Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Hello comrades!

Another small update with few things. We are just introducing the things from test branch to the default one, soon we would like to start testing of few new things on the beta branch (multi threading, trolleybuses, landscape editor and workshop support for it) stay tuned!

Back to current update! Worth to mention things are:
  • Mini map with possibility to display where the resources like oil, coal, iron hidden in the earth. After we will finalize the researches, you will able to view it only after special research.
  • Small bus stop
  • 64 bit version which works on windows 7 (32 bit version still remains available) So you should not see out of video memory message on the Windows 7 too.
  • 5 new tracks into game soundtrack and added missing tracks into DLC soundtrack

Hope you will enjoy it, and all will works as expected! :-)

Detailed list of changes:
  • Added mini map
  • Added small bus stop
  • Added 64 bit version which should works on windows 7
  • Fixed problem that citizens which own cars was instead step out from bus/train teleported home
  • Fixed the missing characters when typing something (renaming city/area, save as or creating workshop item)
  • Fixed that F126 was badly displayed when stored in the spaces for vehicles storage (or car plant factory)
  • Fixed crash when building small bus stop or footpahts around (may appear even if some construction was finished)
  • Fixed issue with turned off street lights (to correct in your map just build anywhere an piece of road with street lights, to reset connections to substations in specific area)
  • Fixed problem when unable to select vehicle from road depo at special conditions, you would need to purchase new vehicles into this depo to able select them.. or you can send them to another depo.. or select them via depo window
  • Fixed problem that vehicles constructions roads around bus stop was not able to find route home
  • Fixed crash when loading save or starting new game with invalid workshop item (with more skins than supported)
  • Fixed small problem/crash when building railway
  • Fixed another crash when building railway
  • Fixed problem that train was unable to find way in some special circumstances
  • Fixed issue that sometime was possible to build small piece of road over another road
  • Fixed issue with LZ 100 road crane (missing wheel) and corrected IFA W50 tanker trailer
  • Added tool for safe clearing terrain from trees (located in tab where you can seed trees)
  • Re-fixed issue that was possible build piece of road over another piece of road
  • Fixed issue when vehicle lost road connection while is passing bus stop, was unable to find way back
  • "Save & Quit" button fixed in the setup application
  • Added 5 new music tracks into game
  • Added rest of track into soundtrack (now total 23 tracks in game/soundtrack)
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
To all party members,

Small update - release of current experimental/test version as stable, worth to mention things are bugfixes (should improve stability) and workshop support for first type of items - vehicle skins.

What we are working on next?
Soon we will release on experimental/test version those features:

-small bus stop along road - it will works as classic building, so you will not able just place along existing road (you will need delete piece of road and place stop) but this building is smaller and buses and citizens can pass it

-minimap also with maps where are resources like oil, iron store in the ground, later we will add a researches for them, so you will first need to make research and geological office to see the resources in the ground

-I wanted to explore how to fix 32 bit version (version for Windows 7)- switch it to 64 bit version with older version of DirectX - to keep Windows 7 supported.. to avoid problems when your map become big.. hope we will manage that...

Further focus:

-Increasing workshop support to ability add complete vehicles and also the new landscapes, later buildings

-We will work on trolleybuses, already basic is finished but need more work and tweaks

Thanks for paying attention! Now you can continue to building your countries :-)


