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Farming Simulator 19 goes Platinum on October 22, bringing all new vehicles to the biggest and best farming experience ever. The new CLAAS brand vehicles and tools, over 35 in all, take center stage in our Gamescom 2019 Gameplay Trailer.
Farming Simulator 19 Platinum, available either as a standalone product or an expansion to your copy of Farming Simulator 19, is a massive upgrade on the original experience. The CLAAS vehicles and tools, including the LEXION 8900, the JAGUAR 960 TT, and the XERION 5000, join the other biggest names in the industry - John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, and more. These allow for new kinds of farming, further enhancing your experience.

This brings the total of vehicles and equipment to over 380, allowing for endless kinds of farming - livestock, forestry, harvesting, and much more. Ride horses around two huge environments, and do it all with your friends in multiplayer, or continue to expand your game with mods.

Gamescom has just started and we are glad to welcome players on the Farming Simulator booth. The Platinum Edition will be featured at the show itself, alongside the CLAAS brand. During gamescom, don’t miss our Farming Simulator League tournament on the official stage, or watch it on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer .

Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition and Expansion release October 22. Platinum Edition will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at retail and digitally. Platinum Expansion will be available on all platforms digitally, and at retail for PC. Both games' digital versions are compatible with Mac. Pre-order now!
Farming Simulator 19

The biggest esports event of the week took place at FarmCon in Harsewinkel, Germany, and no one had to wait around for points to be tallied, unlike in the Fortnite World Cup. (I'm not sure who even watches that when there's wheat harvesting on.)

Farming Simulator 19 as an esport really is entertaining, if slow. Two teams race to harvest wheat, both delivering fresh grain to town and baling the straw. Sending those bales up a hay elevator scores points, while delivering grain ups the team's points multiplier.

With different equipment comes different strategies. Some teams piled bales in stacks of two and then sent them up the elevator as fast as possible just before time ran out, while others stored hay as they went. There were some close finishes, as well as near disasters, as in the clip below:

We also got to see some pro maneuvers, including this triple-bale barn shot:

The winner was team Trelleborg, which is made up of Felix Hasenberger, Simon Hollweck, and Lukas Bauer. For their combined combine skills, they took home €2,000, a €500 Nitrado voucher (it's a server rental company), and three Logitech G513 keyboards.

You can watch the full stream here. The next Farming Simulator League tournament will be an online tournament taking place on August 10 and 11. There will be a second tournament at the end of August at Gamescom, followed by many more throughout the year (full schedule here).

My only wish is for fewer camera cuts when things go wrong. Embrace that wonky physics and linger on it.

Farming Simulator 19 - chaton

Hello everyone!

During FarmCon 2019, taking place at CLAAS Technoparc in Harsewinkel, we announced our partnership with CLAAS. We are delighted to unveil that the world famous CLAAS brand will be joining the Farming Simulator garage as part of the Platinum Edition, arriving October 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For the first time, CLAAS combine harvesters, forage harvesters, and tractors - alongside many more - will join Farming Simulator in this expansion.
Discover CLAAS, one of the world’s leading farming brands, and its exclusive vehicles allowing you to expand a wide range of activities such as forage harvesting and baling!

The Platinum Edition will be available as both a standalone product as well as an expansion for current Farming Simulator 19 owners. There will be much more information about the Platinum Edition, CLAAS vehicles, and other Platinum additions in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition and the Platinum Expansion launch on October 22 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
Farming Simulator 19 - (Jay Castello)

The thrill of corn beneath your fingers. The drama of a well-executed tractor turn. The hush that falls over the crowd as players begin to reap their harvests. That s right, Farming Simulator League, the competitive digital agriculture we ve all been waiting for, has finally kicked off. Teams of three compete to prove themselves the very best efarmers around, growing, harvesting, and depositing hay to gather as many points as possible.


Farming Simulator 19 - Raibibi

Hello everyone!

Farming Simulator 19 expands today with the John Deere Cotton DLC! We’re excited to deliver a new vehicle from the famous manufacturer and fitting equipment to enhance your cotton production.

Watch out Launch Trailer of today’s extension which includes a brand new vehicle from famous farming brand John Deere, the CP690 Cotton Picker, as well as six cotton-related pieces of equipment from the McCormack Industries and Lizard brands. The John Deere Cotton DLC also introduces another Farming Simulator first with round bales for cotton.
We look forward to providing more Farming Simulator 19 content in the months ahead as Farming Simulator 19 and The Farming Simulator League roll on.
Farming Simulator 19

The inaugural season of the Farming Simulator League will get underway later this month at FarmCon, which this year will be held at the CLAAS Technoparc in Harsewinkel, Germany. The convention will be held July 27 and 28 and play host to the League's first official tournament, with a €11,000 prize pool.

