Blasphemous - Jonno
Hey everyone,

We hope you're all having a great start to 2020!

Today we're just dropping a small hotfix to address a couple of issues that we've been able to fix whilst we work on that free DLC we teased at the end of last year.

Check out the change list below:
  • Fixed a bug where on some occasions, the top floor of the Archcatedral Rooftops could be reached without obtaining the third mask.
  • Fixed a bug where certain controllers would not retain their button re-bindings after restarting the game.
  • Fixed a bug where if the player collected all cherubs before visiting Jocinero for the first time, they would not receive the rewards.
We're continuing to keep an eye on your feedback and bug reports, so don't worry if a bug you've reported hasn't been squished in today's hotfix - chances are we're working on it!

Speak soon, Penitent Ones.
Blasphemous - Jonno
Hi everyone!

I'm Maikel, from the design team at Blasphemous. I just wanted to take this chance to thank you all out there, on behalf of the whole team at The Game Kitchen.

When we started this project, back in 2017, we couldn't imagine this getting so much attention. Not even close! The amount of love and support that Blasphemous has got after we released it 3 months ago it's astounding. We owe you a lot, and that's why we wanted to share some things with you.

Last week, Blasphemous got not one, but two awards at the Fun & Serious game festival! We were nominated alongside really awesome games, so it's an incredible honor to bring these awards home.

But more importantly, and as you might already imagine after reading the post title, we've been working really hard in some juicy tweaks and changes. The last patches were focused on fixing stuff that was broken and squashing bugs. But this one, the biggest update in Blasphemous so far, it's focused on YOUR feedback.

We've been listening and reading your comments on the steam forums, reddit, twitter, your emails... You name it. We've had little time to reply to most of you (as there were a lot!), but we've been busy working! With this patch, we tried to make Blasphemous feel better and more accessible than ever, refining and polishing the experience as much as possible without actually changing the core game.

Without further ado, I'll leave you with the patch notes. Stay until the end!

The Game Kitchen.

Patch 2

Platforming improvements
These improvements were made thanks to feedback from you, our players. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their experiences on platforming in Blasphemous, we hope you enjoy these changes.
  • Collision detection during jumps tweaked to improve jump feeling.
  • Jumping in mid-air is now possible for a few frames after running off a platform (Coyote time / ghost jump).
  • Grab cancel action added.
  • The Penitent One is now be able to jump off walls, ledges and ladders by pressing the Grab cancel action.
  • The Penitent One still can hold down to fall while hanging from a ledge, but the holding time has been adjusted.
  • The Penitent One will only climb a ledge if the players press Up, to prevent accidental climbing.
  • Damage while wall climbing now doesn't prevent further wall climbing. Before it was only available after touching the ground again.

New controls screen

The new controller screen was rebuilt from the ground up, including a much wider range of controller compatibility. Who’ll be the first person to achieve true penance using a steering wheel setup?

On a more serious note we hope these widened options provide more accessibility for those with different controller wants and needs.
  • Extended controller support. Even playing with a dance mat is possible!
  • Mouse buttons and swipe gestures added.
  • Improved control screen UI.
  • Every action is now rebindable.
  • Button tooltips are shown correctly after rebinding actions in every UI screen.

Moving platforms rework

Following some comments we’d seen here on the forums and social media, the team made some changes to reduce player downtime in areas that include moving platforms.

This should maintain a challenge for players, without the slow down in pace.
  • Fixed a collision issue that made some players go through them on certain jumps.
  • Added and reworked some annoying moving platforms to shorten wait times and improve level navigation.
  • Iterated a few areas featuring moving platforms, to improve platforming and navigation, and make wait times shorter.

  • Added full Japanese language support.
  • Fixed several typos in different languages.

Player fixes and changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused TPO to pass through walls in certain jump conditions.
  • Removed ladder landing screen shake effect
  • Fixed a bug that caused falling attacks to continually loop in rare situations.
  • Improved Weight of Sin timing.

