Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
This patch is a smaller one focusing on some bugs that have been building up which should hopefully smooth out some of the more apparent issues. There is a lot of work from this patch that is being rolled over as there are some major gameplay mechanics that are being worked on and should be implemented in the following patch.

These are the major changes to this update:
Character gold and items no longer break when switching classes.
Character combat UI now updates properly.
Fixed an issue where armor highlight stats were appearing in the incorrect order.
Fixed a camera location bug when changing classes.
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
We are back from hiatus and working diligently on Gambit Heart! We are excited to introduce this patch 0.329.

We have added hundreds of unique weapons and armor which can be found in battle or for purchase.

A marketplace with 3 vendor stalls for buying and selling gear, as well as 3 NPC's to man them; a general merchant, an armorer and a weapon smith. You will now be able to buy or sell your loot.

The character menus have been updated with added functionality for inventory access to items and gear as well as equipment information and stats.

The camera has been reworked to feel more intuitive and responsive to player input.

This update should add a lot in terms of playability and will hopefully show our players what they can start to expect from Gambit Heart in the future. These features are the meat of the game and will change the experience drastically so please check back to see what's new. We are already working on the next update with lots of exciting additions!

We are returning to regular updates but aiming for monthly intervals. We feel that weekly updates will feel more substantial when the game is more substantial, and there are currently some larger features that take longer than a week to complete.


Here are the changes for this patch:

Added player equipment functionality

Added player equipment inventory menu

Added color-coded stat difference indicator

Added item/equipment database

Added item/equipment shop descriptions

Added 3 vendor NPC's (general, weapons, armor)

Added 3 outdoor shop stalls (general, weapons, armor)

Added NPC inventories

Added NPC animations

Added buy/sell menus

Added camera panning

Added camera manual zoom

Added currency system

Added new game logo

Adjusted combat and non-combat camera functionality

Fixed menu mover bug

Fixed camera movement bug

Fixed buying menu bug

Fixed mouse highlighter bug

Updated Options menu


These are the known issues and should all be fixed/completed in 1 week:

Character menu tabs

Some item data (names and descriptions)

Team NPC menu (so player can gear up team members)

NPC and shopkeep Talk menus (currently blank)

Monster level range to coincide with player level

Monster color variation based on level

New trailer for the latest patch
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
Unfortunately, Grizzly Wolf Games will not be able to update Gambit Heart on a consistent basis for the foreseeable future. This comes with a rather heavy burden on us, as financially we are unable to continue updating the Steam version of Gambit Heart currently, and have to quickly divert our focus or we risk losing our company.

Gambit Heart is a game of passion for us; we want to make the best Tactical Role-Playing game that we can imagine; the game we want to play. We knew we were biting off more than we could chew but drove forward anyway. With ample experience and tenacity for our craft, we wished to make an amazing experience that would be enjoyed from the outset.

Unfortunately, reality is more than just ambition. Gambit Heart is a game that requires an incredible amount of resources, and while we have the talent, we do not have the financial ability to continue on at this point in time. With another estimated year and a half to two years of development ahead of us, and with that time needing to be almost solely dedicated on development of the game, there's simply not enough left in the bank to ride out development to the point of being able to pivot focus into marketing; as that would be essential to financial viability on the Steam platform.

We've stated it before, but unfortunately we have to state it again, as it's ultimately our downfall with Gambit Heart: we are developers first, and publishers second. We did not market the game, as we want more from it. There's so much left to be done before we'd really be confident enough to sit down and say "this is what Gambit Heart is, and it's worth purchasing now."

Moving Forward:

We're far from done with Gambit Heart and we wouldn't have bothered with Steam if the plan wasn't to complete it, all that's changing is how and when. We'll be returning sometime later next year, ideally as soon as possible, as this is what we truly wish to work on, it is our passion project, our dream game.

In the meantime, we'll be working on porting and re-releasing our previous title, Flight of the Paladin, as well as another smaller game we've been kicking around internally for a while. We have had other things on the back-burner, and if we don't want to close our doors for good, it looks like we'll have to pivot to those effective immediately to continue doing what we love.

We're sorry, we have made promises that to date we haven't kept. We've had setbacks that we didn't account for and it's ultimately slowed progress down. We haven't been as organized as we'd wanted and it's shown. It is our goal to relaunch Gambit Heart in 2019 with renewed vigor, more driven focus, and a concise direction that is as clear to you as it is to us.

We thank you for your patience and know that Gambit Heart is not dead, just hibernating. Grizzly Wolf Games has to keep alive in order for that to remain true, though, and so we must now divert our feelings and energy into keeping our doors open.
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
This week was a lot of work on the back-end of production; assets are being assembled, skill effects are being plotted out, and the story that has yet to be told is shaping its way into production. There have been several aspects severely missing from Gambit Heart that we haven’t addressed, those primarily being quality UI design and narrative. Both of these will slowly filter their way into the game over the next few weeks, on top of the essentials that we have addressed.

