Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
Here's the latest updates with v1.3.0

  • New Combat Class - The Barbari class has been added. This class specializes in no armor and heavy weapons and are generated specifically from German and Gaul ethnicities. They gain a sizeable damage bonus when equipped properly but are fragile due to having no armor.
  • Shields - These have been added under other items. Equipping them takes one slot and adds to a gladiator's block chance.

Thanks everyone for continued suggestions and comments so far!

Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
List of updates over the last week.
  • Game - An additional set of new portraits have been added to the game. Hope you enjoy!
  • Equipment - Items now start with 2000 condition instead of 1000 (does not apply for retroactive weapons already owned).
  • Combat - Fixed bug where gladiator sometimes uses Yarrow with attacks of opportunity and counter-attacks.
  • Game - Gladiators are now unequipped when being added to hospital.
  • Game - AI now assigns expertise properly to armor or weapons based on class.
  • Game - Unequip All button added to individual gladiator screens.
  • Game - Unequip All button added to Armory.
  • Combat - Adjusted fight purse label to show fight purses not being shared for lost battles.
  • Combat - Fixed bug where fast-clicking hot keys would cause issues.
  • Combat - Special equipment returned to armory from dead gladiators.
  • Game - Fixed bug that incorrectly tallied combat stats when equipped with items and adjusting expertise.
  • Game - Fixed a bug where morale was being reported wrong on monkey event.
  • Game - Fired/executed weapons and armor smiths return equipment.
  • Game - Changed equip message on arena selection screen.
  • Game - Fixed a bug with player fame not being attributed properly in some instances.
More to come. Thanks again for all your support!

Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
Quite a few updates the last few days.
  • Combat - Players no longer need to assign the same amount of gladiators as the AI to a fight. Meaning a player can pit a single superstar gladiator against 1, 2, or 3 enemies. This opens up a whole new dynamic of betting and money-making, as well as I believe makes for some pretty exciting matches and tests of skill.
  • Combat - Gladiator makes sound now when throwing sand.
  • Combat - Beasts do not convert AP into Counter-Attack chance.
  • Combat - Hold Ground for AI gladiators now convert AP into Counter-Attack %.
  • Combat - Fixed a bug where AI was able to attack an infinite number of times during occasional matches.
  • Combat - Fixed bug where actions panel would sometimes disappear during use of skill or item.
  • Combat - Fixed a bug with boast causing next player-controlled gladiator to miss turn.
  • Barracks - Fixed error in Weapons Training upgrade description.
  • Game - Fixed bug that prevented some decayed equipment from being removed from armory.
  • Game - Fixed a bug where Recruit screen would crash if firing staff members.
  • Combat - Fixed bug where healing powder and Ignore Pain weren't displaying proper values.
  • Combat - Animal attack delay reduced slightly.
  • Game - Decreased enemy stable sizes, which effectively increases the level speed of their gladiators.
  • Game - Added number scale after personality traits on View Gladiator screen.
  • Game - Fixed bug where player ethnicity was not being saved and converted into morale bonuses for gladiators. This fix is only effective on new games.
  • Game - Fixed wording on Opposing Boss screen to reflect better reflect vs Player stats.
More to come! Thanks again.

Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
Quite a few updates the last few days, including an important increase of combat speed in the arena.
  • Combat - Delay between attacks significantly reduced. This speeds up AI attacks and matches considerably.
  • Game - AI controlled gladiators have their morale better managed.
  • Game - Fixed bug misrepresenting the player Perk damage increase for African gladiators
  • Game - Adjusted region label on recruitment screen to indicate scout is offering one or other of gladiator ethnicities
  • Random Events - Staff upgrades will now reflect on Office screen, though not retroactively.
  • Game - Fixed bug where Titan achievement was triggering at 30 million instead of 20.
  • Game - Fixed bug where Augustus achievement was triggering at 60 million instead of 30.
  • Game - Slaves going on quests will now remove all equipment.
  • Combat - Quick adjustment to AP being converted into counter-attack % (from a multiplier of 2 to 1).
  • Combat - Fixed bug where AI would use Yarrow occasionally during Attacks Of Opportunity.
  • Combat - Hold Ground for AI gladiators now convert AP into Counter-Attack %.
  • Game - Fixed bug where player ethnicity was not being saved and converted into morale bonuses for gladiators. This fix is only effective on new games.
  • Game - Fixed wording on Opposing Boss screen to reflect better reflect vs Player stats.
More to come! Thanks for all your continued support so far - I truly appreciate it.
Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
Big update today, including some combat changes.
  • Combat - Unspent AP at the end of each turn gets turned into a counter-attack buff. So for example, if a gladiator has 5 unused AP, this will contribute 10% to their counter-attack chance during their defensive turn and reset once it is their attack turn again. This should add an additional element of thought when fighting.
  • Combat - Lowered the AP bonus of Inspiration from 5 AP to 3 AP.
  • Combat - Inspiration no longer used any AP.
  • Combat - Reduced glancing blow damage from 30% regular damage down to 20% regular damage.
  • Combat - Counter-attack now triggering during glancing blows.
  • Weapons - Lowered slightly the damage range of Sica and increased slightly the damage range of Spatha. Will only apply for new weapons on the market.
  • Game - Donate button costs 3,000 gold now instead of 2,000.
  • Combat - Fixed bug where counter-attack attempts were sometimes tallying incorrectly.
  • Special Items - Fixed bug where special items were sometimes taking away from Block or Dodge stats.
  • Combat - Fixed bug where Dodge and Block heals were assigned incorrectly.
  • Armory Capacity - Fixed bug with armory capacity reverting back to 10 on second new games.
  • Gladiators - Fixed bug where they still were not getting hall of fame votes when released.
Thanks again for all of your amazing support thus far!

Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
Big update today, including a fix for the stubborn start a new game bug.
  • Start Game Bug - This is finally fixed. Players can start new games now whenever they like without locking up the game.
  • Recruits - Added class label to recruits screen.
  • Classic Combat - Added equipped weapon and armor icons beneath portraits.
  • Settings - Changed most default settings on start screen to easy.
  • Trading - Fixed bug with wounded gladiators remaining in hospital despite trading them away.
  • Trading - Fixed bug showing wrong roster of gladiators on trade screen.
  • Trading - Fixed bug where wounded gladiators that were traded for were not being added to injured list.
  • Hall Of Fame - Fixed bug where gladiators that were released were not being voted into Hall Of Fame.
  • Retirement - City requirement info no longer shown when retiring.
  • Combat - New sounds for special and ethnic abilities.
  • Weapons Training - Increased weapon damage per specialty level from 10 to 20.
  • Weapons - Fixed bug with weapon damage on assignment.
Thanks again for all of your amazing support thus far!
Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
Smaller updates today.
  • Combat - Precise, Normal and Power Attacks now show proper additions/deductions from hit chance.
  • Combat - General human and animal kills now being tallied for barehanded kills.
  • Game Settings - Chance of kills increased slightly for all difficulties
  • Game Settings - Prosperous mode much more prosperous, offering larger fight purses.
  • Random Events - Weaponsmith improvement events now trigger.
Note that I am still working furiously on the save/load and start new game bugs that are occasionally occurring as well.

Thanks again for all of your amazing support thus far!

Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
Some more updates from August 25th and August 26th.
  • Combat - Fixed a bug where Dodge and Block rolls were stacking. These now roll independently.
  • Game - Fights are only 1v1 and 2v2 for first 30 days of first year.
  • Morale - Gladiators in training and being treated for injuries now lose morale if another gladiator is executed.
  • Workshop - Can no longer assign a weapon or piece of armor to a smith already working.
  • Classic Combat - Fixed a bug where a white square would appear when a gladiator without a weapon blocked an attack.
  • Classic Combat - Unarmed attacks and beast attacks cost the proper 2 AP instead of 3 AP.
  • Achievement - Gladiator kills now triggering properly. Will need one more kill to trigger the achievement if already of 20 kills currently.
  • Gladiator View - The kills stat on the main page now indicates this is for humans only
  • Missions - Fixed bug where loans were not being properly forgiven from either assassination or negotiation missions.
  • Missions - Fixed bug where legendary weapons were not always being delivered.
  • Random Events - Fixed bug where coin was not being deducted for staff training events.
  • Random Event - Staff member that has already maxed out their levels will not be selected again (note will only work moving forward, not retroactively for staff members leveled up in the past.
  • Random Event - Fixed bug with gladiator selected for training by legend and not coming back again if quitting game before he returned.
Thanks again for all your amazing support thus far!

