WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos
We are streaming WHAT THE GOLF? live on the STEAM store page today.
We've never tried this before, so let's see how much can golf up.
WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos
Happy Halloween!
Just wanted to share a quick gif of a Halloween level we are working on:

Pumpkin: ✅
Skeletons: ✅
Graveyard: ✅
Kids: ✅
Golf: ✅

What are some good classic Halloween things in games?
WHAT THE GOLF? - Rumkammerat

Guten tag Germany.

We will bring our wonderful game to Berlin this weekend. WHAT THE GOLF? have been chosen to be part of the Leftfield Collection at EGX Berlin, so come and hate golf with us.

We will be shaking hands and winning heart on the Leftfield Collection booth.
Drop by to get a sticker and a chat.
Amazing Frog? - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (RPS)

Matt: After four days of hosting panels, interviewing developers, streaming games on camera and poking at as many as we could on the show floor, Team RPS has returned from the hallowed halls of EGX. Now that we ve nestled back into our treehouse nooks, it s time to talk about the best things wot we saw.

So, Katharine, Dave and Alice 3.0. Which game won the show? (more…)

Metro Exodus - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

There’s just one week left until a borderline-biblical plague of developers descend upon Birmingham to showcase their up-and-coming games to all. This great gathering shall be known as EGX 2018 and starts on September 20th, running until the 23rd.

There’s going to be hundreds of games on show there across all platforms, featuring developers of all shapes and sizes – both physically and business-wise. While I’ll be sadly missing out on the fun (someone’s got to man the news desk), here’s a few choice PC games that’ll be at the show, and everyone should be checking out. (more…)

WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos

Someone on the internet just liked our game, maybe that was you?. If you wanna know more be sure to wishlist and follow.

You are also super welcome to hang out in our little Discord.

What should we golf next?
WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos
If you're at PAX then go to 4th floor, booth 753. It's in the middle of the Indie Megabooth area.

IGN came by and did a little recording of the demo. They loved it. Check out the video:



Aug 27
WHAT THE GOLF? - Rumkammerat
You probably already know, but WHAT THE GOLF? is hot on IMGUR right now. Go and give it an upvote if you are into that.
IMGUR post

WHAT THE GOLF? - Rumkammerat
Thanks for all the wishlists you people are awesome. Peter and Rune are on their way home.

The winners of the free keys will be announced next week.

We love you.
WHAT THE GOLF? - timgarbos

Wow! 300.000 people are going to GAMESCOM just for a chance to play WHAT THE GOLF?

Are you going? Then find our tiny booth that looks like this:

While Peter and Rune are at GAMESCOM, the rest of the team is back at the office making car inspired golf games and boss battles.

What's the best car/racing game out there? ...that we should turn into a golf game :)

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