Metro Exodus - (Dominic Tarason)

There’s just one week left until a borderline-biblical plague of developers descend upon Birmingham to showcase their up-and-coming games to all. This great gathering shall be known as EGX 2018 and starts on September 20th, running until the 23rd.

There’s going to be hundreds of games on show there across all platforms, featuring developers of all shapes and sizes – both physically and business-wise. While I’ll be sadly missing out on the fun (someone’s got to man the news desk), here’s a few choice PC games that’ll be at the show, and everyone should be checking out. (more…)

WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos

Someone on the internet just liked our game, maybe that was you?. If you wanna know more be sure to wishlist and follow.

You are also super welcome to hang out in our little Discord.

What should we golf next?
WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos
If you're at PAX then go to 4th floor, booth 753. It's in the middle of the Indie Megabooth area.

IGN came by and did a little recording of the demo. They loved it. Check out the video:



Aug 27
WHAT THE GOLF? - Rumkammerat
You probably already know, but WHAT THE GOLF? is hot on IMGUR right now. Go and give it an upvote if you are into that.
IMGUR post

WHAT THE GOLF? - Rumkammerat
Thanks for all the wishlists you people are awesome. Peter and Rune are on their way home.

The winners of the free keys will be announced next week.

We love you.
WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos

Wow! 300.000 people are going to GAMESCOM just for a chance to play WHAT THE GOLF?

Are you going? Then find our tiny booth that looks like this:

While Peter and Rune are at GAMESCOM, the rest of the team is back at the office making car inspired golf games and boss battles.

What's the best car/racing game out there? ...that we should turn into a golf game :)
WHAT THE GOLF? - Rumkammerat

Great news everyone
We are going to GamesCom in Cologne, Germany to spread the gospel.
GamesCom is a consumer show full of games, Germans, and indies.

WHAT THE GOLF? has been selected as one of the games to be in this year's Indie Arena Booth We are super proud to take part (so many great games) and hope to meet fellow golf haters and cosplayers.

In other words...if you don't know what to do on the 21st - 25th of August and happen to be stuck in the middle of Germany, come to Gamescom Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany and hate golf with us.

We have some cool new things to show you ;)

WHAT THE GOLF? - Rumkammerat
Summer is here and we are sweating our (golf) balls off at the office, but morale is ace because it turns out that the English hate golf just like us:)

In other news WHAT THE GOLF? won the Indie Showcase at Develop:Brighton, and we are super proud.

Just listen to Kotaku "The real standout game at Develop, as well as the Indie Showcase winner, came from Copenhagen-based Triband, also known for the hilarious and inventive Keyboard Sports."
Jun 19
WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos

In the 60’s, NASA went to the moon to see if they could make golf fun. They couldn't, so now we are giving it a go.

This is the weekly competition in in-development crazy levels. If you're the best player, you win an awesome WHAT THE GOLF? Medal. Even more importantly, this also helps us find bugs and try out new ideas to see if you like them. Win-win!
It ends next Sunday so go play it now!

This time it's a space golf challenge, but behind the scenes, we've been restructuring the code and flow. It's been a lot of work, but it means that we can produce golf games even faster now!

This is also a sneak peek of some new music.

Once again you can win a limited edition WHAT THE GOLF? medal with your name on it🥇.

What should we golf next?

If you even more curious, you can join our Discord.
WHAT THE GOLF? - Rumkammerat

This week's free competition level is a tribute to the mega-hit SUPERHOT and right now you can play it for free.

This time we wanted to test some various enemies and a few new weapons. It might not be super true to SUPERHOT, but we had a lot of fun - we hope you will too.

Once again you can win a limited edition WHAT THE GOLF? medal with your name on it🥇.

It ends this Sunday so go play it now!

When playing, you help us test and fix bugs, so win-win.
This level does not represent the whole game, it's just some fun things we are trying. Feel free to suggest other things!

If you even more curious, you can join our Discord.

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