Level changes
  • Improved navigation in shortcut between Sleeping Canvases and Mercy Dreams (The infamous room full of spikes!)
  • Slight geometry tweaks in Wasteland of the Buried Churches and Archcathedral Rooftops.

Guilt Fragment placement fixes
  • All spike traps have been corrected to prevent a strange behaviour forcing guilt fragments to appear in Albero.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Guilt Fragments to get stuck in between scenes under the elevator at Library of Negated Words sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Guilt Fragment appearing right in front of the burning tree on Perpetva's fight to be impossible to retrieve.

Graphical fixes
  • Damage effects and other Vfx were not being shown on PC builds.
  • Reflections were not working in scenes like the Halite Lake and the dark room after Melquiades.
  • Fixed level sprites.
  • Added decorative sprites of wax below red and blue candles on scenes.
  • Socorro's animation loops fixed.
  • When using a controller to exit the teleport menu, TPO didn't make an exit animation and remained invisible.
  • Fix snow falling inside screen space (Mountains).
  • Fixed door sprites clipping through the penitent one in Wasteland of Buried Churches.
  • Fixed an issue with the Retribution animation
  • In certain locations, the head of The Penitent One could be seen sticking out when falling down a pit.

Softlock fixes
  • The Great Elevator in Archcathedral Rooftops could cause a softlock
  • Interacting with Our Lady of the Six Sorrows a second time could cause a softlock
  • Dying when falling through a pit with the inventory open could cause a softlock

Level fixes
  • Mea Culpa level could be increased several times at the same shrine.
  • The Penitent One could be hit while resting on a certain Prie Dieu.
  • Fixed transitions to a few screens in which enemies will start attacking The Penitent One if the loading time took too long.
  • Players could bypass abyss deathtraps when falling into them using the Weight of Sin skill.
  • Removed an extra blue candle on Engracias' room that shouldn't be there.
  • Fixed transitions where TPO would be facing the opposite direction they came from.
  • Hanging chains of giant clapper in Jondo sometimes disappeared when they shouldn't
  • Fixed Penitent One falling off the world when sliding through the door of the Bridge of the Three Calvaries.

Storyline/NPC fixes
  • Duplicated Golden Thimble on gemino quest.
  • Shroud of Dreamt Sin could be lost on force quit.
  • Altasgracias' Egg could be lost on force quit.
  • Escribar cutscene 3 doesn't show properly sometimes.
  • Viridiana can be exploited if TPO leaves the boss room before she vanishes.
  • Offering the 3rd mask to the Elevator and force quitting won't let the player access the fourth level.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the last conversation with Our Lady of Our Six Sorrows to never be played.

Item fixes
  • Chalice of Inverted Verses couldn't be refilled in certain conditions.
  • Chalice of Inverted Verses empties itself after the pontiff cutscenes.

Bosses fixes
  • Our Lady of the Charred Visage's laser could still fire and doesn't disappear even after she's dead, and still deals damage.
  • Players could skip fighting Quirce using air impulse to reach the other side of the gap that led to his battle.
  • Fixed Warden of the Silent Sorrow collider.
  • The Penitent One will appear and perform the execution animation from both sides of Crisanta.

Enemy fixes
  • Monfràgora errors fixed.
  • Tizona flickering fixed.
  • Amargura collider issues fixed. Improved hitbox.
  • Guardainfante shockwave animation fix.
  • Fixed Wraith enemy and projectile colliders.

Misc fixes
  • Fixed flasks refilling after defeating Ten Piedad and Charred Visage bosses due to an outdated saving state script.
  • Mouse is now hidden by default.
  • Map icon location fixes.
Credits fixes
  • Backer credits updated and fixed.
  • Credits updated.

Just in case any console players are also here, this patch will be coming to all other platforms in the new year.

Giving you Penitent Ones out there many reasons to revisit Cvstodia in 2020!

