Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo
Hey everyone,

we just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Just a short check in from us - we are extremely busy with the big update we are preparing for a while now. We can't give an exact ETA for the release of it, but its gonna be one of the most significant updates so far. We are keeping busy during the holidays too, but didn't really want to get sidetracked by a Christmas update, so sorry about that. That is the reason we didn't go through the Christmas sale either, we felt it wouldn't have a big enough effect on the game or the player base at this moment, before the update is complete.

What you need to know is that we are working and doing our best! Thank you for your immense patience and support.

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the holidays. See you in 2019.!

Warm wishes,

Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey everyone,

with Halloween coming near we figured we would push a cool update to celebrate it. We are still working on our next major update (containing new detailed customization and new inventory/item system), so in the meantime let's celebrate together with some pumpkins and a cool new moon! :)

There are couple of fixes included in the update, and some tweaks to the demon attributes, plus a new how to play!

BTW We will do a lot of giveaways on our Discord, Twitter and Instagram until Halloween, so make sure to follow our posts!

Happy Halloween,

Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey everyone,

sorry for keeping silent for the last week or so. We are actually working on stuff like inventory system, customization, etc. which requires a bit more focus and a bit more time to finish up.

Our goal is to be done with it all right before Halloween, we are preparing some promotions etc. which should happen in the second half of the month.

Nevertheless, here is a small patch intended to fix some things while you wait. :) The changelog is not a big one, but here it is:

v0.5.3.3d Changelog:

- added more towers, included them in procedural systems
- you cant pickup bones anymore when you are about to become the demon
- fixed the text appearing when you cant take batteries if you don't have a flashlight
- fixed bug where you get stuck in the air if demon climb runs out mid jump
- fixed legs not moving when demon is crippled animation bug
- fixed a bug where revival xp can go infinite if someone who you try to revive disconnected
- menu chatbox click area fixed

Thank you all for the immense support and patience, as always. For those of you who didn't do it yet, make sure to join us on our Discord - https://discord.gg/fearem where you can find groups to play with and share your ideas with us!

Talk soon,

Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey everyone,

new update is here with a big gameplay change - the demon transformation works different now. You can choose when to transform, and it takes a bit time to do it now.

This means 2 things - you can pretend to be friends with someone then turn into demon scaring the hell out of him, but at the same time he has a couple of seconds to escape so it shouldn't be unbalanced. This solves many problems with the game too that you guys pointed out throughout time. Also, the flashlight now requires batteries, and you can also find a new one on the map if you lose the current one. Many fixes in there too, full changelog below!

Our free weekend is almost over, so to celebrate it we are doing a giveaway of 3 copies of Daemonical on our Discord! Join it and check #giveaways channel! ( https://discord.gg/fearem )

See you in the game,



- improved demon smoke
- new demon transformation implemented
- you can now pick the moment when you will transform in a demon, with a 90 second time limit
- flashlight now has limited power
- you can drop flashlight and pickup flashlight now
- there are flashlights spawned around the map now
- there are batteries spread out around the map that you can pickup to charge the flashlight
- demon can now break the door even when right next to them
- fixed troubles with picking up some items
- fixed branches not having a pickup marker
- fixed voice chat icon being too low and going under the new demon UI
- fixed altar particles a bit so they are more visible
- fixed ritual pickup sound
- fix the thing where someone can dump the ritual parts in the ocean
- invisibility lasts shorter now because it was too OP
- fixed demon vision to be more useful, I messed it up in one of the last updates
Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey guys,

here is another update while you are waiting for the XP system to be finished. This one is focused on looks and feel, optimization, map variety, and some demon skill mechanics.

We also added new exterior spawners for barrels and mannequins, and changed how barrels work. Now, when you explode a barrel, a small fire spawns in its place, which cripples the demon.

You can also remove the alpha test sticker in the settings now, as some of you requested on our Discord.

But here is one more exciting announcement!

