Russian Subway Dogs - Spooky Squid
Major fix to Endless mode pop-up missions.
This bug was causing a 1 train delay before mission critical elements were spawning from the train. This also meant there was less potential time to complete missions. Pop up missions should be significantly easier to complete now!

Eating food worth 10k or more will no longer freeze the score display.

Fixed the rare crash that sometimes happened while completing the final level.
Let us know if this happens to you in case there were multiple causes.

Minor fixes to level timer starting and stopping on final level
Completing the level in under 2:30 minutes should be easier now.

Improved Steam F12 screencaping support on Mac.
This is a work around due to a bug in the underlying GameMaker engine, so there are colour and visual artifact issues in some situations. We recommend using the built in Mac OS screenshot capture instead.
PC capture should still work flawlessly.
Russian Subway Dogs - Spooky Squid

Russian Subway Dogs is out and we're celebrating by donating to a worthy cause and launching at a discount!

We're donating $1 from every sale of Russian Subway Dogs during launch to Save our Scruff a rescue charity that saves dogs around the world!

We're also selling Russian Subway Dogs at a 10% discount with additional deals if you own our previous game They Bleed Pixels, buy it with the soundtrack, or want to pick up all our games and soundtracks at once!.

The launch discount and charity event end this Thursday (August 9th) so now is a great time to pick up Russian Subway Dogs, save some cash and donate to a worthy cause!
Russian Subway Dogs - Spooky Squid
ːtbphappyː NEW FEATURES:
- You can now take screenshots and post them to the community using the screenshot key (usually F12)

ːtbpangryː BUGS SQUISHED:
- Attempting to roast poisoned pigeons no longer crashes the game.
Russian Subway Dogs

Russian Subway Dogs, the game about dogs who ride the subway in Russia (and also steal food, hang out with cats, juggle vodka, and fight bears) is now available on Steam, and to get things off on the right paw developer Spooky Squid Games has released a launch trailer featuring real dogs doing pretend interviews about the game.  

Hey, I think it's cute.

Russian Subway Dogs is based on the real-life homeless dogs in Moscow, who have apparently figured out how to survive and even thrive in the city's subway system. Some of them have actually learned how to use the subways to commute between regular stops, begging for food in popular, high-traffic areas during the day, and then retiring to quieter areas at night for sleep. ABC News actually did a report on them in 2010. 

The game is a little more fanciful, as the dogs will undertake missions provided by the Proletaricat, like creating a "bear-b-q," making fishsicles, or eating a vegetarian diet. Food must be acquired (which is to say, stolen), and it sounds like there may be some drinking involved as well. Russian winters are tough on everyone. 

During the first week of launch, $1 from each sale of Russian Subway Dogs will be donated to Save Our Scruff, a Toronto-based charity that finds homes for rescue dogs around the world. More information about the game, and a link to a free "rough sketch" prototype, can be had at

Update: The post originally stated that Russian Subway Dogs was being published by Devolver Digital. Devolver is not actually involved in the project.

Russian Subway Dogs - (Dominic Tarason)

Russian Subway Dogs is one of those slow-burn passion projects I’ve been following since it was announced. The latest from They Bleed Pixels creators Spooky Squid, it’s a cute little point-hunting game about the (very real) dogs that scavenge for food every day on Moscow’s metro system. There’s bears, elk, surly old grandmas and a whole lot of vodka involved, and for those lacking the requisite canine kinship, yes, you can play as the Proletaricat, plus guest characters/pups from across the indie development sphere. After years in development, it’s out today.



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