Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - hugh

On behalf of the entire studio, a huge thank you to the 1,000+ beta players who redeemed their keys and joined us for the Drive Buy Closed Beta – your feedback has already proven invaluable and will most certainly contribute to a better gameplay experience for everyone who buys the game on launch.

Now the beta’s closed, we’re tuning Drive Buy for launch sometime in 2020


Wishlist Drive Buy – even if you already had, the wishlist disappears when you activate a key, so please go back and wishlist Drive Buy on Steam to continue your support for the game.

Join us at EGX at 17th- 20th of October at ExCel London. You’ll find us at the Tentacle Zone where we’ll be riding with you in high-vis delivery driver vests. Come say hi and pick up some awesome Drive Buy merch too.

Watch the weekly stream! – The weekly stream will continue, so join us there each Tuesday at 7pm GMT on Twitch – next week we’re playing Knights and Bikes alongside Drive Buy.

Join the Discord and tell your friends about Drive Buy – it’s like Crazy Taxi had a baby with Mario Kart, but was badly influenced by their pal, Twisted Metal during the awkward teenage years. Kinda makes sense.


UKIE offered us space to show Drive Buy at one of our favourite locations in London, the Barbican, and we jumped at the chance.

We’re thrilled at how the players at UKIE 30th birthday responded to Drive Buy, and we look forward to seeing more highlight-worthy plays during EGX and future game events.


Apart from all the massive updates to Drive Buy, we took Drive Buy around to some of our developer friends.

We owe a big thanks to all the game studios for letting us bring Drive Buy to their offices

Ustwo Games are our buddies from way back, so it was great to show them Drive Buy and get their feedback.

The Tentacle Zone offered us an opportunity to share Drive Buy with both Payload Studios and Spilt Milk Studios all in one super awesome space and the feedback was amazing.

When a good game of Drive Buy is celebrated with a fist bump.


Shout out to everyone who played, but especially K.Doctor, BionicVapour, Morbid_Wisp, BatPrince, Crystallised Entertainment, GNious, Druconusx and MilonRouge for sticking with the bugs and playing with us on the stream.

We look forward to seeing you all back in Drive Buy soon and chatting with us on Discord!


  1. Wishlist Drive Buy
  2. Join our weekly stream on Twitch (every Tuesday, 7pm BST!)

More questions? Give our FAQ a read!
Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - hugh

An evil retail empire needs an evil CEO. So, let me ask you, who’s that evil CEO? Jeff Sellmore of course! In this development post we wanted to introduce you to Jeff Sellmore and his wild vision for the BuyCorp empire, after all, every player in Drive Buy is an employee of BuyCorp, so you better get to know Jeff in a bit more detail.


Now we know the name Jeff Sellmore, I can start to tell you where he comes from. Influences for Jeff come from the CEO of an existing retail giant(s) *cough* but also Hunger Games, Max Headroom and Running Man.

Caesar Flickerman, Hunger Games

The Caesar Flickerman character played by Stanley Tucci was among the references with his glistening smile and slick back hair from his role in the Hunger Games films. His look was a perfect basis to create Jeff, our very own CEO for a Drive Buy world. We wanted a character who could be mistaken for a real-world CEO but in the same breath could just as easily host a bizarre game show. A character who represented the worst of the corporate world: oblivious, self-serving and demanding of your attention and the best of game shows: flashy, faux-friendly and stuffed with overly white teeth.

Proposed Character Sketches


The inherent greed of a psychopathic CEO, Jeff Sellmore, CEO of BuyCorp has pushed BuyCorp to increase profits at the cost of all else. Tracking customer behaviours and encouraging them to buy more through targeted advertising was just not enough. Jeff demanded a technology solution that could persuade customers to buy more stuff regardless of whether they really wanted it. After years of research, Buy Corp have finally introduced brainwashing advertisements: a new way to the guarantee the sales targets Jeff Sellmore has always dreamed about.

Brainwashing advertisements were the brainchild of Dr. Tomorrow, a behavioural scientist that works for Buy Corp. Jeff wields the power to switch any Buy Corp advertisement into a hypnotic video message that will persuade people to BUY. STUFF. IMMEDIATELY. Just look at them around the game map.

