Goblin Gearshop - Wolfer255
Good news everyone!

We just released a patch to improve some of the later levels in the game.

- Better camera handling in Level 2-1.
- Better placement of machines in Level 2-3.
- Fixed collision issues in Level 2-4 and 2-5.
- Fixed being able to pick up decorative weapons in Level 1-2.

With this last patch, development of Goblin Gearshop has finally come to an end. Thank you to everyone who downloaded our game and gave us feedback during its production.

Goblin Gearshop was made as a student project with 14 students from all different kinds of multimedia institutions. It's hard to believe that we were able to make this game in only ten weeks (yes only 10!). Somehow we managed to pull it off though.

The experience has been invaluable and we hope you guys got some laughs and enjoyement out of playing our game (and shoving your goblin friends to the ground too of course).

If somehow anyone discovers any major critical bugs in the future we will of course try to fix them in our free time. But with our game on Steam and all levels released, for now this marks the end of our journey.

Thanks again to everyone who supported, shared, reviewed, streamed or played the game.

Your fellow Goblins:
- Minus2 Games

Jan 25, 2018
Goblin Gearshop - Smokeze
Greetings fellow Goblins!

Our battle against the ferocious orcs continues:

- Three new levels have been added.
- More bugs have been located and squashed.
- Fixed some issues in levels 2-1 and 2-2.
- We've asked all the particles in the game to not use that much performance, they were okay with that.

Good luck supporting our mighty army!
And don't forget, if you happen to walk into some nasty insects in the workplace, do tell us about those - we're here to help!
- Thomas
Jan 22, 2018
Goblin Gearshop - Torafu
Greetings goblins!

We have just updated the game with some changes we hope you will all enjoy.

- Goblins can now 'dash' by pressing the right trigger on your controller or L-shift on your keyboard.
- You will now be rewarded with confetti when you deliver the correct weapon.
- You will now be able to more easily tell when your assembly machine is broken.
- We squashed several bugs that were wandering around the gearshop.
- We have updated the loading screen to display even more useful information.
- We added a quality setting in the menu to help with lower end machines.
- Levels 2-1 and 2-2 were released last friday, with more coming this week!

Good luck beating the orcs, we hope these changes will help you.
Jan 19, 2018
Goblin Gearshop - ItsReaper
Greetings goblins!

We are working hard to create more content for all of you such as
- More levels
- New modes

We hope you guys can be patient a little while longer :) . Have fun playing the existing levels!
Goblin Gearshop - Timfa
Greetings goblins!

Due to an issue with save files in the game, we had to deploy a small update.
This will correct the save data, but will unfortunately also erase your current save file. Sorry for the inconvenience!

To make up for this, it will also fix some minor bugs and tweak the scoring a bit.

We've made sure this will be the only time save data will ever need to be erased.

- Tim Falken, Lead Development

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