We will be having a free weekend paired with a 25% off discount, starting this Thursday - Sep 13, and ending on Sunday - Sep 17!

Tell your friends! We are looking forward to hanging out with you guys this weekend!

In preparations for it, make sure to visit our discord and say hi: https://discord.gg/fearem


PATCH v0.5.3.1 changelog

- optimized and changed how volumetric fog works to be less performance impactful
- demon damage blur lowered
- barrels, when destroyed, now spawn a little fire which last for some time and cripples the demon
- vision passive now helps with the demon damage blur
- you get demon skill points slower now by default
- you get rewarded 2 skill points for each kill now
- you get demon points quicker while you are stalking your prey
- houses get randomized more now, there is less of them, and they have more complete interiors
- added a settings option to remove the alpha sticker
- added a settings option to remove lens dirt
- removed "bloom" being optional - disabling it influenced the experience too much, visibility greatly reduced
- added motion blur
- added depth of field
- added motion blur setting
- added depth of field setting
- tweaked looks and feel a bit
- added new procedural exterior spawners
- fog color tone is now randomly picked each match to add a bit of variety in mood/feel between various matches
- tldr. map should be much more different each match now, plus everything should look bit better :)
- fixed some audio init problems
Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey guys,

here is the long awaited demon skills patch!

It is a big one, so if anything breaks don't worry. Just let us know on Discord and we will fix it asap.

For now it is comprised of 5 passive skills, and 4 active ones, but we will very soon push some new skills in the mix as previously announced.

As far as the new weapons are concerned, they are coming a little bit slower than expected because we are dealing with implementing XP system and customization at this moment, which we were doing in parallel with this update too.

We expect most of the announced stuff to be in there until end of the month, plus the XP and customization that weren't planned at all this early. But, you guys wanted it and we are here to make it happen!

As always, thanks for the support, and once again - if any problems arise with the new patch - nudge us on Discord!



PATCH changelog

- demon skill system implemented
- tree climbing demon skill implemented
- invisibility demon skill implementedw
- optimized some parts of the game
- made new quality options, very low is now more optimized than fastest, but looks better
- crippled demon can't hold humans anymore
- reviving someone is a bit faster now and produces both sound and particles/light
- worked on fog a bit, optimized and improved
- player models have head movement now, look much more alive
- there is a bit more difference between player models now
- scene loading rewritten, it should minimize the crashing problem and provide a better experience
- added a sort of anti-camp prevention to a degree, now players that stand still are detected in a closer range than moving ones
- getting stuck in house floor after revival should be fixed now
- voice chat range is much less now, to disable the demon from detecting people easily that way
- news in the menu are now pulled from the backend server, so we don't have to update the game to change them
- added a demon health bar, redesigned both bars
- rewritten chat, fixed it acting weird on unusual resolutions
- fixed bug wher you couldn't turn the character on char customization screen when zoomed in
- fixed audio settings not refreshing unless audio panel is opened
- fixed bug where human detection markers appear in the game over cinematic
- fixed bug on the end screen counting dead players, + now it shows alive players because it is more logical, considering revivals
- fixed a bug where demon can jump on the water surface
- fixed female character foot IK
- tweaked some demon anim parameteres, wip

Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey everyone,

just a quick update - we have released a couple of big patches so far, and are trying to get all the announced content out asap!

The patch that we published today brought a big change in the gameplay that we forgot to announce before but it is pretty significant - everyone gets to be revived once a match - if they manage to bring someone back to their body.

We have also revised how dead bodies work - now they obey laws of physics. There is a new soul mode camera, and many bugs have been fixed too.

We have also added the previously announced - explosive barrels, which you can use to trick the demon and blow him up.

We regularly post patch announcements and notes on our Discord, so make sure to give it a visit and check what else is new! We also have a system there for finding parties and players, so if you are playing in some low pop times, there are always members of our big community that are happy to jump in a game!