Complete list of changes:
  • Fixed problem that car dealership not sell the cars when they was transported to dealer via change depot/workplace button
  • Fixed warning about kindergarten in residential buildings
  • Fixed problem with corrupted stats many births of deaths or immigrants
  • Fixed problem when cars are unloaded to car dealer.. it flood car dealer caused a serious problem
  • Fixed crash when building footpaths connected to roads
  • Fixed blank messages when error during saving - now the text is displayed
  • Excavators working on terraforming should now spend fuel even with paused game
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Added warning system to note about unelectrified parts of railway
  • Now should be countries consistent and years of vehicle availability too
  • Fixes of minor issues
  • Fixed serious problem when train change it's destination to next station even it should not
  • Fixed city hall statistics, now the citizens stats should be local and not global
  • Tweaked new warning system, to not display warning at some occasions
  • Fixed crash caused by some new code for future updates
  • Fixed text issue in vehicle purchase window
  • Fixed issue with slower vehicles when fuel difficulty turned ON
  • Fixed problem with radio/television/computer stats
  • Fixed too much downhill speed for train and road vehicles
  • Fixed potential problems which could cause random crashes when building railways or other infrastructure
  • Possibly issue with train broken electricity could be fixed now
  • Fixed some broken train (some of the vagons/unit was rendered vice versa)
  • Tweak fuel consumption for train if waiting on semaphore/slowing down etc.
  • Added workshop support (for now only vehicles skin) and first test skins to workshop
  • Added new map selector, prepared for workshop support
  • Increased save version due to workshop support, to avoid open new version saves with old version
  • Partially fixed crash connected to pathfinding, it's due to bad connection sidewalk to road. Now it will not crash but vehicle will fail to find the route. You can view all bad connections by LCTRL + 5 and LCTRL + 6, camera will be pointed to bad connections. To fix it, you need to demolish and rebuild both sidewalk and road around this bad connection.. we still investigating the issue and hope it will get fixed soon. Is possible the problem is already fixed (bad connection is not possible to make), but because it's very random issue we cannot be sure
  • Fixed crash when loading railwaysf you use LCTRL + 5 or 6 and camera no change position, you have no errors in map.
  • Hotfix of vehicle struck problem
  • Fixed crash when vehicle is delivered to construction
  • Another small fixed to improve stability
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - Valve
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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Finally the new update is releasing!

This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic puts a spotlight on the means of transportation. Among other features, it actually allows you to build car park infrastructures, manufacture vehicles in car plant factories, and export them to foreign countries.

New Features in Content Update #1
  • Benefit from the new mechanics for personal cars.
  • Construct car park infrastructures.
  • Produce road vehicles in car plant factories by managing resources and manufacturing automobiles.
  • Distribute cars to the citizenship in car dealing centres.
  • Export self-produced cars to foreign countries.
  • Provide new vehicles, trains and trams to your city.
  • New trucks, trams and trains inspired by models manufactured in Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia and other Eastern bloc countries.
  • Check all your stats per city/area in the city hall.

For detailed list of changes, description and quick guide for new features please visit this thread:
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
To all party members,

Just a small update and swap the beta branch to the default one. Maybe too small update this week, but I invest some of time to working on new feature (personal cars) and also in the increasing size of team. We will open new offices in Kosice very soon!

About progress with personal cars, seems it is working now - the basic mechanics - citizen is going to work by car and also then after work going to spend their free time with car - now I try to get working that he will also able to take their kids to school / university :-) Fingers crossed , I just hope I will be successful , but if not.. anyway this personal cars will be interesting new feature.
  • Fixed problem when you specify a destination for workers, in case worker is university educated he was not able to going into regular work (which not require university education)
  • Fixed problems with residential electricity, if citizens had many kids may result to massive consumption of energy, also increased circuit breaker value to prevent unbalanced
  • Added LCONTROL - while holding this key - the rotation of building is more exact
  • Added R key to rotate building 90 degrees
  • Added SPACE key to toggle pause on/off
  • Fixed bug when on 64 bit version trains get bad value on speed and RPM
  • Fixed crash when click on unassigned resource source for construction office
  • Added three new languages (Romanian, Hungarian, Portuguese BR).. all are WIP, officially not supported for now. They are added into game to allow better testing
  • Fixed crash when importing vehicles
  • Fixed crash when train entering station
  • Fixed inaccuracy , when vehicle should be available for purchase but it become available few months later
  • Removed ambulances from construction office
  • Now hints from "?" tab appear always in one window
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Hello to all party members!

Wednesday so new update! A lot of fixes also some new stuff, sorry still the basic stuff or basic improvements, I plan to start work on finishing this personal car mechanics very soon, I think I need some pause from the fixing work :-), but still next focus of fixing should be somehow improve the autosearch of construction offices, so it will not generate so much freezes when searching for constructions in a big map.. also also some kind of faster and better optimization for pathfinding.. something better than we have now (you know: road distance can be max 4X in air distance)

Also one note for guys who playing on test branch. In case you hear this engine SFX all over the map, wherever you are, use LCTRL + 5 (not use numpad 5) to reset all vehicles position to theirs workplaces. I saw some games submitted on support, without this step done, this issue was created with introduction of new version (64bit DX11.1), however it's fixed, but you need to make this in order to fix your map.