Drive Buy emphasises the delivery drivers in this bizarre (not too unrealistic) world, the question that remains is: can you get these packages out fast enough to meet Jeff’s delivery targets? Play Drive Buy and find out.

Variations of Jeff Sellmore in colourful attire


Jeff is the unwavering owner of a chiselled jawline, slick back hair, brilliant white teeth and some dominating brows. He accessorises with BuyCorp glasses that give him a persuasive edge over policy makers, troublesome politicians, angry stakeholders or vocal activists. By pumping out the brainwashing signal to get his way, BuyCorp has been able to grow without interruption by regulation. The glasses are a strong image of the control Jeff holds over the world BuyCorp operates in.

References for the hypnotic circles come from Jungle book and the glasses are pulled from one of our favourite films (with the longest fight scene) – They Live.

You should wissssshlisssst Drive Buy…

They’re uniquely paired with a game show style host such as a Caesar Flickerman, but we also went as far as making them into a Snapchat Lens so you too can join the Sellmore family and persuade all your friends to wishlist Drive Buy on Steam.


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Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - hugh

It’s been a great two weeks in development. We’ve made some exciting edits to the build, including a new package design, map changes and more level lighting changes. We’ve been working on improving the game visuals with a focus on improving player visibility and making the delivery flows much smoother.


Canary Map from across the water

The Canary map now flows a lot better, we have introduced larger turns on the edge of the map and increased lights to boost the visibility of shortcuts and highlighted landmarks to help with memorising the layout. Because of those changes to Canary, more of the surrounding water is visible at one end of the map. Certain buildings now emit light which helps with navigation and we bumped up the environment light giving more dramatic light and dark areas.

The delivery locations and customer layouts have all been refined so they’re now more streamlined. Players should find it easier to make deliveries in one smooth motion freeing up their thoughts to concentrate on what’s next.


Map updates for Canary and Kingsland

Updated delivery location layouts
New shortcut from package drop zone (Canary)
Bigger turns (Canary)

UI Updates

Incoming rocket indicator has been updated to be more visible
Removed equipped powerup indicator from main UI

Design Updates

New package design


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Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - hugh

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is a blimp dropping hundreds of packages into the world. The last few weeks have been really exciting with several large features being implemented for this latest release.

In order to keep you up to date with every tiny detail, we’ve got a changelog at the end of this post – so take a look if just want the detail.


Following the Payload Studio feedback from the Drive Buy Roadshow, we started working on some of their suggestions. We focused on objective visibility and readability of the task to simplify players first few game sessions.

Introducing the PACKAGE. We started looking into the delivery process again. Among the few issues we identified were the products. It was clear that the gameboy made no sense. It was confusing to players, especially as we’re trying to create a futuristic world about delivering packages.

The gameboy was replaced with the humble box, a highly readable, understandable and logical choice. Full of mystery and excitement, the classic cardboard box represents packages we all receive on a day to day basis so it has become the default delivery item in Drive Buy. Boxes in Drive Buy are called Packages and that’s what players are racing hard to deliver.

Drive Buy is fast paced and every strategic decision you make counts towards taking the lead. Having Packages spawn in rows of four seemed underwhelming when we were asking players to make a huge number of deliveries and it also disadvantaged players who made it to the blimp and had to wait for products to be dropped.

So, Package Mountain was born. The blimp now drops a ginormous amount of packages at the pickup location that forms a mountain. It looks awesome and is really satisfying to use.

All hail package mountain!


Having to hold the deliver button is now a thing of the past. Now when you’re close to the delivery zone, packages will automatically be held out and are delivered just like before, when they touch the customers. This means you can focus on driving, lining up your vehicle and sliding round corners to make the perfect delivery without disturbing your flow.

The A button (X on PS4 controllers) is now used as an alternative acceleration button to match Mario Kart. We also added shoulder bumpers to be alternative handbrake and powerup (again, like Mario Kart).


With the increase in the number of players online, we had to rethink how players get into games.

Quick play puts you into the best game available finding an open game in your region or the closest region with active players (so you have the fastest connection).

