pixelBOT EXTREME! - play.HEART games
FINETUNE your perfect pixelBOT gameplay experience!

Summer 2019 brings new intense gameplay options and loads of improvements and bug fixes!

Content updates:
  • NEW: Adjustable game speed: Find your right pace and slow down in EXTREME! sections!
  • NEW: Shields: Turn on 'orbs give shields' in the settings to get a lifesaver for a collected orb!
  • NEW: Destroy last option: Decide if the last or even last 3 obstacles touched should be destroyed after respawn!
  • NEW: Shooting overlay: Switch on/off a helpful buttons overlay if playing with a controller!
  • NEW: Adjust your volume: Finally audio volume can be turned down/up in the settings!
  • Reworked world 1 once again to optimize gameplay experience!
  • 1st boss level now has a checkpoint!
Bugfixes and improvements:
  • Fixed the annoying cam scrolling bug in lvl1-1 and reworked ingame camera scrolling!
  • Fixed time counting issues and implemented a new way to properly count play time!
  • More explosive breakOUT!
  • Improved tutorial flow!
  • Adjusted controls screen in the settings!
  • Direct restart in boss levels!
  • New particles for collecting bullets, orbs and letters!
  • Optimized gameplay for 21:9!
  • Slight UI adjustments!
pixelBOT EXTREME! - play.HEART games

With the Halloween 2018 update we adjusted world 1 completely and moved our colorful gameplay twist right to the start of the game!

Content updates:
  • Reworked world 1: Shoot right from the start!
  • Early gameplay twist: Collect your first two rockets in levels 1-1 and 1-2!
  • React and shoot faster: Increased shooting rate!
  • NEW: Auto-shooting option in the settings!
  • NEW: Play with one hand: If auto-shooting, use LB or ALT to switch between your rockets!
  • NEW: Two gravity options: Flappy (High gravity) and Weightless (low gravity)!
  • NEW: Level loading screen incl. useful tips and tricks!
  • NEW: Keyboard players without a NUMPAD: Use arrow keys to shoot!
  • Reworked some EXTREME! levels to achieve the ultimate challenge!
Bugfixes and improvements:
  • Improved tutorials!
  • Fixed the "cam starting bug" - no more dying at the very first start!
  • Improved camera scrolling on the world map!
  • Lower orb requirements at world map barriers!
pixelBOT EXTREME! - play.HEART games
pixelBOT running on MacOS!
Blast your way through on Windows and Mac!
  • Fixed strange issues with Mac version and made pixelBOT running on Mac!
  • Fixed some controls navigation issues on the world map!
pixelBOT EXTREME! - play.HEART games
SPEEDRUN mode included!
beat the game and become the fastest BOT ever!
  • updated level and global stats!
  • added total record!
  • added hit accuracy rate!
  • added a way to skip level stats!
  • more keyboard controls: arrows vs. numpad!
  • cosmetic improvements and slight UI changes!
pixelBOT EXTREME! - play.HEART games
EXTREME! improvements + much more BOOM! waiting for you:
  • finetuned buttons sensitivity, BOT weight + gravity to achieve more feasible controls!
  • pimped up world 1 - shoot 'em up earlier + way more frequent!
  • spiced up some levels to have EXTREMEly intense feelings!
  • polished background scrolling + fixed some flickerung issues!
  • exchanged death wall graphics!
  • PLUS slightly faster movement!

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