May 13
Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive

-Added new part repair system. You have the ability to repair any part that has a durability within the garage by right clicking and selecting "Repair." However the downside is that a repaired part will be overall less durable than the original part before repairing and can only be repaired a limited amount of times. Special parts like Nitrous can be repaired fully and a much higher number of times before they begin to fail. This is to extend the lifetime of some parts that can fail quickly or using a handicapped part until you can afford better parts.
-Added oil degredation. Your oil will not degrade and slowly turn from light brown to black based on it's durability. High heat, high revving, engine tuning, and type/level (Standard, Synthetic, Etc) will all play a part in how long oil will last. It is a bit exaggerated to add some gameplay elements.
-Added easy NOS refilling from the map menu to avoid going to garage for constant refills.
-Added power graph to garage to more accurately show how power is put down and where peak numbers are at.
-Added profile backup system. If a profile fails to load or has an error, the last backup will attempt to be loaded and used.
-Added new lighting to map 'Factory'.
-Added tuning menu in garage.
-Added air:fuel ratio adjustment to tuning menu.
-Added timing adjustment to tuning menu.
-Added tons of new save points to retain save data better in case of unexpected outcomes. Every action that modifies your player profile in any way will now automatically save profile your profile once the action is complete. In the future we will introduce a save queue system so that multiple data saves in a short amount of time will be grouped together to avoid contact HDD read/write. This is because there may be a side effect in which slower hard drives cannot keep up with the save activity.

-Changed cash rewards to be higher for higher level racers, and lower for lower level racers.
-Changed race intro animation to be less abrupt and a bit smoother without hiccups. Also a bit longer as a side effect. Can always be easily skipped however! (Space)
-Fixed some errors and inconsistencies in replay mode.
-Fixed nitrous failing to be recorded or played during recording sometimes.
-Used Junkyard parts will now have random repairs from 0 to the maximum repair amounts to add further variety.
-Fixed some UI buttons showing wrong popup information.
-Fixed missing power figures in garage menu.
-Fixed failing to load other profiles if one was corrupt or if there were foreign files within the profiles folder.
Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive

-Added engine degredation. Durability now plays a big part in your car's performance. Every part will degrade slowly when racing and your car's total power will be dependent on how durable the car part is. Your car will be down on power, even if you run high performance parts that have low durability. Make sure to keep checking your parts and replace them as needed!
-Added two step.
-Added new achievements and stats manager to replace old one, achievements and stats should now have no problems being achieved and recorded.
-New Map - Main Street
-New Map - Office Park
-Reworked Map - Drag Strip (WIP)
-Reworked Map - Junkyard
-Added "sell all" button to inventory to get rid of all parts in inventory.
-Added "sell all" button to sell all car parts in that are installed.
-Added lots of new paint colors.
-Added new paint types. Matte, Gloss, Metallic, and Custom.
-Added sorting algorithm for part shop so that parts are separated into groups for easier buying.
-Added scrolling to profiles window for those with lots of profiles.
-Added "skip cut-scene" prompt during cut-scenes.
-Added replays at the end of races.
-Added license plates to all vehicles. Getting cars fready for license plate customization.
-Added new confirmation screens all across menu's so that you don't click something important on accident.
-Added rim pictures for all missing rims.

-Changed Junkyard cars generation algorithm to make prices more accurately represent the quality of parts on the car. This indirectly fixes the bug of buying cars for expensive prices and selling them for much less and an exploit of buying very cheap cars and selling individual parts for a lot more.
-Junkyard now spawns a minimum of 10 cars, and a maximum of 15 cars to provide a better selection of vehicles.
-Removed end race behaviour. All races now end with a race replay that plays in a loop until the player presses space to return to the map.
-Fixed RPM bar being in reverse.
-Fixed speed not showing in the proper units.
-Fixed "NEW" text showing up even though the location is already unlocked.
-Fixed steering wheel not rotating on Ultraline.
-Fixed all interior camera views being in weird positions.
-Fixed car skipping gears when shift button is held down.
-Fixed boost/nitrous oxide getting stuck even when letting off the button.
-Nitrous fill amount is now based on "durability." If you use all your nitrous, you must buy new bottles to replace the empty ones.
-General code improvements and refactoring to improve performance.
-Fixed countdown lights not showing first yellow lights.
-Updated UI with some new features to make usability increase.
-Updating game lighting across all levels, ooo shiny!
-Fixed profile window erroring out when deleting more than one profile in a small amount of time.
-Adjusted price of used parts down to avoid abusing parts selling. Parts can still be sold but are only worth as much as the total car when it is bought.
-Fixed car and parts "worth" when selling.
-Changed car selection UI that lets you see your cars as well as sell them.
-Hide UI during cut-scenes or intros.
-Removed blue processing tint.
-Changed color grading for a more grunge look.
-Fixed major memory leak issue with textures. Game should take up less ram now.
-Fixed trunks and hoods opening in odd directions.
-Removed end race physics push and replaced with gradual car stopping based on speed.
Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive

We've partnered with Buster Bootlace to give away two free Late Night 1320 keys to anyone that enters! If you're holding off until Late Night 1320 gets more content or simply don't have the money, head on over to Buster's channel and enter.

To enter, simply..
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  • Leave a comment telling him about the giveaway and that you'd like to enter.
  • Profit!