Worth to mention log:
  • Introduced 64 bit version of the executable, for now it works only on Windows 8.1 or newer. It bring some optimization to video memory, because it is using newer version of DirectX11 too, therefore can't run on Windows 7 sorry. I will most probably switch the current 32 bit to 64-bit too, but simple this will NOT solve the issue with saving and crashing due to low video RAM - so because of this not worth to introduce now.

  • Revision of worker/passenger transportation mechanics - fixed various issues, now citizens check all stations of vehicle route plan. Also you can force citizens to step into vehicle and step out on specific station even nothing around this station, if you will specify where should workers/passengers/students go from this station and you specify another station as destination, citizens will step into vehicle, step out on this station and walk to this station specified where they can step into another vehicle.

  • Now also the parameters like auto finance, auto populate, auto purchase from left panel saved into saved game

  • Added storage for cement and livestock

  • Optimized some GUI windows, added minimize icons, if you double click on vehicle route plan stops it opens building, same for construction offices list

  • Added special list to building's window to view all related vehicles

  • Added option to not pause game while alt tab-ing, and also not minimize window (you can find it in general settings)

  • Tree brush, MMB change size - clicking is over

  • Bugfixes

Detailed log

  • Introduced 64 bit version - there is resolved a problem when you saving map, and it get corrupted due to out of video memory - like map is too big or your computer low
  • Fixed bug when sometime the save which is corrupted appear in load game list as not corrupted and another non corrupted saves appear as corrupted
  • Corrupted save can be now selected and deleted
  • When saving game and error on video memory appear a warning is displayed

  • Attempt to fix some audio issues with 64 bit version (but some changes also on 32bit)

  • decreased loading time in 64 bit version
  • font smoothing in 64 bit version
  • maybe fixed random crash during loading (Init GUI textures) 64 bit version?

  • fixed adding unaccessible road and footpaths to construction office
  • removed concrete & asphalt wait until loaded - seems causing more problems than solving
  • increase auto search interval for construction offices from 15 to 30 seconds
  • Added factory connection to small shopping center - you need to build new one :-(
  • Fixed issue that workers not wanted to step into train/bus if next station there was no job or nothing to satisfy, now they are checking all stations in vehicle schedule
  • Fixed issue of workers going from station to station
  • Fixed issue that workers step out from bus/train and then step back in
  • If you now specify for train bus station where should workers/passengers/students go from station, and this destination will be another station, it will force workers to step into vehicle, and step out from the vehicle on this station - this will allows you to make a transfer points, like unload workers from bus and send them to train station and further transport
  • Fixed bugs in passenger loading/unloading mechanics - there was some mistakes in calculation and speed of loading/unloading of passengers
  • Fixed some stability or loading issues
  • Fixed 64 bit version SFX issue (SFX hear while over empty map)
  • Fixed disappearing road vehicles when moving on footpaths - was same issue as SFX issue BTW
  • Now are saved in the save game also the parameters of current speed of game, auto finance, and auto purchase resources and auto populate too
  • Added storage for cement
  • Added storage for livestock
  • Added visualization of livestock for storage/farm/slaughterhouse (you need to build new)
  • Added settings for disable pause game while alt-tab window (good if you would like to run game while you can do other things on your PC)
  • Added settings for disable minimize of window while alt tab (may be useful to watch what happening in the game in case you have two monitors)
  • Attempt to fix bug when some machines are unable to start 64-bit version of the game in the Windows 8.1 (there is some unknown error with music, now game should run, but maybe music will not run)
  • Added various minimize/maximize buttons into construction office/farm/construction and other windows
  • Now if you click on building list in construction window (or double click in vehicle route plan) it opens a building window
  • Now route plan is displayed also for vehicles which work for construction office, farm, etc - even you can't modify this list
  • Added special list of related vehicles at bottom of all windows where it can be used
  • Added tree brush (MMB to change size just like flattening)
  • Now is not possible to seed tree very close to another tree
  • Fixed bug when semaphore can be added even cursor is over window or over another GUI element
  • Fixed issue when closing window with demolish or any other tool active, was possible to accidentally delete something
  • Added info about current GPU into main menu in the left bottom corner (like the version)
  • Fixed issue when university was destroyed during research running, research was the get locked
  • Chance that any building get fire was decreased by -35%
  • Fixed issue that rail construction office start construction of conveyor as railway bridge
  • Added factory connection to concrete plant to be able connect it to cement storage
  • If very low amount of staff in hospital, school or so the university educated will started work as staff
  • Fixed issue with increasing price of finishing construction when doing construction on your own and decide if finish with money
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Hello Comrades,

A bit later than usual - but I posting now new version to default branch for everyone! Hope you will enjoy it (if you not already tested it on the beta branch :-) )

I hope next week I will able to bring a fixes for the problems with out of video RAM issues, causing a corrupted saves while saving (without crashing), or not able to play at all in case your PC is not so powerful or you map too big. Let's see how it will turn out!