Your journey of penance is far from over...

We’re excited to share that the first free DLC for Blasphemous will be coming in early 2020…

More details coming very soon!

Phantom Doctrine

Back in October, it was announced that the Humble Monthly subscription service would be undergoing a rework to become Humble Choice. Well, the first edition of the new bundle format is live.

Now, instead of paying a regular fee upfront and getting access to a mystery bundle of games each month, Humble Choice allows you to pick from a diverse selection depending on your membership level.

Here's the full list of ten games you can choose from in the Humble Choice debut:

Read more

Blasphemous - Jonno
Hello Sinners,

We come to you on this day by the will of The Miracle!

It calls to you, its faithful flock to act with great haste in The Steam Awards 2019...

Step forward and vote for Blasphemous in "The Best Game You Suck At Award" category! You can do so by simply clicking the vote button at the top of this page.

Whether you've been torn apart by the monstrous corruptions that stalk Cvstodia, met a grizzly end in a pit trap or been felled by members of The Anointed Legion, you have got back up every time - nothing shall stop you from ending the cycle and proving your worth to The Miracle.

Sometimes you suck, but it is lesson to be added to your arsenal on your righteous journey.

After all, what is penance without suffering?

Voting closes December 3rd at 10am PST / 6pm GMT / 8pm CEST.

Thank you for your support everyone, we'll have some news on our next patch soon as well as what you can look forward to in 2020!
Oct 22, 2019
Blasphemous - Michaela_Team17
Hey Sinners,

As we work on upcoming patches and new content for Blasphemous we’ve been taking note of everyone’s feedback, seeing what you like and what you feel could do with some extra attention.

Recently the team took to Reddit to share our thoughts and what we’re looking to do in the near future, so we thought we’d share it with everyone here on Steam too!

Please give a warm welcome to Enrique, Lead Level Designer on Blasphemous and bringer of platforming answers…

Platforming, guilt and those spike pits

Hi, I'm the main level designer for Blasphemous and I want to take this opportunity to talk about some of the feedback we’ve been seeing around certain elements of the game.

Guilt Fragments left in spike pits

I hate this bug as much as you do, guys, I really do! Luckily when we discovered it there were workarounds that could "patch" this issue under the current game terms - Killing bosses and using confessors would retrieve all lost guilt fragments, including the ones that were misplaced in spike pits or other hard to reach places.

Why and how does this happen? Well the reason is simple: Guilt Fragments record constantly safe positions on solid ground to remember where to spawn if the player dies. The problem was that, when dying on spikes, physics where still enabled, the Penitent One was still affected by gravity and sometimes it recorded the ground under the spikes as a safe position. This is what caused the issue. Thankfully for everyone here on Steam, this has already been patched with the console version on the way along with several other important fixes found after release thanks to you, the community.

Platforming, ladders and nailing that jump

For patch 1.0.10 we're aiming for a big update on how platforming feels in Blasphemous. Not only will it improve how you land, but also how jumping works. When looking further into how these actions worked we found small but very important problems when performing these two actions. Navigating jumping puzzles and challenging areas should feel much smoother once this patch is live.

We feel that these changes will have a big impact on the sense of unfairness that platforming could have in Blasphemous, making deaths feel deserved rather than cheap.

Punishment - Straight to the point!

If you ask me, spikes are not the problem: the punishment for falling on them is, and especially when players don't feel that is their fault.

In the case of spike deaths, instakills feels like a really mean punishment, even if the player can retrieve their guilt and keep their Tears of Atonement. We're still committed to keeping instakill as part of the experience, but we're considering a few ways to ease the player's frustration around this particular trap.

We’ve noticed that most of the reviews for Blasphemous include a mention of the spike traps and platforming in the list of negatives about our game. They are actually what lowered our review score in most cases.

This is why we wanted to do something about it as soon as possible, we’re watching, we’re listening and we’re taking action!