The behind the scenes smarts to this has taken a lot of development so we are particularly proud of how effective it is. Try it out!

Because Drive Buy is played best with friends we needed to make sure invites worked really well too. Now Steam invites and Discord invites are even easier to access directly from the lobby.


After making big changes to the package pickup and adding Auto Delivery we also made changes to Delivery Battle.

Now players always have a clear objective. Every player has their own Delivery Zones dedicated to them and there’s only ever 1 at a time to save confusion.

To help you decide which customers you are delivering to we’ve put coins above their head and further highlighted their location with alternative coloured bases. To further hit a home run with this there’s a new arrow to help you navigate to your next objective whether it’s a delivery zone or to pick up more packages.


With all the manic driving and intense rivalries playing out we wanted to reflect this in the environment as much as possible. In future there will be other environmental changes but this first pass on has made existing damage last longer across the maps. You’ll be seeing a lot of tyre marks and lamp posts flung all over the place. Look up and you’ll also notice autonomous delivery drones flying around.


Powerups have all been moved to major intersections on both Kingsland and Canary. The idea behind this is continuing the flow of driving- no more breaking your flow to collect a powerup and they’re now even easier to spot.

The Ice beam has a minor change reducing the frozen time from 5s to 4.5s


Major Updates:
Quick play puts you into the best game available
Packages mountain!


Damage lasts longer across the maps
Invite players through Discord, Steam or add bots
Gave vehicles a smaller turning circle
User reporting now on F1 key anywhere in the game
Moved powerup locations to be more accessible on both maps


Reduced frozen time from 5s to 4.5s
Fixed stats on match results screen
Fixed some Valentino skins (edited)


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Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - hugh

In Drive Buy, everyone works for Buy Corp. Buy Corp are a massive corporation who control retail, advertising and a load of other stuff. Most importantly to the game, Buy Corp control the brainwashing advertisement screens that “persuade” customers to buy their products. As a driver, you have to race in your delivery vehicle to get the stuff to customers as quickly as possible.

The game world has the job of telling the story of customer retaliation against Buy Corp, in this case, graffiti that plasters the walls of buildings. The message is clear: customers don’t want to be hypnotised or spend money on stuff they don’t need, but Buy Corp is highly persuasive. It’s David (the customers) vs Goliath (Buy Corp) and you fit in somewhere in the middle.


Some sketches of early graffiti designs. Notice some that are directly related to spending like ‘Snip’ and ‘Just Browsing’ which were rejected as they weren’t pushing the message hard enough.

The graffiti styling was captured from looking around our local areas: Dalston, Clapton and Hackney Wick – it’s everywhere! Some of our favourites are ‘RED WINE’ and ‘SHITHOUSE TO PENTHOUSE’ pictured below, showing the uptick in natural wine drinkers across the city and the gentrification of Hackney Wick.

Graffiti is a perfect insight into what people are thinking.

John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ was also a big inspiration for the theme of Drive Buy, but more from the side of the corporation’s brainwashing technology.

The idea of Delivering parcels came from Deliveroo, Uber and Amazon – three companies that are always in trouble about working conditions. Human rights, modern slavery, tax evasion and zero hour contracts are all topical subjects that play a role in Drive Buy borrowed from these real world corporations.

Drive Buy brings these subjects subtly to the surface by placing drivers in the predicament we often find ourselves, going along with incremental negative change over time that leads to monumental changes in living conditions, especially for people who are most vulnerable to systems of support being removed.

However, it’s a fun to play delivery racing game that subtly hints at this subject matter through the game world and doesn’t take itself too seriously. After all, it’s meant to be an enjoyable experience.

A credit card ‘on fire’ felt like a cool way of showing spending binges.

Some coloured sketches showing dollar symbols and the word profit dripping with excess paint.


As you play Drive Buy, you’ll notice these messages around the game world. Have a look around and see if you can spot any hidden messages or finding meaning in the levels that you may otherwise speed past on the way to make your fastest delivery yet.


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Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - GLITCHERS


In the last few weeks we’ve been watching the community feedback to the The Cold As Ice Update that hit Steam last week.

