Jun 29
Ball laB - MysteriO
- fixed effect of death
- fixed display of the inscription "LOL" at levels 16-20
- fixed the visibility of the trap "piston/press" through the wall at levels 50-60
- fixed spikes shift on the "piston/press" trap
- fixed spikes hitbox on trap "piston/press"
- reduced death hitbox on a moving platform

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Ball laB - MysteriO
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May 23
Ball laB - MysteriO
- changed the physics of the jump
- added ball speed boost
- after death level completely reboots (previously there was a respawn point)
- increased platform speed in the level selection menu
- fixes at levels 26,27,28,29

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Ball laB - MysteriO

His name is Sasha Zenko. In cause of his disease (cerebral palsy) he can't play with his hands. He use his chin to control the mouse. But it is not an obstacle for to study new game technologies and chat with people at the web.
• YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/zenko1985
• Site: https://zenko.of.by/
• VK: https://vk.com/mhook
• FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mhook/

If you are a developer, or you have an unnecessary game, you can send it to him.
May 22
Ball laB - MysteriO
- slightly changed the physics of the jump;
- added end level display;
- added level selection (available after ending the game);
- changed the corners of the walls;

- changed the size and color of spikes (for better visibility);

- small changes on main menu;
- small changes on 10 and 11 levels.

Report errors in the thread on the forum.
May 21
Ball laB - MysteriO
- level 10 has been simplified
Ball laB - MysteriO
ːcleanhourglassː ːcleanhourglassː ːcleanhourglassː
Ball laB - MysteriO
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P.S. You can also subscribe to my developer page https://store.steampowered.com/dev/viktor-yurchuk/
Mar 11, 2018
Ball laB - MysteriO
- added "Partial controller support"
- minor fixes at level 7 and 12
Mar 10, 2018
Ball laB - MysteriO
- simplified jump through spikes at levels from 5 to 22 (even children can pass ːsteamhappyː)
- changed levels: 23,48,56,57,58
- fixed volume slider


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