Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - NIS_Justin

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Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - NISA_Sandi
Heyo Everyone!

We have pushed a new build onto the `PREVIEW` branch, and will post the patch notes below as well.

At this time we wanted to formally announce that the Early Access Discord for Assault Spy will be closing in 3 weeks. It's last day will be November 27, 2018.
If you have any bugs to report, please report them as soon as you can.

We also wanted to say, THANK YOU!

Your contribution to this project has been irreplaceable. It has really meant a lot to us and Wazen! Assault Spy would not have been the success it is today without you. We hope you continue to enjoy the high action comedy adventure of Assault Spy!

Build ID 3279740 (Available on Preview Branch):
- Could not obtain the achievement Overclock Overcome! has now been fixed.
- Issue where enemies would not appear on spy must die 35F was fixed.
- Added function where you an delete stage results from the pause menu.
- Fixed holes in walls in certain stages
- Bug where ranking would show during cut scene events fixed.
- Movement restrictions when talking to NPC and around elevators taken out.
- Mid air player and enemy collisions tweaked
- Added warning sounds to attacks made out of screen
- Added tutorial for understanding battle outcome
- Fixed Japanese subtitles that were out of order
- Adjusted the stuttering of wall cameras
- Amelia: fixed bug were you cannot do mid are shots
- Amelia: tweaked so when you block you recover SP
- Amelia: tweaked amount of SP taken for Corridor Smash
- Amelia: tweaked Braver Outburst skill
- During overclock made the mid-air dash unrestricted
- Changed behavior of dash during overclock
- Can now deal damage to enemies who are invincible during overclock
- Changed keyboard 4 to be able to explode business cards.
Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - (Dominic Tarason)

Assault Spy might look a little more buttoned-up than Devil May Cry with its cubicle farms and sharp business suits, but this combo-heavy brawler is ready to cut loose as it leaves early access today. Developed by tiny Japanese crew Wazen, it’s a game about silly dialogue, anime corporate espionage gone wrong and a whole lot of kicking robots (some of which are adorable) in the face, or whatever face-equivalent they’re equipped with. Check out the punchy (and kicky) launch trailer below featuring the game’s catchy soundtrack.


Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - Valve
Assault Spy / is Now Available on Steam!

Dash, evade, and smash your way to the truth as the corporate spy, Asaru; or the reckless CIA agent, Amelia! Uncover the dark secrets of the Negabot mega corporation as you save the company from a hostile takeover. Assault Spy is a stylish, fast paced, pure-action game with a dash of comedy.
Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - NISASahil

Agent Amelia Hits the Dojo

The game's second playable character, Amelia, is now available to try out in Dojo mode!

Where Asaru's playstyle involves high-speed dashing and well-timed JUST moves, Amelia is a brawler with an aggressive play style. Make use of the invincibility she has on her attacks and get right up in your foes' faces!

Practice her moves now, so you're ready to hit the ground running once her story mode is available!

New Death March Mode

With this new update, we've added a new challenge mode to the game!

Death March is a mode where you fight your way through floor after floor of enemies as a timer ticks downwards. You gain more time for each enemy you defeat, and the higher your battle rank, the more extra time you’ll get! There are no checkpoints, so if you get a Game Over or run out of time, you’ll start over from the beginning.

Smash your way through battle after battle as fast and as stylishly as you can!

Guard Break

A new Guard meter has been added to bosses and certain (tougher) enemies. Attacking these enemies from the front enough times will stagger them and allow you to go to town with your deadliest combos!

However, take note that their Guard meter will regenerate shortly afterwards, so go all-out while you can!

Keyboard/Mouse Support Improved

You can now rebind keys when playing in Keyboard mode. It also supports most non-English characters as well! :)

More Dojo Mode Options

When in Dojo Mode, you can now press the Select button to call up a menu with additional options.

New Move for Asaru: Brainstorming Buster

Asaru's Y+B move has been updated from previous versions of the game.

Brainstorming Buster starts by slamming your unfortunate foe's head into the floor with a German Suplex, then rockets into the air with them, and finally drives them headfirst into the ground at high speeds (you professional spies out there may know this part as an "Izuna Drop")!

Bugs Terminated

To make for a smoother spy experience for you, more bugs have been combo'd into oblivion!
Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - NISASean

Another update has been added to the Early Access build for Assault Spy! This update includes the final boss and thrilling conclusion to Asaru’s side of the story along with several quality of life additions that allow you to get right back into the action!