On that note, there are some changes that can be expected when it comes to how Gambit Heart presents itself; both financially and descriptively. First, our price point will be changing, we stated that we would stay firm at our price point in the Early Access questionnaire, and we’ll be reviewing how we want to address that soon. Second, we may be removing the moniker of “Rogue-lite” as we feel more and more inclined to make a standardized RPG experience. We have a distinct story to tell, ours is not a completely randomized world. We have many procedural aspects, and those will be staying, but the narrative, the overall story being told, and the characters involved, those are set firmly in place. Secondly, we feel that Rogue-lite as a genre (and by extension Rogue-likes) are quite distinctive in their expectations, and we don’t feel the necessity to confine ourselves inside of those lines. Perma-death was always planned on being circumvented easily, and by the very nature of the term, this removes the “Rogue” element. If any of our current players are put off by this and are within Steam’s window of a refund, feel free to trust your gut; we are as well, and we feel that Gambit Heart will be far better for it.

Patch Notes:

Fixed map location bug when changing class
Fixed inventory not updating properly when changing class
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
This week we are trying to get organized. Our time-frame was estimated based on the need to catch-up and we have to accept that updates will be slower than we would like. We are still committed to delivering the best game we can with Gambit Heart. Everything we need has been planned and we are excited to produce it as fast as we can but we need to be realistic.

The roadmap is the same but our dates are going to be a little farther out. For those still unsure of whether or not to purchase the game: please look forward to us having most of the lumps smoothed out by early September. This will include the initial area and biome as well as what’s missing on what we promised to deliver: the first dungeon.

We hope that by September you will be able to play the game as it was meant to be played, albeit a small starting version. Thank you for sticking with us and please forgive our poor planning.

Here are the changes for version 0.295:

Added ability to change classes
Added preliminary skills for Assassin, Fighter, Mage and Thief classes

Known bugs:
Changing classes resets the player character’s location to the bottom corner of the map, and inventory is not updating correctly after class change.
New skills are integrated, but not available yet as VFX and SFX are not yet completed.
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding during our hiatus! We are resuming our normal update schedule. We will do our best to be very active with development in the coming weeks. We’d like to address a few things with this community update, as we haven’t been quite as transparent with our plans as we had wanted, and we’d like to share what our goals are with this game.

Here we’ll discuss our roadmap and planned features with Gambit Heart. We had previously planned on getting the roadmap out earlier and updating it as we go; this did not happen, as focus has been solely on development. This is probably something to expect to a degree with us and Gambit Heart. We’re developers before we’re publishers, and our focus has always been on making the best game possible. That being said, we love our community, you may be a small group at this point, but you’ve been here with Gambit Heart since the beginning. Thank you so much for your support and patience! We’ll try to be more timely with responses in the forums moving forward, so don’t be afraid to ask us questions! There’s a lot of design work that hasn’t been talked about, features unsaid that should arrive eventually, and mechanics in place that aren’t showcased properly at this point. On that note, we’re going to continue with weekly updates for the foreseeable future; we are actively working on Gambit Heart full time and aren’t slowing down any time soon, and getting weekly builds out has been a great way to keep a good pace while everyone gets to see the game improve every week. We want to see Gambit Heart improve quickly and drastically, so there is no current plan to transition to two weeks between updates any time soon.

Moving roadmap. It’s rough and will change over time, we may move it to our website as well, but this is a good starting point. We hope to revisit the roadmap at least once a month to keep everyone up to date on where we’re heading.

The Roadmap

-The first dungeon.

We stated that we were going to have that ready for this update today, this was wrong, and we definitely bit off more than we could chew with that promise. We’re sorry for making promises we couldn’t keep, as we also weren’t able to fit in the next two features either. We’re going to be pushing these out before August rolls around, which means there may be a second update beyond the 27th to make sure that these are all on time. As for the dungeon itself it will receive some additions and changes throughout August; especially in the items and equipment department, as well as quests.

-Skill System (version 1)

This has been on paper for a long time, and the current system of a single skill per class that is automatically unlocked has been a placeholder. The system moving forward will be new combat skills unlock every five levels, and that these are class-based skills. There will be a hard limit of 3 skills that you can equip to take into battle with you at a time and outside of combat you will be able to adjust which skills you have equipped. In the future, we’re considering some skills that can be gained from equipment, items, and learned permanently, outside of classes, but this will be placed on hold while we get the essential skills completed for each of the classes.

-Class Changing

We want to introduce class changing, as it’ll be a primary attribute to building up your characters just the way you wish. Currently, the plan is to have characters you meet train you how to become a class, but it will require that the desired class be in the same branch as your starting class. In the future this will probably be expanded upon, and specific NPCs may be put in place over hireable characters. (At this point all there is are hireable characters and enemies, which leads us into August.)

