Jul 19, 2018
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello everyone, sorry about the delay on the Freighter mission. I dont have my PC workstation/setup currently running so I cannot do anything until about late August. I apologize for the inconvenience and hopefully i can have the level out as fast as possible. Thank you for your understanding! And as always, thanks for playing and have a great day!
May 14, 2018
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello all! I hope everything has been going great. I am letting you know that, due to a successful sale event, I have reduced the price of Bomb Bay from $6.99 USD to $4.99 USD. I believe this seems reasonable but I will be conducting more research in the future to try to pinpoint the perfect price.

I have been working on the Freighter mission. I think I could get it done around early June, at least that is what I am hoping!

As always, have a good day and thanks for playing!
Apr 16, 2018
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello all! I hope everything is going well. I have decided to put the game on a special promotion 40% sale, which effectively makes the game a low price of $4.19! This special offer only lasts two weeks, so get it while you can! I have some updates on the new level i am currently working on as well.

-The new level is set in on a Docked cargo freighter. Your objective will be to arm bombs on certain shipments. It is during dusk and has no adverse weather. I will be uploading some teaser images of the level in the near future. I am not sure exactly when this level will be up and running yet, as I have been quite busy with things in my personal life. But nonetheless, i am optimistic and hoping for it to be out by early or mid May.

As always, please let me know what you think in the feedback forums and thanks for playing!
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello all, I hope you are doing great. I have patched some bugs and updated the difficulty a bit. Here are the details:

Patch Notes
-The rocket launcher Ai's were not aiming correctly and were bending over backwards instead of aiming at the player. This bug should be fixed now.
-The optional objective and its corresponding achievement on the Airfield was not working, now it should be up and running correctly.
-I noticed some weapons on the tutorial were not spawning in, so I updated their spawn time so they should spawn every 10 seconds once picked up.

Difficulty Changes
-Now, if you complete the game on the hardest difficulty, it will give you the achievement for all the rest. And same with subsequent ones. if you beat it on a harder difficulty, you will get the easier achievements as well.
-The AI now has increased visibility due to difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the farther they can see, and vice versa.
-To sum up the whole difficulty system, the difficulty impacts the enemy's hearing and seeing distances (postive or negative), their accuracy(positive or negative), your magazine size(positive or negative), and the enemy's damage output(positive or negative).

Future Plans
-I plan on adding two more levels to the game. I will begin working on that as soon as I can. I will keep everyone updated and let you know on the progress that is being made.

Thanks for playing and have a great day!
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello everyone! I have issued a small update that fixed some materials on the mountains on the airfield and did some minor AI tweaks, to be more specific, in the form of their cover settings.

The AI will now take cover closer to you and can move more often if they feel like their position is compromised. I also want to let you know about what my plans are for the future of the game.

Add a defense mode
This is something I think would be really cool to see implemented into the game. Having you, the player, arm the bomb on a spot uncontested, then having to defend that spot for a few waves fighting off countless enemies. That is what I have been working on recently, it is still in the very early planning period but that is what my next goal to reach is.

As always, thanks for playing and have a great day!
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello everyone, I hope everything is well! I have been working on getting this update out due to some feedback from players and from bugs I have noticed. So here are the details:

Sprint Recharge
-Sprint now recharges after 2 seconds of inactivity. You no longer have to deplete the whole bar to have the sprint recharge. Just wait a second or two and it will start to fill back up!

AI patches
-I noticed some of the AI were shooting what seemed likes blank rounds. I have fixed this so that shouldnt happen anymore. I also noticed some of the AI's awareness is a little off. What I mean is that if one enemy shoots, it would never alert the friendlies around them. From now on, they should be reacting to shots fired by their teammates.

Player Accuracy
-I have also seen some feedback regarding the ADS and Accuracy, making it seem as though ADS does not actually increase the accuracy of your weapon. I made it a little more clear now that ADS does, in fact, increase your chance of hitting a shot, on most weapons at least.