Age of Gladiators II: Rome

On an average day, about a dozen new games are released on Steam. And while we think that's a good thing, it can be understandably hard to keep up with. Potentially exciting gems are sure to be lost in the deluge of new things to play unless you sort through every single game that is released on Steam. So that’s exactly what we’ve done. 

Lucah: Born of a Dream

Steam pageRelease: August 21Developer: melessthanthreePrice: $20

An action-RPG with the focus on stamina, dodging, and respawning to try again familiar from Dark Souls, but a combat system based on shifting stances a little like Absolver, and visuals that are unique. It's sketchy, like colored chalk scratched out from under charcoal, and nothing seems to stand still for very long. Which is apt, because that's exactly how you have to play to survive the punishing combat. Fortunately there are difficulty options.

7 Billion Humans

Steam pageReleased: August 23Developer: Tomorrow CorporationPrice: $15

7 Billion Humans is a new game from the creators of World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine. It seems to be building on the later of those three in particular, scaling Human Resource Machine up—way up. It's the future and machines have made humans redundant, so the only thing left is to use all of humanity to power machines. I think? You've got an office building full of tiny Jhonen Vasquez-looking people to automate, programming them as if they're a computer program made of meat. It's a bit odd, yes.

The King's Bird

Steam page Released: August 23Developer: Serenity ForgePrice: $20

It's been a good couple of years for fans of stylish indie platformers. The King's Bird is another, with a striking color palette and an unusual movement mechanic. It's all about soaring, gathering speed and then leaping into flight, changing direction in mid-air while your white scarf flicks around you. There's a wordless story being told, but mostly it's about manipulating your momentum for graceful aerial maneuvers.

Age of Gladiators II: Rome

Steam page Released: August 20Developer: Creative Storm EntertainmentPrice: $20

"Like Football Manager but with Roman gladiators" would be the reductive comparison to make about Age of Gladiators II: Rome. You put together a team of warriors, then send them off to the arena to fight other gladiators as well as tigers and bears in turn-based battles. Between bouts there's training, management, and opportunities to raid caravans for extra cash and assassinate those you're in debt to.

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier

Steam page Released: August 24Developer: Imaginati StudiosPrice: $20

An interactive movie set between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes, Last Frontier is part big-decision Telltale series and part David Cage game (the developers have cited Heavy Rain as an inspiration), only with more apes. You play as both apes and humans on both sides of a struggle that could end in fragile peace or open war.

These games were released in the week prior to August 16, 2018. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info. 

Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment
Large and very important update today.
  • Combat - Gladiators will now start in a series of different positions when the match starts. Sometimes they will be on sides, sometimes they will be a bit more mixed up and spread out across the arena. This has a new and more unpredictable effect now on combat.
  • Combat - Sand now procs only after successful roll against it's hit percentage.
  • Combat - Sand now has higher chance of succeeding. For current games, the market will need to refresh with new merchandise though before the new sand items can be seen.
  • Barracks Screen - Players can now double-click on the row in order to bring up the detailed View Gladiator screen.
  • Arena Setup Screen - Players can now double-click to assign gladiators and equipment from the arena setup screen.
  • Recruiter - Fixed bug where the owner Recruiter background was not applying bonus to gladiator salaries.
  • Classic Combat - Block and Dodge text added to the this screen.
  • Combat - Fixed Inspiration message to show correct AP bonus.
  • Combat - Prevent 0 heal message from displaying.
  • Combat - Fixed bug where gladiator nameplates were showing the combat UI.
Thanks again for all your amazing support thus far!


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