So yeah, message received! We'll do our best to keep improving and building upon the foundations of Blasphemous.

Thank you all for your continued feedback and support.
Blasphemous - Lauren_Team17

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Click here to check out what's on offer!

Included in this sale are the recently released Blasphemous and Overcooked! 2 'Carnival of Chaos' DLC, early access titles Hell Let Loose and Monster Sanctuary AND some of our older classic titles too!

Happy gaming!
Oct 3, 2019
Blasphemous - Lauren_Team17

Following Patch 1 we’ve continued to collate your bug reports and feedback, thank you for sharing them with us.

Thanks to your efforts we’ve worked with righteous fury to address them and as such have a hotfix to address more issues ahead of our next formal patch.

Hotfix 1 Notes
  • Fixed a bug affecting player upgrades (HP, fervour, flasks, etc) after talking to certain NPCs
  • Fixed a bug where the player sometimes couldn’t receive the Cord of the True Burying from Lvdovico.
  • Completing the game with Ending A now also unlocks the Ending B skin!
  • Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck on ledges next to movable platforms.
  • Fixed a bug where His Holiness Escribar could be damaged before the start of the battle.
  • Fixed a bug where there could be a softlock after calling the elevator from the Archcathedral Rooftops.
  • Fixed a bug where the elevator from the Archcathedral Rooftops could push the player inside the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where the Incorrupt Hand relic still rang after destroying a secret wall.
  • Fixed a bug where certain enemies in Grievance Ascends were unable to be damaged for several seconds after respawning.
  • Fixed a bug where there was a missing ledge grab inside Redento's challenge in Brotherhood.
  • Fixed a gap in the map in Grievance Ascends.

We hope this hotfix is like a hymn to your ears!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Blasphemous, it means a lot to us!

Sep 25, 2019
Blasphemous - Jonno
Hey Sinners,

We just want to reiterate what we said yesterday and say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has supported Blasphemous.

Since launch we've been collating your feedback on all aspects of the game, from bugs to gameplay. Even if we're not posting in all of your threads, rest assured we're keenly taking notes on what you're telling us.

You'll also notice that this is Patch 1, which means more patches and content updates will be on their way - launching Blasphemous doesn't mean we're finished!

Patch Notes

Major issues
  • Player save game could be corrupted on rare occasions.*
  • Player progress could be partially reset on rare occasions.*
  • A backup system has been created.
  • The player could be softlocked after killing Tres Angustias.
  • Fixed "Grievance Ascend" gate locked after respawning if the player died while defeating Tres Angustias.

    *Unfortunately, if your save was corrupted it won't be recoverable. To help protect our players should future bugs arise, the mentioned backup system has been created.
UI issues
  • Menu can’t be opened during interactions anymore
Gameplay issues
  • The player could accumulate large amounts of vertical speed by pausing in certain conditions.
  • There were screen shake and vibrations occurring after the player crouched at the bottom of a ladder.
  • Crisanta could be damaged before the fight started using projectile attacks.
  • The player couldn’t attack upwards immediately after a dash.
  • The player could get stuck in the Wallclimb animation and could be exploited to levitate horizontally.
Level geometry fixes
  • Fixed Penitent One getting stuck on the lower part of a wall-climb in Jondo (Right chain screen)
  • Removed breakable wall leading to an infinite fall in Library of Negated Words.
  • Fixed collisions in a room in Mercy Dreams where the Penitent One could get stuck into geometry after dashing and being hit with a projectile.
  • Muddy floors in Holy Line and Desecrated Cistern had some collision issues and have been fixed.
  • Modified shortcut connecting Desecrated Cistern with Wasteland of the Buried Churches. Replaced blood platforms by normal platforms.
Storyline fixes
  • The prayer Taranto to My Sister was missable. Now spawns if Esdras is dead and TPO doesn't own it.
  • Gemino quest was missable and players could be locked out of the 100% completion.
  • Empty Golden Thimble spawns near Gémino if he converts to the tree form before talking to him.
Balance tweaks
  • Blood Penitence cost has been increased and now scales with player Mea Culpa level.