You'll be able to watch the whole thing live, too. The competitive farming will be broadcast on Twitch on the Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive channels.

The tournament will feature a mix of teams from the player community squaring off against teams sponsored by official equipment manufacturers, including Komatsu Forest and Trelleborg.

Even having lived around farms for most of my life, I have a hard time visualizing competitive farm simulation. But the Farming Simulator League has a prize pool worth €250,000, which indicates a certain amount of momentum.  You can get a handle on the basics in the League introduction video above.

Head over to the official Farming Simulator site for more info on FarmCon, and a link to buy tickets.

Farming Simulator 19 - chaton

Hello everyone!

Farming Simulator 19 expands on July 23 with the John Deere Cotton DLC! We’re excited to deliver various additions and equipment from the titular manufacturer to enhance your cotton production!

This new official extension includes a brand new vehicle from famous farming brand John Deere, which made its debut in Farming Simulator 19, the CP690 Cotton Picker - see in action in our short teaser trailer and new screenshots!
Also included in this pack are six cotton-based tools for use with this new vehicle, from the McCormack Industries and Lizard brands. They also introduce another Farming Simulator first with round bales from cotton.

We look forward to providing more Farming Simulator 19 content in the months ahead as Farming Simulator 19 and The Farming Simulator League roll on.

The John Deere Cotton DLC arrives July 23 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Farming Simulator 19 is available now.
Farming Simulator 19

French publisher Focus Home Interactive has released its yearly earnings, and clearly had a good 12 months, racking up $US143 million in the last fiscal year. Their biggest hit has been Farming Simulator 19, with over two million copies sold. As we reported at the start of the year, developer Giants Software launched an esports league with a €250,000 prize pool and its grand final will take place FarmCon 20. Baling hay is big business.

Vampyr, Dontnod's original but also slightly janky Victorian-era RPG, also did well with over a million copies sold. Dontnod has renewed its contract with Focus Home Interactive, and there's apparently a Vampyr TV show in the works too.

Insurgency: Sandstorm, their multiplayer FPS, also enjoyed healthy sales. All in all, Focus Home's earnings beat their guidance target by 20%, setting a new record for them. 


Farming Simulator 19 - (Alice O'Connor)

Not only does Farming Simulator 19‘s new esports mode have a pick & ban phase so teams can block rival farmers from driving their favourite tractors, it’s possible to lose a match to a tractor rush. I couldn’t imagine how developers Giants Software would turn their sedate till ’em up into a competitive game but they really have. The 3v3 mode has teams compete to harvest wheat and hay, simple enough, with a depth of strategy and tactics from growing score multipliers and character perks and tactically blocking bridges and… what a thing. What a thing this is. I’ve been beaming all morning. Come see it.


Farming Simulator 19

We learned in January about a multi-event Farming Simulator pro league with a €250,000 prize pool, including a €100,000 grand finals, that I think—and I say this with complete sincerity—is one of the most wonderful gaming stories of the year. And soon you too will be able to get a taste of life in the bigs, as Giants Software has released the Farming Simulator League game mode, "the official version of the competitive scene for Farming Simulator 19," as a free update for all owners. 

To get the new mode, which requires the base Farming Simulator 19 to play, you'll first need to login and then register at Once that's done you'll be given eight keys for the new mode, because maybe your friends want to try it too. And hey, maybe they don't. Whatever, you get eight keys. You can also register for upcoming tournaments if you want to try your hand against other digital farmers.   

The mode itself actually looks very competitive and shares a number of features with more conventional esports. Matches begin with a ban phase in which each team disallows particular machinery, and a fast opening rush can result in a near-immediate victory if you catch Farmer Fred napping. Various bonuses and buffs are available, and in an echo of Destiny 2's PvEvP Gambit mode, teams will compete on separate-but-identical fields but will have the ability to mess with each other by causing the opposing side's hay bale conveyor belt to overheat and shut down.    

"Giants is greatly looking forward to seeing how players react to and enjoy this new mode as Farming Simulator enters the e-sports scene in earnest," the studio said. "The number one priority heading into FarmCon will be balancing and taking feedback on the mode through our official forums (English, German, French), with constant communication between the studio and players." 

Giants added that the league mode will be "continuously updated" leading into the first full-scale tournament, which will take place over July 27-28 at FarmCon 19 at the Claas manufacturing facility in Harsewinkel, Germany. 


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