading unknown json enums

Let's have a chat on Discord:

Stay tuned about the game and us on Twitter:
Gaia Beyond - elZanc0

Quest available until 5. November, unlocked content remains!



allow me to introduce myself – it's Count Ixua.

I've come to inform you that the ancient spirits have been released (which sucks). So, now that you know everything, it's time to send them back to the land of the dead.

Counting on you, player!

Get the new Pumpkin Gun...

...hunt down Undead Pirates...

...and unlock the mysterious Ghost Ship!

Regular patch notes:

  • Spotlight turrets

  • FTA Samson container port

  • Shield hit effect

  • Chest opened graphic

  • Twaine Fatman portrait
    • "I even have balls inside my balls."

  • "Player gets airlocked" animation

  • Bartholdy station polishing (see above)

  • CoC Dostravka polishing

  • Some weapon reassignments
  • Only refresh the image cache if "dev_mode" is enabled
  • Drones should only take damage if the player is nearby

  • Reduce the damage of cargo drop collisions
  • Null the physcis collision handler on level unload
  • Pluto person deletion can crash
  • Bartholdy has a null AI
  • Do not allow quest items to be dropped
  • Savegames: Don't crash when the ship weapon slot amount is reduced
  • Ships give no XP
  • Heimwehr_Airlocked() is not called with the longer dialog path
  • Support script error reporting for warnings
  • Savegames: Switch to Shuttle when the ship data was not found

Let's have a chat on:

Oct 10, 2018
Gaia Beyond - elZanc0

  • Hacking / hackable freight containers

  • New Ship: Peacekeeper (Atlantic Alliance)
    (2 versions, standard version purchasable at Schuhmacher)

  • New pirate hunt mission at CoC Stralsund
  • Weapon damage types
  • New Weapon: Plasma Accelerator

  • New location: Essex wreck

  • New Skills: Hacking, Persuasion, Mechanicus

  • Hidden chest

  • Gas items

  • Automatically savegame-upgrade all spawners and backgrounds
  • Shuttle polishing
    + all adaptions updated, full resolution here!

  • Savegames: Support restoring the target of each weapon

  • Dr. Orish polishing

  • AI improvements
  • Some smaller performance improvements
  • Asteroids "Crystal" -> "Gemstone" Group created

  • Feedback sound for activated skills

  • Possible fix for a game init crash
  • Landable Leave button breaks dialogs
  • Holding TAB breaks the map camera movement
  • Savegames: Skill points are not loaded
  • Ship engine is hidden under the wreck sprite
  • Disable the Cooldown HUD icon click function for non weapon types
  • Waechter diversion: Nortnex should attack Delga and Nobunaga first
  • Skill tooltip disappears on click
  • Loaded savegame: no shield collision
  • Validate all savegame loaded sprites and remove broken ones (fixes asteroid crashes)
  • Asteroids can give no XP if they are not the weapon target
  • Ramming asteroids reward no XP
  • Old savegames: Ships attack invisible Asteroids
  • Remove the ship healthbar window correctly when it is not needed anymore
  • First Analyis HUD animation goes from right to left
  • Savegames: Unloaded skill points are not reset back
  • Music stops/switches after the tutorial
  • ship trade comparison is inversed

Also, we got a brand-new Discord server!
See you on the other side:


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