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Hey all,

I've finalized the release date to Tuesday, August 21st.

My reason for moving it by a week is due to the fact there are some pretty heavy-hitting games coming out on the 14th (I'm giving some free advertising here to Phantom Doctrine, Walking Dead, Death's Gambit, and State of Mind). Not to mention the new World of Warcraft expansion.

Though my game is sufficiently different from those, I want to give Age of Gladiators II: Rome the best release possible.

Other news, I'm also offering a 10% launch discount as well.

Will keep you all posted!

Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment

In the first iteration of Age of Gladiators, there were a few random events that popped up. With Age of Gladiators II: Rome, it was my intent to expand on this in order to make the world feel more dynamic and interesting.

Random Events

Random events pop up occasionally, usually presenting several (sometimes hard) choices. These are one-off events and do not constitute actual quest chains.

Examples of random events include:

  • One of your gladiators becomes an alcoholic. You have the choice of either letting this slide and watching a stat of his go down as a result, or disciplining him for a major morale loss.
  • The owner of a salt mine wishes to purchase one of your gladiators for a sizeable sum. Selling him might be tempting if you are in dire straits, but doing so removes him from your ludus forever.
  • A monkey trainer has offered to entertain your gladiators for the day. Accepting results in a massive morale boost for all of your gladiators, but they also have a chance of becoming very sick. Rejecting the entertainer results in a massive morale hit, which could be disastrous if your gladiators are already discontented.
  • A local baker offers to pay you to endorse his sub-standard product, even though he is known as a local price gouger. The payout is tremendous, but doing so will also result in a fame hit, which is also very important in this iteration of the game.
  • And many more.

Quest Chains

Quest chains are more involved and are typically triggered by one of your actions. Multi-part in nature and dependent on your previous choices, the rewards and consequences are much higher than random events.

Some examples:

  • The brother of one of your slain gladiators asks if he can join your ludus in his quest for revenge.
  • One of the slaves you purchased contacts you about discovering his lost heritage.
  • One of the money lenders that you previously borrowed from approaches you with a business idea.
  • A staff member has gone missing in your ludus. Foul play is suspected.

Without giving away too much, these are some of the quest chains available. Many are well-hidden and will come about only by exploring the game.

It is my hope that this helps round out the world a bit more and provides entertaining diversions to the bloody arenas of the Roman Empire!
Age of Gladiators II: Rome - Creative Storm Entertainment


I have set a tentative release date of August 15, 2018 for Age of Gladiators II: Rome.

This gives me two solid months to continue fine-tuning the balance of the game as well as working out the last of the bugs that have come up so far from early play-testing.

As well, I'm aiming also to have some more features put in from my wishlist, such as a fight pit allowing an owner to pit their gladiators against one another in practice matches.

With this iteration of the game, I have gone back to the roots of the original Age of Gladiators beyond just the ancient Roman setting - this version will also have a similar city progression of the first game, but this time based on fame and money.

As well, it has been simplified from Age of Gladiators II: Death League, as I was able to better ascertain from that version the features that people enjoyed and versus the ones they didn't.

Please feel free to follow this page as I make more announcements in the coming weeks!


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