Filthy Hands - Globiss Interactive
Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce that we added a new map to Filthy Hands!
The new map, 'Bauern Home' features a large home in a snowy, mountanous area in South Germany. We have recognized that our single map we had before was quite limiting, and due to the smaller size, did not provide a lot of freedom for the players.

Additionally to the new map, we have changed some other elements of the game:

- Melee system
We have noticed that a lot of players struggled to understand the old melee system, which forces the player to keep pressing the mouse button to swing the weapon. That's why we changed the melee system to be more logical, where you swing when you press the mouse button once.

- Winning Bug
We discovered a bug where the 2 sides can win at the same time, which we fixed.

- Gun Muzzle Effects
We improved the muzzle effect with lighting effects.

For the next update, we will be focusing on fixing the remaining known bugs before adding new content.

Please let us know of any ideas or stuff that you would want to see fixed / changed! We would really appreciate to hear what you want to see in this game.
Filthy Hands - Globiss Interactive
Hey everyone!

Our apologies for the long wait between posting any info on updates.
We are pleased to announce that we just added some new content, on top of some small updates we released since the Early Access release.

In our current update, we added a new door boarding system, which allows a family member to pick up boards, and board up doors using tab.
The intruder will be slowed down by this, as they need to either shoot the door 5 times, or hit the door 10 times, to remove the boards.
The boards are a secondary item, which can be used alongside melee weapons. This will hopefully allow for a more balanced game play, as the family will now have more ways of hiding from the intruder.

In the first month since release, we have also fixed / added some small stuff:

- Misplaced hammer showing up when using melee weapons removed.

- Kid character should not glitch around anymore when crouching.

- When playing 1v1, family member takes 4 shots to kill instead of 2.

- Added realtime lighting in home corridors.

- Increased flashlight projection size.

- Better ambient intensity to make players slightly more visible.

Currently, there are still quite some things to fix to make the gameplay less clunky. From what we have gathered in the first month,
here are the things that we want to hopefully fix in the next update:

- No more aim down-sight only fire.

- Change melee hit mechanic, so player swings baseball bat when clicking instead of having to hold down LMB.

- Fix player head hitbox.

- Fix text chat system, such that when pressing esc, you can exit typing.

- Add closing and boarding mechanic to outside doors.

- Extend settings menu

On top of that, we are also currently modeling our next map, which we are very excited about.

We apologize for the lack of updates, we will try to bring out some more regular updates in the coming weeks.

Please let us know of any ideas or stuff that you would want to see fixed / changed! We would really appreciate to hear what you want
to see in this game.
Filthy Hands - Globiss Interactive
Hey everyone!

We are excited to announce that we will release as Early Access as of tomorrow 03/29/2018! We have been planning to release around this time, and now that have completed our checklist of pre-release fixes and additions, we are finally ready to release to all of Steam. This, of course, also means that pre-release testing has ended and game keys will no longer be handed out on our Discord. Again, thank you to all of those who helped the identification of glitches and bugs during our pre-release testing!

Filthy Hands - Globiss Interactive
Hi Everyone!

The moment we have waited for has finally arrived, we are ready to start our pre-release testing! In order to be part of the select group, join our Discord page (link in bottom), go to the official-announcements channel and follow the instructions to receive a game key. Hurry up, because we will take a very limited group and this will close soon!

Discord Page:
Jan 19, 2018
Filthy Hands - Globiss Interactive
Hi there!

Now that Filthy Hands is on Steam Coming Soon, we would love to hear your opinions and ideas for the game. We still have some time until our Early Access release in February, so we would really appreciate to have some involvement of those interested. We might also have a short closed testing session before release, depending on how the final stretch of development goes.

Anyways, feel free to ask us anything or give us some ideas on our Discord channel:

Thank You!

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