Now the rhythm on these fortnightly community blog posts is picking up, we’re seeing the value in catching our breath from development. Taking a look around to see what you’ve been up to is just as important as making Drive Buy.


Last night was our weekly stream and we tried something a bit different. Hugh acted as live director like he was controlling a drone or helicopter capturing the game as it was played whilst giving live commentary.

Shout out to for Morbid_Wisp joining us on the stream and afterwards told us it was so hard playing against us “It was worse than Dark Souls 2” playing against the developers, but he did put up a great fight and was top for quite a long time.


23rd April – Drive Buy Roadshow at Payload Studios
17th May – Drive Buy Roadshow at UKIE


Last week we dropped 250 keys and we welcomed new drivers over the weekend. Here are a few of our favourite streams from the week by K.Doctor, Bionic Vapor (because of the little toy cars they’re sat in) and our own clip from yesterdays official stream.


Found a mine somewhere dastardly? The shockwave power-up can double as a detonator and with a little bit of patience and a whole lot of luck, you might bag yourself a brag worthy kill – just like this video.


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Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - GLITCHERS

The latest Drive Buy update (2283) might be our best yet… Loads of new stuff, check the changelog. Our favourite? The updated FREEZE RAY – now you can boost through frozen rivals to take them out.

For the directors among you, there’s a new camera mode for capturing your whip from mind melting angles. It can be really helpful for capturing gameplay footage to use for stream intros, cool screenshots or whatever you need.

The last big one is so cool, a reason to jump around and throw some emotes because you can now advertise games natively in Discord to get players into your game. It’s some slick Discord integration using their awesome SDK. Thanks Discord!


Powerups, that’s why. Specifically the Freeze Ray as it’s got an overhaul. Who’d of thought that boosting into frozen players would be so awesome? Well it is, and just like flicking that mine off, it’s a fine art. We’ll be watching your streams for some well timed ice smashing.

The rocket also got an update. A reticle to show who it’s going to aim at (how have we done without it so far?) and a marker to show when a rocket is behind you for all those streamers who play without audio.

Mines detonate faster, we might make them even faster too. Tell us what you think on the Discord #DriveBuy channel.


Capturing footage of Drive Buy is hard! It was for us and it’s definitely true for anyone, the game is just so fast paced, it’s a blur of stuff. But also, the perspective is also the same and we didn’t think it showed of the game properly or even showed off the assets we’d created the best.

So we made a kind of Director mode where you can follow vehicles.

  • Enable ‘Camera Mode’ in the Options > Game > Enable Camera Mode)
  • Free camera, follow target and attach camera to target modes
  • Option to hide UI in camera mode and in game mode for cleaner captures
  • Different camera speed settings for precise or quick movement in camera mode
  • Option to auto-attach camera to projectiles for cool kill-shots

Join our game!


We really like Discord, it’s the place where we get to chat to you all about what’s going on in the game and where we take your feedback into our development sessions.

Now we’ve integrated the Discord SDK you can see other members of the community playing and advertise your matches directly in Discord.

The best thing is it’s possible to press ‘Join game’ right in Discord and it will boot up Drive Buy and automagically connect to the game, wherever it is in the world, regardless of region.


We played some more Mario Kart and saw their game modes had much better names than ours, so we renamed “Sell” mode to “Delivery Battle” so it makes more sense. But the big deal is that the sales target is now gone and has been replaced with a simple timer.


Loading screen now correctly shows a live services connection status. This was a major issue on last weeks stream when Steam went down and we couldn’t play with any of you! Now it’s easier to find out why.

We had to slow this down a lot… it happens pretty fast usually.