Check out a few of the key updates below:

Executive Area:
After completing the Back Lot stage, you’ll finally reach the Executive area, where the masterminds behind the terrorist takeover have been hiding.., there is a new enemy you are to fight in this area but they have not been created yet. The current enemies in this area are a placeholder for now. However, please look forward to the final boss that has been added into the Executive Area.

When the final boss is defeated an ending cutscene will play. When this ending cutscene is complete, a “clear game flag” is added to your save file and you will be returned to the main menu. A ★ will appear next to your save file to show that you have completed the adventure! If you continue from this save file, you will start at the beginning of the prologue.

Updated Function:
A new function has been added to the Options Menu that will let you automatically skip cutscenes so you can get right back into the action!

Thank you to all who have been playing through the Early Access version of Assault Spy so far! We are happy to have been able to improve this game so far thanks to your feedback and we are excited to continue working with you to make Assault Spy the best that it can be! Stay tuned for more updates in the future and we look forward to improving the game with you then!

To those who have not joined in just yet—don’t worry! You can still join Early Access now on Steam for a special discounted price for a limited time! Help take back the Negabot corporation today!

More update screenshots:

Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - NISASahil

Assault Spy had another update today, and this time you have quite a few new challenges ahead of you. In this update, you’ll have to rely on not only your battle skills, but your instincts and patience too if you want to keep climbing up the company ladder.

Your new update, should you choose to accept it, will have you face off against the following threats:

New Area - Back Lot

The newest story segment takes place in a new zone: the Back Lot. In this area, you’ll encounter enemies and obstacles that will challenge you to use your skills differently. Can you overcome the ups and downs of the Back Lot?

Stealth Levels

When your weapons are taken from you, you’ll need to rely on a fundamental spy skill — stealth! In the newest update, you’ll find yourself sneaking and dashing around to avoid security cameras and guards as you traverse a set of levels designed specifically to test your skill! Can you escape?

Enemy Upgrades

The Monitor Man and Drone models have been equipped with the latest Negabot Tech. Be sure to watch out for some new tricks they’ve got up their sleeves. The game’s balance has been adjusted to introduce new challenges.

Take on this new assignment now in Assault Spy on Steam, available for a special Early Access price. Dive into the world of corporate spy espionage today!
Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - sandi.williams
To commemorate Assault Spy's new update today we will focus on the newly-added Officers of the Negabot mega-corporation. These well-dressed killing machines will give you a run for your money when you come across them at the end of an area:

"Our security system restricts access to facilities based on clearance level. You need authorization from the diamond, spade, heart, and club machines."

Each of these authorization machines are located in different part of the company, guarded by one of the Officers, and it’s up to you to find them.

Screenshots are from a development version of the game. 

Officer Diamond
Battle Style: Perfect Business Etiquette
A seasoned fighter like yourself, it brings fast brawler techniques to the battle.

Screenshots are from a development version of the game. 

Officer Heart
Battle Style: Mind Reading
Watch out for Officer Heart’s wide range attacks that send out vertical and horizontal shockwaves.

Screenshots are from a development version of the game. 

Officer Spade
Battle Style: Easy Communication
Throws fast projectiles and has a charging thrust attack that will keep you on your toes.

Screenshots are from a development version of the game. 

Officer Club
Battle Style: Incredibly Precise Hands
Fires shockwaves and is great at origami.

Challenge them now in Assault Spy Early Access, available now for a special price. Dive into the world of corporate spy espionage today!
Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - (Dominic Tarason)

Assault Spy

While it would be thematically appropriate for a game named Assault Spy to sneak by completely unnoticed, this upcoming brawler from Japanese indie studio Wazen (and published/localised by NIS America) has landed itself squarely on my radar, thanks to its Devil May Cry inspired combo stylings. That, and the fact that you get to beat up a lot of weirdly adorable robots with a briefcase and umbrella. This week, it made its early access debut via Steam.


Assault Spy / アサルトスパイ - nisa_travis
Assault Spy is now open for Early Access! We'd like to thank everyone for your patience during the wait, it has been a long three months since our announcement of this title at the NIS America Press Event in February. We hope that you’re all excited to help Asaru fight through Negabot on his mission to uncover the truth about the hostile takeover of this mega corporation.

While in Early Access, there will be periodic updates as we add new content and fine-tune the balance of the game up until its release this fall. As a means of extending our thanks, we will be offering a discount for all who purchase the game during this period. We wouldn’t be here without you!

We also have a public Discord server where you are able to discuss gameplay, potential issues, and other feedback:

Thank you again, and we look forward to sharing exciting updates about Assault Spy with you soon!

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