Now back to the current update, there are differences from previous version:

Worth to mention:
  • Added new prefab apartments
  • Added small shopping center
  • Serious issue fixed with unemployment rate calculation and fact there was only few workers available for work in specific city setup
  • Improved chain signal and train routing functionality (even seems still there are issues)
  • Increased tolerance climb/descend for roads/rails and other infrastructure
  • New flatten tool (takes height of flattening from initial mouse cursor position/height, this height is saved until you keep pressed LMB)
  • Construction offices - improved autosearch and added filter which construction should office search
  • Tweaked max. number of citizens for apartments buildings
  • Added approximate visualization of autosearch for offices/farms/firestation and hospitals
  • Bugfixes
  • Some improvements on stability

Detailed description of issues:
  • Improved chain signal (fixed few issues)
  • Anoter fix to prevent crash when maximum city names (100) is reached
  • Added functionality to check possible error when vehicle can't find route, open the vehicle window and wait until an inspect icon appear (if game get idea where is error)
  • Fixed missing T815 from purchase list
  • Fixed problem with electricity, showing big wattage even no consumption - even issue is quite serious, it seems it is just counting/visual error in result, but to fix in your map is required to demolish and build again the switches, transformers or sub stations.. fix it by the code would be too risky so rather to decided fix this way
  • Added new prefab apartments
  • Introduced "quality of flats" parameter for residential buildings - it affect citizens similar way than unsatisfied citizens reaction, if higher flats quality the citizens react slightly less negatively when they have unsatisfied demands
  • Tweaked number of citizens to live in the apartments, previously was values too random, now it reflect to actual building cubic meters living-space and the quality of flats too :)
  • Added small shopping center to save your space in the cities
  • Tweaked tolerance for roads/rails climb or descend in critical like crossings, connection to buildings, multi-track building etc, now should be much more comfortable
  • Added new flatten tool type
  • Increase raise, lower and flatten strength
  • Fixed a crash when road depot is constructed by construction office
  • Fixed crash when loading save with small corruptions in the list of building where should go workers/students from residential buildings
  • Added verification of pipelines to avoid crashes at loading
  • Fixed some issues with path-finding optimizations like ambulances can't find way back to hospital, etc, to avoid that vehicles send somewhere and can't find route back, now they will not send there
  • Construction office can now auto-search also sidewalk, constructions connected by sidewalks only, also conveyors, pipelines, simple everything :-)
  • Construction office now searching construction all time (every 15 seconds) not only if have empty queue - hopefully your babysitting of construction office will be over!
  • Added approximate visualization of search-distance for construction office, and also hospital and fire station, or farm
  • Now the concrete mixers and trucks going for asphalt waiting until not fully loaded (in case no workers at concrete plant or asphalt plant)
  • Construction office - now you can select what types of constructions should office search (like roads only, conveyors, buildings, etc)
  • Now the buses should bring workers according priority where it needed, prioritized are the construction where no machines can be present - like short roads, then a constructions where are present cranes, then other constructions and finally a constructions with mechanism present (like with excavators, etc).
  • Buses will now not bring workers to construction until there are not present all materials, same for construction vehicles.
  • Railway construction office search should be now much faster (better optimized), previously was there small freezes in case huge railway network
  • Railway construction office - now should be construction find even if behind the station
  • If string is not defined in additional language, English string is used instead blank space
  • Serious issue was fixed in citizens mechanics, issues was the workers with some unsatisfied demands constantly remain in free time mode longer that it should, constantly going to bus/train station and then back home, now they should be on bus station only once during one cycle
  • Another issue with this mechanics was that those citizens which not get what they want, and was on bus/train station, they was marked as unemployed
  • Fixed issues when inaccessible buildings and infrastructure added to construction office as construction
  • Fixed issue when railway constructions added to non railway construction office
  • Fixed bug in bus mechanics for prioritizing constructions according amount of workers present on constructions
  • Fixed bug in bus mechanics not prioritizing construction with cranes present
  • Fixed hospital issues, some citizens remain stranded inside
  • Fixed issue that some of the citizens unable to move to another apartment
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
I greet all party members!