-Towns revised

Currently town maps are very barren and do very little outside of containing Quest Machines and hireable characters. Moving forward we will be implementing proper town-based NPCs, including merchants and profession-based NPCs, as well as buildings you can actually enter, which will be replacing our currently ineffective placeholders.


There’s more on the plate than just combat when it comes to Gambit Heart, and that requires cooking. But to cook you’ll need ingredients and to make a campfire, and to make a campfire you’ll need to gather wood… We’ve been looking forward to professions for many months, and we’re excited to introduce them into Gambit Heart. We’ll start with simple professions that can be swapped similarly to class, and will be building out the profession system further over time. We’ll most likely start with cooking, smithing, and resource gathering professions, but may move into more going forward; we don’t want to make professions a superfluous addition, though, so all professions will have strong utility in-game.


The current game world is going to get much more varied moving forward, and as the first region becomes more detailed and polished, we’ll be moving into adding a lot more content and diversity to the world around you; currently everything is just a repetition of the first environment, and that will be changing.


There’s not much in the realm of equipment or items, currently, but that is only on the production side. Internally, we have an enormous amount of equipment planned, and a fair amount of items as well. Along with all this loot will come a currency as well. Equipment will start to first appear in July, most likely, but the focus on itemization won’t really roll out until we’re starting to polish up towns and biomes. (There’s not much point loading up your inventory if you can’t sell your old gear!)


Currently, all there is to find in the realm of questing is the Quest Machine, which only cares about shiny stones. Moving forward NPCs will help pick up the slack, as will other unique objects. And not all quests will simply be collections, nor will all quests be direct; puzzles and hidden objects will be finding their way into the world of Gambit Heart, and we want to see these added in early, as they will continue to crop up in dungeons, towns, fields and forests moving forward.

Going into the fall/winter we will see the world take a lot more shape, as there are so many dungeons on paper just waiting to be implemented, towns to shape out, and more. We’ll be coming back to the roadmap with more detail sometime in late August.

Curators, Twitch streamers, and Youtubers

We are excited to take advantage of Steam Curation in the near future, as well as work with twitch/youtube content creators. Our plan is to wait until we have a more fun and complete build which will be announced as our first big milestone, hopefully towards the end of August. At this point we feel it is too early in development to fully experience the game as we intend it. We do plan on sharing keys with selected curators/content creators in hopes of receiving honest reviews and feedback. If you would like to be considered, please drop us an email with your curator page link.

Here is the list of updates for the newest build 0.291:

Updated save system which includes:
-World Map

Adjusted Quest Machine turn-in to 3 shiny stones instead of 10

Fixed stackable inventory objects to now work correctly

Known bugs: Quest Machine turn-ins do not save progress.
Jul 6, 2018
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no updates for July 6th or the 13th. Our programmer has unfortunately become ill and will need time to recover. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and will return fully healed with a quality update on the 20th.

In lieu of an update, we'd like to share with you what to expect on the 20th:

-A fully functional save system, including world map and inventory.
-The first dungeon
-Preliminary skill system
-Class changing

We apologize for the delay, as well as the absence of an update this week with no advanced notice. We hope that we can recover quickly and bring a satisfying first update with our return!

Thank you for your patience and consideration.
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
Not as much progress was made this week as was planned; Steamworks integration has began, as well as character saves, but there have been setbacks with saving procedurally generated worlds due in part to how objects are managed engine side. This has led us to having the choice ahead of us on whether to continue with procedural generation or to set a fixed map. As we're still indecisive and researching our options we haven't made a final decision on the matter. There will be more details in the next community update.

We've added a new lizard type monster called a "Tatzel". We are planning to follow the theme of unique creatures to populate the world of Gambit Heart. We like the idea of exploring an unknown world and not knowing what kind of interesting fantasy creatures, hybrids, and legends you might stumble upon. The Tatzel will be getting skills in the near future.

Added Save system
Added character level progression
Added Tatzel monster
Updated Item inventory count
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
We have added 3 new enemies to the forests, and Bogles have been added to fields. In current production are more enemy monsters as well as craftable drops which players can utilize once we unveil our crafting system in a future update. It’s been slower than we’d like this week, but we’re expecting the updates to become more substantial in the weeks to come as we get our bearings and continue to finish out the essential gameplay mechanics.

Added classes Guardian, Ranger and Herbalists to forests
Added placeholder icons to items
Updated Bogle spawn locations
Fixed loot spawn on class NPC’s
Gambit Heart - Grizzly Wolf Games
Here are the changes for version 0.278:

Combat UI clear dead character info fix
Character UI fix
Inventory screen character name fix
NPC battle location fix

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