Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - Tina
1. Bug Fix: Fix the bug that squads often wait several seconds to execute an order.

2. Bug Fix: Enemy squads occasionally move to the corner of the map.

3. Bug Fix: Attacked by enemy armies at the time of entering a village, the enemies will not show up and battle cannot be completed.

4. Bug Fix: When selecting multiple squads will put multiple waypoints.

5. Bug Fix: After capturing an enemy general, the same general will appear in a bar.

6. Bug Fix: Reversed name of achievement.

7. Disabled controllers to solve the spinning bug. (we will add options to turn it on in future patches)

8. Reduced the health growth rate for most soldiers.

9. Increased combat revenue.

10. Added fire rate display for guns in the description window.

For the next update we will focus on.

Add a few new guns.

Balance the economy system, increase city tax rate and income from trading routes.

Adjustment gun handling and damage.

Balance each unit's growth.

Add more AI strategies and tactics.
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - Tina
In this video Melamori and Tina trying the first Early Access version of the Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare. All the reaction is the original as they are opening this version for the first time together with recording the video.

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare was "extremely Mount & Bladey" when Chris tried it out in 2018, and it doesn't sound like that's changed during its stint in Early Access. It came out for good yesterday, and it remains a blend of first-person shooting and overhead strategy, with a healthy pinch of faction management mixed in.

You play the leader of a warring faction, and you're broke. You must make money, loot villages and fight bandits while recruiting soldiers, eventually building up a big enough army to take on your rival groups. Moment-to-moment, Freeman is a mix of long-distance firefights—you'll need a scope to really stand a chance—and strategic planning on a world map.

You'll fight in a squad of AI soldiers (there's no multiplayer at the moment), but you'll also be commanding other squads in real time. It's not something you can play absentmindedly, then, but if you're a fan of both genres it might be your bag, because there aren't many games that try to blend the two.

Fans of Mount & Blade might find something to like as well. "When I begin playing, the simple world map shows towns and roads, and I wander around represented by a single soldier with a little number next to me displaying the size of my hired forces," Chris wrote when he played it. "Other factions, plus groups of bandits and looters, stroll around the map too, though not entirely in real time: when I stop moving, they stop as well. As in M&B, you can visit towns to trade, recruit, rest (in this case, by visiting a hospital to heal), or to attempt a hostile takeover."

It accrued "very positive" reviews over Early Access, but the more recent reviews, for what they're worth, are "mixed", with many negative reviewers citing bugs and crashes. Let's hope any that remain are ironed out soon, because the concept is certainly appealing.

You can buy it for $15/£11.39 on Steam or GOG. The price was due to increase today, so don't be surprised if it's more expensive by the time you look.

Thanks, RPS.

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - Tina
V1.0 Update Content

Fix the problem that some computers can't run the game.

Added confirmation dialog when abandoning the mission.

Bug Fix: Cannot find tools anywhere.

Bug Fix: Ammo disappears when switching to binocular or grenade.

Bug Fix: Unable to exchange prisoners with companion generals.

Optimized the follow-me command. Squads will respond to your call quicker.

When soldier upgrades, their movement speed also increases.

Optimized the friendly garrison AI when defending the city, they will defend more rather than wandering on the map.

SR100 and HMG now use 11.43mm ammo.

Optimized 3 city maps, 4 camp maps, 2 village maps.

Added credit list.

We have also uploaded the First version of the game into the separated build so that you can compare from where this game started.
To Opt Into the First version build:

Launch the Steam Client. Go to the LIBRARY tab. Right-click on Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare and select Properties. Then click the BETAS tab. Then select "beginning- Freeman Beginning Version" from the drop-down and close the window. Then update the game and you are ready to go. You can opt-out at any time to get the default version of the game.
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - (Sin Vega)

I’ve been playing Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare over lunch for the last few days, in preparation for its full release. That moment is due tonight.

Normally here I’d tell you what sort of game it is, but there’s only one way to say this: It’s Mount & Blade as a first-person shooter.

Where has this been>?


Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - Tina
Hi everyone, we will exit Early Access in just 36 hours and the price will increase. So don't miss the opportunity to get the game now with Early Access price.

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - Tina

Hello everyone,

We are really excited to announce that our game Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is now feature complete and going to release on October 4th, 9 pm EST!

It's been one year and 8 months since we participated in Early Access. During this time the game went through many changes. Most people won’t recognize the game anymore, and if you are curious about how the first version of the game looks like, you can download it from the Test Version Build when we fully release the game.

It started like a small scale game, which mixed FPS and elements of Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategy, and RPG, with not too many features and simple graphics. Very soon after release, this game started to grow and become more and more unique with complex systems, lore, and in-depth gameplay mechanics added to the game.

Now the game becomes more like an actual guerrilla warfare simulator, where you need to train civilians to become experienced fighters, equip them with whatever you can get, and fight together for the liberation of Cherniv.

We are very thankful to all the people who supported us during the development! It was an incredible experience to create this game together with the community. The development is never an easy task, we will never forget all of these sleepless nights and the tough decisions we had to make. We will never forget how we grew from three devs into a full production team. And most importantly, how we were shaping this game little by little with the community who also had a great passion for it. So once more, with all our hearts, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have supported us!

As we said, the game is features complete, but we will still keep fixing bugs, adding some minor features, content, and keep maintaining the game in total. We will also spend time in polishing the modding system and support players to build their own FGW mods!

We are not going to stop, the completion of FGW is just the begin of the next era, so if you want to see our future projects, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletters on our official website and follow us on social media:





Love you all!💚

*Note, the price on the full release will be increased
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - Tina
Increased the chance of winning some ammunition as loot after winning.
Increased the frequency of other factions attacking bandits.
Reduced the spread of shotguns, improved accuracy, increased the damage of shotguns.
Fixed the bug that bullets pass through enemies at close range.
Fixed the bug when enemies die their icon doesn't disappear.
Fixed some companion dialogue bugs and recruitment tasks bugs.
Added more daily history texts.
Optimized some UI.
Optimized English and Russian localization.
Fixed the bug that friendly AI kills friendly AI.
Nearby friendly soldiers will target the player's current target.
Optimized the soldier's visual range. The snipers will spot the enemy much easier.
Optimized the AI suppression fire accuracy based on their level.
Optimized the balance of the item system and increase the value of individual items.
Optimized the loot system.
Fixed the bug that soldiers suddenly appear or disappear.
Fixed the "white texture" bug.

To Opt Into the Test branch.

Launch the Steam Client. Go to the LIBRARY tab. Right click on Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare and select Properties. Then click the BETAS tab. Then select "test-Test Version" from the drop-down and close the window. Then update the game and you are ready to go. You can opt out at any time to get the default version of the game.
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - Tina
The optimization of the camouflage system: clothing will provide the different value of camouflage for the terrain. Prone and crouch will increase camouflage. In grass and near trees, camouflage will be increased. While moving and shooting camouflage may be decreased.

Optimize the soldier AI intelligence, increase the soldier revenge mechanism. After the attack, AI will do counterattack. Increase the idle soldier priority set the target to the enemy around the player. Optimize price for fixing damaged buildings.

Bug fix: soldiers not being able to shoot with some guns.

Bug fix: white texture problem after loading.

Bug fix: allies sometimes kill each other.

Bug fix: enemy AI don't die.
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - Tina
We have updated the trailer, let us know your thoughts!

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