You know when the boost trail got all crinkly? Well, Boosting directly into a wall continuously will now disable boost quicker (which was the problem). That’s now also true if you’re determined to drive through rival players…

Look at that pink boost trail


  • Updated the freeze ray powerup, players can now be killed by boosting into them
  • Updated freeze timer to to be less for players who smash the A escape button
  • Added rocket target reticule
  • Added rocket marker that shows rockets coming from behind
  • Updated Mine detonation time, reduced from 4s to 3.5s
  • Added camera controls (enable in the Options)
  • Added free look camera
  • Added follow target camera
  • Added attach camera
  • Added option to hide UI in camera mode and in game mode for cleaner captures
  • Added different camera speed settings for precise or quick movement in camera mode
  • Added option to auto-attach camera to projectiles for cool kill-shots
  • Added Discord SDK
  • Added Discord status message showing players in Drive Buy
  • Added joining game via Discord request
  • Added start game through Discord
  • Renamed “Sell mode” to “Delivery Battle”
  • Replace product count down with a timer (it just makes more sense, try it)
  • Updated boost burn rate, it now depletes faster when driving into a wall or other players
  • Removed tutorial requirement (Thanks BatPrince!)
  • Added services connection status on game load
  • Fixed the mouse highlighting menu items when the controller was being used
  • Fixed loading screen, it now correctly shows level and game mode immediately
  • Fixed chat options sometimes stuck on screen
  • Fixed rockets sometimes falling out of the air
  • Fixed mines could be placed outside of the level
  • Fixed a bug to stop the shockwave being able to detonate your own mine.
  • Fixed “New” text on “Drivers” on main menu showing when nothing is new.
  • Fixed crinkly windows on Valentino’s Hatchback
  • Fixed a bug when joining a lobby caused an error
  • Fixed a bug when connecting to Steam fails


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Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - hugh


Since we have a few new faces around here, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Hugh from Glitchers . I’ll be bringing you announcements on everything Drive Buy through our social platforms and hosting the weekly Twitch Stream. I wanted to give you a rundown of what will you can expect in upcoming Drive Buy blog posts.

Each week there will be a new blog post, alternating between either a development or community update. When there’s a new build to shout about, I’ll be letting you know about all the cool new features and between those weeks I’ll be taking the content you’ve created and writing up a community post. Pretty simple!

This is our first community blog post, so welcome! In future this post will range from player shoutouts to game play tips and tricks showing off the latest new features released in the latest Drive Buy update.

Here, you will also find details of upcoming events, competitions and announcements


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Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - GLITCHERS

This week we’ve added a new preview map for you to try called “Canary” — it’s surrounded by a breathtaking water feature and it’s really fun to see far across the map.

When driving around Canary the water is most noticeable at the northeast side, with skyscrapers surrounding it. This level is loosely based on Canary Wharf area of London which is right next to the Thames, it looks super dystopian when lit up at night

We’ve also started marked out the career section on the main menu so in the coming weeks we will be resetting the XP earned for every player so we can fully test this out. More details on that next week.


Build 2247 Changelog

  • Added: NEW map – “Canary“
  • Fixed: UI issue with games list
  • Fixed: connecting screen not being dismissed if there was an error connecting

Drivers (previously Customisation)

  • Updated: Customisation section has been renamed to ‘Drivers’
  • Added: New items are tagged as “New” so you can easily find what you unlocked
  • Fixed: scrolling text for long item names


  • Added: Games automatically start when everyone is ready
  • Added: Can view Steam profiles of people you are playing with
  • Added: Manage bot players directly
  • Added: a sound when a player joins your game

Main Menu

  • Updated: main menu options to read ‘Play’, ‘Drivers’ and ‘Career’
  • Added: “NEW” tag to show new unlocks you haven’t yet looked at


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Drive Buy: Delivery Battle! - GLITCHERS

This past week we’ve been working on improving the join game experience. We’ve made the experience of being invited to a lobby or party, less overwhelming. We want to allow for a more seamless joining experience, so joining a game in another region will automatically swap you to that region. You can also change the region without having to quit the game and navigate back to the options screen.


  • Games List is now region free
  • You can view all current online games
  • You can change region without restarting the game
  • Joining a game in another region will automatically swap you to that region.
  • Steam Join improvements:
  • Join via invite
  • Join a friends game
  • Started setup for allowing other join methods i.e Discord.

The latest Drive Buy build is available Now


250 new keys have dropped, see you in the game over the weekend! Still not got yours? Make sure you’re on the list at and we’ll be dropped more keys next week.

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