Nov 4
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Fixed Big Borridorian houses not being hittable by some projectiles
-Fixed pet's sometimes 'disappearing'
Jul 7
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey

-Added Craftbot message dialogs to give more explanation on what to do
-Fixed a bug where the Blyer boss would sometimes leave downed players floating in the air (they fall down now)
Jun 20
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added support for an additional gamepad/controller
-Leaderboard accessible from main menu
-Leaderboard now opens in Steam overlay
-Added intro video to Linux as well
-Fixed flag shader
-New 'Game Over' sound (More sadness)
Jun 4
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added additional spawnable destroyables
-Added wind
-Borridorians are a bit smarter now
May 19
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Fixed Blyer problem where he was still holding players after death
-Boss achievements are no longer trigged by game reset
-Increased 'fall-through-map' failsafe height (bouncing players)
-Console improvements
May 16
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added boss: The Blyer
-Added ragdolls for boss deaths
-Fixed some issues where Players get launched/fall through floor
-Added boss achievements
-Animated Havoc bar and Boss bar
May 5
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-New Craftbot tech discoveries automaticly spawn the item
-Removed falling drag
-Added another oasis to the map
-Changed some menu UI visuals
-Added Nailgun streaks to give a better sense of direction at start
-Seedpods have variations in meshes now
-Crates have higher lootchance now
-Minor animation tweaks
-Drones glow red now to stand out more
-Weapon texture updates
May 3
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Loot now correctly resets after gameover
-Craftbot his craftmenu shows red text when the player cant use the item
-Craftbot his craftmenu shows the rarety color of the craft item
-Craftbot is a little more shiny now
-Bossfights now hide the havoc meter
-Pimole particles now use GPU instancing
-Engine update (Deprecating Win XP)
-Enemies now run their max speed when they flee
Apr 22
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey

-Added first Boss Enemy: The Pimole
-Added new stage event for Bossfights midgame
-Increased spawnchance of Craftbot Tech and Eggs
-Pets from eggs are random size and strength now
-Fixed a bug where eggs could not be hit by projectiles
-Pigs are more chilled until they are attacked
-Normal Turrets are less derpy now
-Fleeing enemies are harder to catch
-Increased max players from 6 to 8
-Fixed slowmotion bug where it triggered too often
-Changed ReadyRoom black to slightly blue
-Some audio effect fixes and changes
Apr 13
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey

-Added class icon at player UI panels
-Player UI panel icons turn red now when player needs help
-Changed floating yellow 'need help' indicator to red
-Replaced DPS bar with larger dps numbers at player UI panel
-Moved Havoc meter down to the very bottom of the screen
-Some minor UI alignment fixes for different screen aspect ratios

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