Thats all for this update guys! As always, Thanks for playing and have a great day!
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello everybody! The new AI update is now live! This announcement serves to show what the update includes. So here it is:

Smarter AI
The enemies are now quite different (in a good way). The AI now focus on avoiding damage by taking cover behind various objects. If the enemies dont see any cover near by, they will just try to strafe towards you and overwhelm you in that fashion.

There is a new type of AI too, one that weilds a Rocket Launcher. The LMG AI has been replaced in favor of an SMG weilding one instead. The enemies still have the same amount of health, but are better at avoiding damage.
The total AI count is 5:
  • Assualt Rifle
  • SMG
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Sniper
  • Shotgun

The AI can also hear your shots from a much farther distance as well. Every enemy can also melee you too, so try to keep your distance. The enemies also shoot actual projectiles that you can see as well, which means you can try to dodge them if you are fast enough. The AI can also have varying levels of accuracy.

In summary, the AI can now take cover, melee, be more aware, wield rocket launchers, and avoid damage more effectively.

Difficulty Changes

Changing the difficulty will affect your player and your enemies. The player's magazine is affected, the lower the difficulty, the more rounds per magazine you can hold. And vice versa. With a higher difficulty, the enemies have increased perception, increased accuracy, and increased damage. And vice versa. Playing on higher difficulties means that you as the player need to take a more stealthly approach or that you need to land headshots more effectively.

UI Changes

I have been seeing some feedback that there needs to be audio settings. So i added in a master volume slider and mute button to the Audio menu in the options panel of the pause menu. You can lower/increase the volume at anytime when a menu is open.

Misc. Fixes

I fixed some random bugs on the 'Treasury' map. It was giving you hiding spot prompts in random vents that werent hiding spots so i removed those. And when you go up the lift, the elevator at the end would open, so i removed the premature opening as well.

I removed redundant AI on the oil refinery so it is not as jam packed with enemies as it initially was.

The keypad was removed on the Treasury in favor of finding 4 keys to open the secret room, as the keypad was very incosistent.

Lastly, some secondary objectives give reward weapons. Some of those weapons were getting lodged into other objects. So now when you get a rewarded weapon, it will bob in the air instead of fall to the ground allowing for easier pickup.

Please let me know of any feedback or additions to the game in the 'Feedback & Additions' forum. Thanks for playing and have a great day!
Feb 24, 2018
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello everybody, I hope you all are doing well. I want to keep you updated on what i have been doing and working on. What you can expect on this next update (which hopefully will be out no later than Friday) will be a brand new AI system, some UI changes (such as an audio slider), balancing out the oil refinery, which really means taking away redundant AI, and fixing some minor things on the Treasury map.

I have implemented the AI onto 3 of the 5 maps so far, I should be able to get the other two done by Sunday/Monday Night depending on how much time i have. Then adding some random fixes and upgrades could take a few extra days.

I will post once the update rolls out to go more in depth on what the update has to offer!

As always, thanks for playing and have a wonderful day!
Feb 16, 2018
Bomb Bay - qpjakewaggqp
Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great! I am writing this just to keep you up to date on what I have been doing.

As I said in my previous announcement, I am currently working on implementing a new AI system. So far it is going pretty well and it is a lot more advanced than my previous system. It makes the game much more challenging even on the easiest difficulty.

To give some insight on this new system, the AI will no longer just run straight at the player (unless specifically commanded to), they can now melee, there is an enemy that wields a rocket launcher, they can take cover, and are just overall a lot smarter!

It is very exciting to be working on this, however, I am not sure when this will be done since it is pretty complex. But dont worry, i am working diligently on it and trying to get it out as soon as it is ready!

Thanks for playing and have a great day!
Feb 12, 2018
Bomb Bay - waggonerjake99
Hello All! I hope you are doing well. I have updated the game fixing some minor issues and bugs. I also am working on implementing a new AI system, how exciting!
Here is the list of changes coming in this update:
-ADS on m4 has been improved
-ADS on machine gun has been improved
-Consistent shadows on the airfield has been added
-A new icon appears when you are in a hiding spot alerting you so you know
you are hidden
-General UI fixes

Thank you for the feedback and thanks for playing! Have a great day!

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