Go enter for a chance to win! Key's will be given away at Buster's convenience at the time and via the method that he chooses.
Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive

We've been working on new customization technology that will be used in our future games, but it can be easily backported to Late Night 1320. Would you be interested in extra car customization that is like AutoSculpt in old Need For Speed games?

Give this poll a quick vote if you can so we can gather feedback!
Mar 29
Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive

We are working on a big update to get Late Night 1320 closer to it's finished state and we would like to post to keep our players updated on what we are working on. We have been working on mainly improving the AI to be a bit more chalenging but also act like a human player so that they don't race with the accuracy of 100% all the time. We have made it so the AI can use more upgrades to their advantage like turbo and superchargers but also even more crazy upgrades like nitrous. Nitrous will be randomly used by racers that have it and will be used based on how far ahead or behind they are to you in the race. If they are more ahead, they will use short bursts to stay ahead but also conserve it. If they are behind they will use it all to try and catch it up or even pass you. We think this will also add some cool replayability to the game as not all races will be the same and they will be even more split up by the way the AI thinks throughout the race.

You can see the video below. The AI uses nitrous to get ahead and once it's ahead, it starts to conserve the nitrous. We can't wait to release this update and other cool features we've been working on like two-step launch control, more upgrades, and more people to race.

Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive

We have introduced a new profile validation system in this update. This is necessary for us while we are in Early Access since our internal data goes through a lot of updates that could make old profiles invalid or reference old data. This profile validation system will check the profiles data to see if it can be compatible with the updated data that the game is using. If the data cannot be upgraded then the profile will not load and be unuseable. We plan to make a profile updater that will skim through all profile data and update values or data structures so that it can be used on newer versions of games and not force the player to make a new profile to play.


-New profile validation system. Read above for more information.
-Added tree lights to replace the countdown UI.
-Added 20+ new rims.
-Replaced old tires and rims system with new system.
-Replace slicks and normal tires with new materials
-Added new tire, white wall.
-New game options. Vehicle Speed, MPH or KMH. End Race Behaviour, lets you define what to do after the race ends.
-New audio option. Game audio.
-Added more controls to the rebind controls menu.
-You can now find rare paints at the junkyard when searching for free parts.
-You can now buy rare paints at teh part shop.
-Added window clamp for UI popup so that it doesn't go outside of the screen.
-Added car switch menu in garage.
-Added horsepower rating in garage.

-No longer able to buy rust removal and car repair if car is already repaired.
-Fixed a false disqualification on Best Time races.
-Made estimated time on HUD more accurate.
-Fixed refunds not giving the total "worth".
-Fixed loading first player car even if it wasn't selected.
Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive
We've sucessfully fixed our missing junkyard cars generation code. This will fix all the missing cars that do not spawn in the junkyard. This fix also extends to fixing the AI's car generation code as they are linked together. AI will now spawn with their correct car configuration instead of defaulting to NULL which means they would spawn in a random car isntead of their preset.

This fix will be present in the next update along with many new cool features!

Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive

This is our first post release update. It should fix a bunch of small issues and glitches that were happening and being reported. Thank you to everyone that let us know of any issues and posted about them. We are aware of the 1 car issue in the junkyard and are working hard to fix it for everyone. We have found a very big flaw in our junkyard generation code and we now need to rewrite our system as this flaw is not allowing the random generation of other cars. This is an overlook on our part and we apologize. We will get this next update out ASAP.

-Added controls rebinding menu.
-Fixed supercharger not being installed visually.
-Fixed rust removal and car repair not saving when being bought.
-You can now right click on your part inventory to sell items for their "worth."
-Improved racing HUD by including labels for all HUD elements.
-Added speedometer to HUD.
-Added realtime player ET to HUD so you can keep track of your time while racing.
-Changed countdown time to 3 seconds.
-Fixed some typos in news block and map as pointed out by Soros.SL.

Mar 16
Late Night 1320 - Purple Shadow Interactive

We have officially released Late Night 1320 into Early Access. With this release we have made note that we would like to update the store page with more info about what we plan to do in our Early Access period and update the screenshots. Also we have acquired some toos to help us create cutscenes and trailers, so we will be making an updated trailer to accompany this.

We have also become aware of some small post launch issues that mainly have to do with resolution or UI. While these issues aren't game breaking, we are wokring very hard to get them squashed in a small post release update. However, you should still be able to play the game just fine and progress through all story levels and car building. If there does happen to be any issues, please do leave a thread in our Steam forum and we will get back to you immediately.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us make this release possible and that has supported our game before and following release.

Late Night 1320 - Studio K
Recently we were preparing for our Early Access release and were looking over the game to see what we can expand on before releasing. We wanted to take a second look at the upgrade system we had in place. We didn't think it matched the standards we set when we first started making this game. So we have looked at a game of inspiration called Hot Rod American Street Drag. We like the system that is in place for this game, but we want to make it better, much better! So we've decided to completely rework this system into a full inventory based system. This means you can collect an unlimited amount of parts into your inventory and use them how you see fit. You can take parts from your non-working car or donor cars, and put them onto your ultimate project. You can goto the Junkyard and find some randomly generated parts. These parts could be rare or they could be regular parts. They could have a high durability or be completely useless. This would insight some extra fun into the game that we think would give increased amounts of replayability! Our gameplay trailer and gameplay snippets will be featuring this system to the fullest so that interested players and current players can see this system in action.

We thank you for those who are interested in Late Night 1320. Looking forward to showing everyone more and our upcoming release.

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