More updates coming in the upcoming days guys, we are working non-stop.

Thank you all for the awesome support and feedback!


Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey everyone,

so we finally released the game. Wow, it was intense! Quite literally one of the most stressful and exciting times for us so far.

The launch was a bit rocky, some stuff broke last minute, as it always does, but we pushed out a few updates and it is all pretty good now. We are still fixing some bugs, redoing the settings menu so it is actually useful as opposed to very limited right now, and so on. Patch coming up today to deal with that.

So, we understand some of you are a bit frustrated about the lack of weapons, skills, xp system and what not. We are working on it guys! It's gonna be great, let us show you what we got so far in the store, much of it is nearly done!

We are talking 10-14 days max for all of this content to be in the game. We will do it in patches, adding things 1 by 1.

Humans will be able to find bear traps which can be used to immobilize demon for a couple of seconds. But better be careful where you walk! :)

The first weapon we will add to the game is a sawn-off shotgun! It's almost done, just needs some more polish and ui implementation. This will be a pretty strong weapon where even one shot can kill the demon close range.

Yes. The rumors are true. AK is coming to town. It is a bit further off than the shotgun though, but it should be implemented soon after.

Self explanatory there! :)

Various stuff in game will produce explosions, that includes barrels at first, and mines and grenades later!

Doesn't sound very exciting does it? Barrels, meh. But, what we plan to do is to eventually give the player a possiblity of carrying barrels around, which can then be used to make interesting and elaborate traps for the demon! Place it near a door, wait for the demon to show up, shoot a barrel and boom he goes!

To battle all of this, the demon will need help too. That is why we are making a cool demon skill system. As the match progressess, demon will get demon points, which he can exchange for skills and passives. He will start pretty raw and bare, being just a bit stronger than a human, but couple of points later, he can become a real monster. Demon will get extra points for stalking and killing humans.

Passives that will be in the first update: Health, Speed, Vision, Fire Resistance, Jump

First skills that will be released are some that are already in there, plus some new ones: Demon Vision (already in the game), Demon Scream (already in the game), Tree Climbing, Invisibility, Demon Locator.

Followed by: Disguise (ability to pretend to be human), Levitate, Hellhound(release a hound to find the nearest human and follow him), Demon Trap (put down a demonic trap that will alert you of the humans location and cripple the human)

There are exciting times ahead of us guys. We wanted to put all this in before the game is out, but we simply needed more time. Launch couldn't have been delayed because of the many reasons including our budget running out, bad timing later on, release windows, PR and overall momentum.

But, that doesn't prevent us to make this game into what we planned all along now. We are in early access after all!

Oh, one more thing that is long overdue is the XP system. We will implement that really soon, at first it will only count XP, but we will retroactively award XP awards once they are in the game!

That is all from us today guys, we gotta get back to work now. Hey, if you haven't already, make sure to check out our Alpha Testing Highlights video featuring some funny stream moments! It's hilarious.


Thank you for all of your immense support,

Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey everyone,

after 4 years of work, here it finally is! Daemonical is out on Steam now!

Here is our OUT NOW trailer:

And now the real work starts! We plan to push out so many updates in the next few weeks, the work will be crazy!

Make sure to join us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/fearem

We talk with our players there every day, and gather their feedback, ideas and bug reports!

We plan to push at least 2 more updates today, and a big update tomorrow, which will fix so much stuff and lay the grounds for implementation of Demon skill system, new weapons, XP system and more!

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support, we couldn't do it without you guys!



Daemonical - Fearem_Karlo

Hey everyone,

we just announced that Daemonical will be released on Steam on 15th of August! Spread the word!

The pricing will be $14.99, €12.99, £10.99.

Here is our release trailer:

All our alpha testers get to keep their copies of the game! Thank you for all of your help and support guys.

For any additional info, join us on discord: https://discord.gg/fearem

Do you like the trailer? Let us know!

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