Last Wednesday I was not able to bring an update to the default branch, simple I was not able to catch it :-), due to many big fixes and those chain signals! Sorry.

Short/worth to mention description
  • fixing signals problems + signal help arrows
  • better pathfinding (no more routes with less crossings over shorter)
  • added chain signals
  • improved/fixed vehicle copy
  • 5 new music tracks
  • fixed stability issues

Now there are now chain signals, I try bring my tutorial for it tomorrow!

Road vehicles can't find way after update? Kind of know issue or expected issue due to optimizations introduced. Your problem is probably that start (vehicle position) and destination are close each other, but through road network they are much more remote/distant. Currently if through road is route 4 longer than beeline (through-air) distance road vehicles may fail to find route. Workaround, is place some dummy stop in the schedule in-between those problematic buildings.

Also I already get few really big maps with 70K+ citizens. I experienced I believe almost same issue as on poor PCs. Then I realized what causing the issue - it was screen capture software - it's causing a out of memory (even according windows on GPU was many Gigabytes free, but this memory is some special memory used for dynamic things like copy one texture to another, etc) So in case you not have so powerful PC, or your map is extremely big, turn OFF rather any screen capture software and maybe it will runs better

Detailed description:
  • Fixed problem sometime when track building train was placed to rail office, it remains as ghost on railtrack blocking semaphores for trains or road vehicles
  • Fixed problem that sometime train passed semaphore but it reset signal to green while another train is in the block
  • Sometime signal not updated it's status properly - mainly for signals placed before the dead-end of railtrack
  • Fixed problem when due to low FPS sometime train passed semaphore on red color
  • Fixed when rail track building trainset passed signals during construction of railtrack it was not properly update/unblock this signal
  • Now is impossible to place signals on the railway crossing, or road crossing
  • Now is impossible to build railtrack over the signals
  • If health and happiness for worker was 0% it may crash the game, now fixed
  • If kids with finished basic education not able to get on university, warning is not displayed in residential building
  • Fixed problem when vehicles sometime freeze at middle of road.. (but if they are already freezes they will not move even with update), but next time should not freeze (note: there may be more vehicles freeze bugs)
  • When train comes to custom house unload fuel/bitumen/oil or aggregate materials too.. now will unload both bitumen and fuel same time
  • When bridge ends in the air it was possible to build a road from the end of bridge, now is not possible
  • On school or university there sometime remains kids or citizens very long time, and they was achieved 10.0 education level, now fixed :-)
  • Serious issue fixed, sometime workers not step into trains even it they should
  • Fixed problems with vehicle schedule copy.. sometime caused crash or confusion of vehicles
  • Added possibility to select also trains from depot while using the schedule copy
  • Sometime tunnel portal disappeared during construction after loading saved game, now fixed
  • Now is possible to build tunnel with resources
  • Fixed Italian language crashes
  • Signals are now on right side of the track
  • Added chain signal
  • Fixed storage status (top panel) - it was inaccurate
  • Fixed error in signals when train is sell when all wagons completely at station
  • Fixed error in signals when rail track construction is suspended and trainset completely on the station
  • Optimized path-finding (less short-freezes during game, in case you have big road network)
  • Optimized path-finding - now the shorter way should be preferred
  • Path-finding now the faster roads should be preferred
  • Fixed problem when X cross at double track railway was not able to build in some occasion
  • Fixed problem that sometime the junction/railtrack connection was not properly built and not works
  • Fixed problem when on signal remains red color, when faster movement or low FPS
  • Added help marks when rail tools are selected to better visible which signals are placed
  • Circuit breaker limit increased for buildings like warehouses or cargo station to avoid voltage jumpings (this may be fixed if you rebuild the building)
  • Fixes for Japanese language
  • Fixes for Polish language
  • Resolved bug with stuck dumper at access to construction office (preventing to re-appear, not fixing if it's already broken)
  • Fixed problem when very short piece of road constructed, vehicle may go offroad
  • Fixed crash when vehicle enter construction - problem was vehicle was sent to construction even it has a vehicle loaded manually on the hull
  • Fixed crash when reaching a number of predefined cities names (A weir name is now generated)
  • Added 5 new music tracks into game (soon they will be added to soundtrack too)
    -Decreased memory consumption (and quality) of sky textures, let's see what happens
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Hello Comrades,
Seems Wednesday is good time to post update (as previous week), maybe Wednesday will be a update day! We will see! :-)

