Fluffy Horde - turtlejuicedev
How are you all doing? Fixes:

-Fixed spelling in cannon tutorial
-Fixed scrolling in level navigation being reversed.
-Fixed Shaman evil laugh happening after every lose post entering a time attack level.
-Fixed "GOD...is that you?" Achievement being unbeatable
-Fixed disconnect happening during the load of a multiplayer level failing to return the player to the login screen.
-Fixed medal's in pause screen not showing unachieved medals.
-Fixed cinematic's getting triggered after a lose screen breaking the UI making it unclickable
-Fixed Aye timer text being off from the real timer.
-Fixed Elf Land Park level timer being paused if all the giants are killed before killing Kalendra's tree
-Fixed Multiplayer code generator not being random enough, sometime's causing multiple lobbies with the same code.
-Fixed a bug where the carrot medal sometime's gets broken and no longer resets after every level.
-Skylark now starts with one farm bought from the start

If you guys have any issues, let us know.

Much Love
Nov 22, 2018
Fluffy Horde - turtlejuicedev
Things got a little wild with this bunch of love and rabbit after launch, but next Friday we will have a proper update and will fix tiny things here and there.
Sorry about the delay guys.
Fluffy Horde - turtlejuicedev

* A weird statue appears on the horizon *

Soldier: Commander did we make a humongous statue of rabbits?

General: ....I'm not following...

* A Mountain of bunnies comes dashing from the statue's
Nov 7, 2018
Fluffy Horde - turtlejuicedev
Fluffy Horde - turtlejuicedev

If you are a streamer (or know one) and want to get your hands on Fluffy Horde before launch...LET US KNOW!
Sep 25, 2018
Fluffy Horde - turtlejuicedev
Sharpen your blades...THE HORDE IS COMINGGGGG!

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