Endless Road - 看山
Hello everyone, now we have the MAC version of Endless Road,Endless Road has also been online on Google Play, We have optimized English and Japanese, I promise! Thank you for your support.
Sep 10, 2018
Endless Road - 种麦子的故事
Hello everyone, the time is really fast, since we released this game on June 8th, it has been 3 months.
During these three months, many players have always accompanied us. They have provided us with a lot of useful advice and have always encouraged us. We sincerely thank each of them, every player who contributed to this game, thank you all.
In addition, we fixed a lot of bugs of game and added new patterns and character for game.
Today we can finally proudly announce that the "Endless Road" has finally ushered in version 1.0.
But we will not stop collecting opinions and updating the game, we will continue to maintain this game.
Next we will start the migration of the mobile version of "Endless Road" and the content planning for launching new games.
Thank you for your continued support, we will continue to spare no effort to bring better works, so that everyone can get a different gaming experience, so stay tuned!
Endless Road - 看山
Thank you for your support to us after the game is released.
In just two months, we fixed a lot of bugs in the game, stabilized the version of the game, graded the difficulty, constantly optimized the UI and player experience, and completed our commitment, developed and improved. Endless mode.
Today, we will update version 0.99 to add more new content.
New game mechanics
  1. Trap Card: You can add a trap card to the enemy library, which will have various effects when the enemy draws.
  2. Shuffling mechanism: The hand can be washed back to its own library and re-extracted by skills and props.
  3. Task system: There are a lot of tasks on the map that can be completed and rewarded.
  4. Cursing System: Hell mode and endless mode can choose to add curse at the beginning, which changes the difficulty of lifting.
  5. The new character: Mystery Traveler, a character that adds traps and restores life as the core gameplay. Like the other three characters, she also has two new talents that are unique to her. Old players who have purchased the game can unlock and use this character for free.
  6. New equipment: 34 new gears, giving you more choices
New multilingual text
English and Japanese have been re-examined to improve the readability of the text.
More refined UI design
  1. Reproduce and replace a lot of UI content.
  2. Modified icons for some skills and props.

Due to the large amount of updates, some old players may have archive damage. The path to the archive is in C:\User\username\AppData\LocalLow\ZZ\EndlessRoad. It is recommended that you back up your archives before starting the game. If you can't load by clicking Continue, please exit the game and click on the new game to play.

August is nearing the end, and we haven't written an update log for almost a whole month (mainly because the producers are too lazy), and we are still trying to update every day!

I am really grateful to the players for their companionship. Our game is very rough from the very beginning, and it is getting better and better under the constant feedback.

The official version of the game will be officially released in September, and the price will increase. We promise to open the cloud archive and open the steam card when the official version starts to sell. There are more optimizations and adjustments at the same time.

Thank you all the way to help us. We will continue to work hard!
Aug 13, 2018
Endless Road - 看山
Hello everyone.
We are very sorry that some game localization errors have caused some players to get stuck in the game.
We fixed this problem immediately after it was discovered. Recently we are actively developing and perfecting new content for the game. We have added a new character and a lot of new equipment, all of which are still being tested.
We expect to release the official version of the game in late August or early
September. The new character will be free to players who have already purchased the game. At the same time officially issued, the price will have some small adjustments, so players who have already joined the wish list, please do not continue to wait.
I look forward to the official version to meet you soon, thank you many players for encouraging us in the game production.We will continue to develop new games, I hope you can continue to support us, thank you all.
Endless Road - 看山
New blessing
a.If your deck is 0 at the end of your turn,then ?? probability randomly increases 2 cards to the deck.
b.?? probability, an additional 100 damage when dealing damage to an enemy.

a. Now when the character is attacked, it will increase anger.
b. Now you can adjust the triggering order of the character's passive skills.
c.Now you can customize the character and the monster's pattern. (For details, see the replacement guide under the game installation directory EndlessRoad_Data\StreamingAssets)
d.UI detail optimization.
e.Partial enemy numerical optimization
Endless Road - 看山
added rune item system.
(rune system only can be used in comba. a total of 19 runes.)
added setting menu in game


interface UI optimization
Added special effects when using talented skills
Added animation when using runes.
Added special identifier UI for some item

BUG fix
Fixed some bugs in inheriting the last legacy
Fixed a bug where the tutorial will appear the hell mode
Fixed bug where the information panel value displayed incorrectly
Fixed a bug where clicking too fast would cause an error
Fixed some bugs in tutorial.
Fixed a bug where the fourth layer map resource was loaded with errors.
Endless Road - 看山
Game adjustment
a.Added HELL mode (requires three characters to unlock in normal mode)
b.Added 3 new achievements
c.Added game statistics
d.Some rules of the battle have been modified
e.You can see the next layer of boss in the reorganization interface
f.Clicking on the equipment when the reorganization interface is full will also indicate the price
g.Optimize game archive

BUG Fixed
a.Fixed some bugs in the teaching floor.
b.Fixed issue where clicking too fast can cause continuous use of skills
c.Fixed an issue where you could not click on an option after the event page used the item to satisfy the option condition.
Jun 27, 2018
Endless Road - 种麦子的故事
Endless Road - 看山
Bug fix
Fixed treasure monster's skill bug
Fixed the bug that shadow dancer talent skills can cause the game to fail
Fixed bug where event options can be clicked continuously
Accelerated the speed of the sliding interface slider
Fixed bug that unable to view equipment information after customs clearance
Fixed box click to give up picking will become all picked up bug

game adjustment
New English translations have been added.
Tips for splitting monsters are optimized.
Adjusted the monster's value
Added ability to turn off novice tips in settings
Added popup menu button

New content
New equipment
Lost Heart: Passive Skill When life is below? ? you will recover all your HP and reduce your attack ? ? Point
Endless Road - 看山
game adjustment
  Enhanced Shadow Dancer's related equipment and skills
  Blessings fall more intelligent
  The operation of the enemy no longer waits for the emoji to finish
  Balance adjustment

Bug fix
  Fix errors that can be blessed many times
  Fix the problem of getting a achievement
  Fix all sorts of click bugs for the chest
  Fix the first layer of Boss bug
  Fix various bugs caused by adding new equipment

 New Content Development

New accessories:
Magic Key Card Skills Yes? ? The probability of this round can be immune to a single injury.
Mystic King Soul Card Skills Odd rounds throw the smallest point, and even rounds throw the biggest point.
Superior Gear Card Skills Destroy your own card with the smallest number of points in your field and increase the number of attacks
Cards of Delusions Reduces the enemy's attack power when destroyed.

New gem
Watermelon Stone: Passive Skill The difference between the total points of both parties is less than? ? When caused by the enemy? ? Damage
Fang Shi: Passive Skills Armor more than? ? Point, lose all armor, cause to the enemy? ? Point damage.

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