February was a productive month for TRANSCEND-- although it went by pretty fast, I was able make a good amount of progress to show you guys!

As some of you know: this year I began developing the next set of chapters on the Unity 3D engine. Although I am still in the learning process, I am extremely excited with the overall progress so far--

-This month I decided to
work on creating new environments for TRANSCEND; I began by creating a black & white silhouette that would be the foundation of how the map shapes up-

With the help of Unity, this allowed me to dynamically change/test out any color variations I wanted.

Without spoiling too much, you can expect the final product to look something like this:

As promised, combat is also getting a much needed makeover. One of the new changes made, is how the "Dash" ability works. Before, dashing was done by equipping the ability the same as any other ability and accessing it with the 1,2,3,4,5 keys. Now, dashing is much more accessible and can be called at anytime by pressing the SPACE button. Looking back, dashing is a core ability and should be treated as such.

Although I am still not sure if to make the dashing go towards the direction the mouse is located, or the direction the player is moving.

That's all for February- If anyone has suggestions for features or ideas they'd like to see me develop, don't be afraid to ask! If you have not purchased a copy yet, give it a try if you can! Your support helps out so much and it is what truly keeps me going. Thank you! ːsteamhappyː
After taking some time off over the Christmas break, I began working on moving TRANSCEND to Unity! This may not seem like a huge deal, but considering how limited the old engine was (BYOND), this is something I am extremely excited about. Working with Unity has really sped up development, along with also finding a bit of help on the programming side!

I wanted to wait until we had a bit to show before announcing the move, so let's get started with some highly requested features:

Adjustable Full Screen Resolution:

Full Screen Resolution is in! This one is at the top of the list because of the crazy demand for it. In the old engine, this was something that was just not feasible, so I did what I could with the aspect ratio. With Unity, we were able to do this in no time-- no matter the size of your screen!

Consistent frame-rate and Camera Smoothing:

Frame-rate was also a problem in the old engine, as adding too many things to the map or the player's screen, would cause huge FPS problems (specially on low spec computers). This is something we won't have to worry about moving forward. Unity seems to be pretty reliable with handling FPS and keeping it under control; although we will have to see in the future the extent of this when we perform stress tests.

Combat is underway:

This is still a very 'rough' draft of the combat, but we are making some major strides within the first 2 weeks of the new year. I am looking to build upon what we had in the first 4 chapters and add on/change some of the functionality of the combat. If you have some cool ideas of what you'd like to see from the combat in TRANSCEND, now is the time to voice your thoughts!

Next week, I will be bringing the world of TRANSCEND to life and get some of the environment in the game. Along with this, I'll also be fixing and working on the clothes and animations for the main character.

Needless to say there are a lot of good things coming to TRANSCEND IN 2018! If you haven't purchased a copy yet, give it a chance and support this solo developer and the hard work I've put into this project over the last few years. Thank you! ːsteamhappyː

ALSO: We are not rebuilding the game from scratch, we are starting where we left of-- Chapter 4.

Before we get to the boring stuff, here's some of the future additions and cool things you can expect:

This guy which will either be your foe, or your ally, this all depends on the decisions you make:

The Spartan world is just about finished, although it may not look exactly like this, but the main character will:

There's also this guy which we haven't seen just yet but you can be sure we'll be seeing from him in the near future:

Here are some of the bugs and changes that have been fixed and uploaded:

-fixed a bug where "new" was staying on the screen
-fixed a bug where player was able to walk out of map
-fixed a bug with spears not connecting on the final fight
-edited some of the pop up dialogues so the letters are not hard to see
depending on the interface color you chose.

-added a skip option for first cut-scene (The one with Aku)
-energy now recovers slightly faster
-sped up some of the dialogues and cutscenes
-fixed a bug with the loading and new options in the intro

You can expect the next set of chapters to be released sometime early next year, so stay tuned!

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