Anyway, I think now most of critical issue fixed! Really seems much less crashes and critical issues (or maybe nobody playing the game :-) ), but sure there may be still urgent issues, so let us know about it in forum or on support page.

I will slowly get more focus on the new features and/or various tweaks.. and for new content update - still as first BIG update I wanted to bring you the personal cars mechanics, which is already almost finished.. also maybe a car/vehicle plant factory.. so you will able to manufacture own vehicles... aside of new vehicles from Poland, also some Romanian locomotives and other vehicles awaiting to export into game... Also we have prepared an new prefab buildings (you can check them on our FB or VK page) and also small shopping centre - where both grocery and shop in one building to save the place!

Here are list of issues fixed, let us know if you think any critical issues rises up:
  • Fixed some error while loading a save, which could cause save failure
  • Fixed that rail construction office sometime was not taking the resources from connected storages properly
  • Now should car not get struck at access into construction office or concrete or asphalt plant
  • Fixed problem when hospital is on fire and ambulances are confused
  • Fixed off road problem, now should vehicles not go offroad
  • Luck! I maybe managed to fix this issue with the fuel vehicles.. discovered very serious problem, which could sure caused this all refuel problem - or even also crashes, so hope this is now fixed.. if anybody get with this newest version this fuel bug (vehicles driving to strange buildings, or far away) let me know!
  • Added code for footpaths validation to avoid crashes at loading or saving (same is already in use for a road validation and seems working good)
  • There was not shown the coal or iron transported on conveyor from mine
  • Fixed some crash when building railway with resources and trackbuilders
  • Very annoying SFX glitch was removed when more vehicles on map
  • increased speed of loading / unloading passengers from vehicles by 100%
  • citizens/passengers waiting on the station when they are going to enjoy free time, their counter is slowed down now, while they waiting on the station, so they should catch more things, even not near their home
  • tweak - now should workers step into bus even if in all factories are still workers..
  • fixed problem when vehicle can't find way to unload resources on workers when building footpath
  • sometimes there was situation that 3 or more trucks block each other.. now should be fixed
  • V3S truck was not able to purchase for woodcutting post, now fixed
  • 75m tower crane is now available from 1976 to avoid confusion - until this year not exist a truck for it
  • fixed problem, the station check boxes was not saved/loaded properly
  • fixed when building not have functional footpath or road connection, in case of someone from it's citizens get very sick and need ambulance, ambulances trying the find the way constantly and cause long freezes (few seconds), now freezes should be just very short, or any.. depends on your road network
  • Improved verification of footpath and roads (remove badly created segments on load) to avoid crashes
  • Fixed when vehicle waiting to load or unload, there was many consumption of electricity, while no material load/unload, in case storage is empty and vehicle waiting, no electricity is consumpted now
  • Added a functionality for copy vehicle schedule!!!! :-) finally..
  • Small tweak on functionality of copy vehicle schedule, now you are copy vehicle schedule TO vehicle you select (not vice versa as before.. so you don't need to open every vehicle window) just select the vehicle which is already programmed.. and select vehicles which should behave like the one you have selected - thanks to guys on beta branch for suggestion :-) (small edit in code, but big improvement in effectivity :-) )
  • Another fix of infrastructure validation to avoid crash during saving
  • Fixed freezes during fire (if building not have proper road connections), with dense road-network firetruck trying to find way cause freezes

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - (Alec Meer)

If Foundation is the warm bath of 2019 city-builders, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the ice bucket challenge. Set in the mid-to-late 20th century Soviet Union, this is the management sim as demanding, meticulous manual labour, not unwinding with a cup of Cadbury Instant and a copy of Chat magazine. Frankly, I’m surprised it doesn’t demand that I lay every single brick by hand.

I don’t know if I can say I like> it, but I respect the hell out of it.



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