That wraps up Patch 1! Thanks again for your patience whilst we worked on your feedback. Now the work continues on Patch 2 and our post-launch content!

Blessed be The Great Miracle!

Blasphemous - Jonno
Hey everyone,

It’s hard to choose where to start when there are so many emotions spinning around our heads and hearts, but there is only one thing that we at The Game Kitchen can say after these two incredible weeks since the September 10th release:


And specially to our backers, who were the first ones believing in our vision. It’s thanks to them that now thousands of players across all platforms are unveiling the mysteries of Cvstodia. We are extremely humbled by the incredible reception that Blasphemous got.

It still feels surreal to see some of our favourite journalists, content creators and streamers playing our game and giving us the thumbs up as well as hearing the stories and experiences from you, our players.

We’re having a great time watching how Blasphemous challenges all gamers out there, but we’re also pretty aware that our launch was not as perfect as it should have been. To address this the team are currently working hard on fixing and polishing all those problems that managed to escape months of intense QA.

Believe us when we say that we listen to all your concerns and problems. Fixing these issues are our top priority right now (And our penitence! :D)

Time for the bugs to pay for their sins...

In that sense, we’re pleased to announce that there is an update coming very soon that should address the most critical issues reported by the community, including:
  • Expected fix for player saves being corrupted on rare occasions.
  • Expected fix for player progress partially resetting on rare occasions.
  • Softlock fix after beating Tres Angustias.
The full patch notes will be shared when the patch goes live in the near future, it’ll include gameplay, geometry, bug and quest progression fixes.

What’s next?

We’re now focused on fixing the not so critical issues, which will follow shortly in our second patch.

More importantly it’s worth mentioning that we’ve started working on the first piece of Blasphemous post-launch content. This first update will focus on quality of life features and adjustments with our future content updates further expanding the world of Cvstodia and Blasphemous!

By the blessing of the Great Miracle we hope to discuss this in more detail soon...


Guilt! Ecstasy! Agony! The corruption and correction of the flesh! Blasphemous is all of these things and m- no, wait. Blasphemous is only these things: all else is heresy, fit to be thrown on the pyre. A gruesome pixelart hybrid of Castlevania and Dark Souls, it casts you as the Penitent One, a musclebound chap in a pointy helmet, who must cleanse a fallen civilisation on behalf of a quasi-Catholic deity known as the Miracle.

You wake up on a charnelpile deep in a crumbling vault, immediately get into an argument with an ogre wielding a candelabra and, well, everything goes downhill from there. Right the way down, that is, to the bottom of a church bell large enough to encompass an entire level, in what feels like a nod to Soul Reaver's Silent Cathedral. Here you'll encounter toxic mist, goblin folk who are annoyingly good at jumping over your swings, and spectral fencers who vanish after every thrust. And then all the way back up, through slippery chasms where both the wind and the statuary are your enemies, to a convent where an undead abbess has been taking lessons from bullet-hell shooters.

It certainly covers some ground, does Blasphemous, and given a little tolerance for spike pits and irredeemable squalor, there's fun to be had massacring the denizens of this unholy world. Inspired by Francisco Goya's torrid religious paintings and the Gothic monstrosities of the developer's native Seville, Cvstodia is a place of twisted steeples, bloodied gold and the unrelenting spectacle of bodies in pain. The enemies live up to the spaces that contain them, their lavishly animated sprites a mash of bone, chains and sacral cloth. Some can be taken down with combos and evasive slides; others must be parried or jumped over before you can land a blow; still others hang back off-screen, activating terrain traps till vengefully quashed. Full to bursting with wickedness, Cvstodia's inhabitants don't so much die as crescendo, shredding themselves with a screech or erupting into oily flames.

Read more


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