Dec 4
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added option to menu to disable camera shake FX (Thanks Bobtree)
-Increased Bulger boss health
-Added extra blood/gibs to Bulger death
-Removed very dangerous console command that resets all stats/achievements
-Made unlock perk buttons more apparent
-Removed a typo (Thanks Ridder Geel)
Dec 1
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added the Bulger Boss, the last of the 3 random spawnable bosses at 50% havoc
-Havoc meter now slowly turns red towards the end, and blinks when it fills
-Balanced audio volumes
-When Craftbot speaks the music volume goes down a bit now
-Escape key now works correctly in the menu
Nov 24
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added refresh rates to resolution settings
-Blyer boss can now be hit more easily by Turrets and projectiles
-Photon Cannon hits now apply firedots
-Increased Photon Cannon impact radius
-Changed intro to 21:9 higher res video
Nov 18
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey

-Rerendered intro animation with Blender 2.8 Eevee
-Added Minimap to the UI showing the Ship and Craftbot positions
-Crates can now drop Turrets
-Changed Craftbot craft menu text to be more readable, and added a little sliding animation
Nov 4
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Fixed Big Borridorian houses not being hittable by some projectiles
-Fixed pet's sometimes 'disappearing'
Jul 7
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey

-Added Craftbot message dialogs to give more explanation on what to do
-Fixed a bug where the Blyer boss would sometimes leave downed players floating in the air (they fall down now)
Jun 20
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added support for an additional gamepad/controller
-Leaderboard accessible from main menu
-Leaderboard now opens in Steam overlay
-Added intro video to Linux as well
-Fixed flag shader
-New 'Game Over' sound (More sadness)
Jun 4
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added additional spawnable destroyables
-Added wind
-Borridorians are a bit smarter now
May 19
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Fixed Blyer problem where he was still holding players after death
-Boss achievements are no longer trigged by game reset
-Increased 'fall-through-map' failsafe height (bouncing players)
-Console improvements
May 16
Survivors of Borridor - Sammey
-Added boss: The Blyer
-Added ragdolls for boss deaths
-Fixed some issues where Players get launched/fall through floor
-Added boss achievements
-Animated Havoc bar and Boss bar

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