Futurejam - 2049VR
Hi All,

Just a reminder that our other game Music Escape Build 63 is live!
- Fixed offset for all tracks to tighten the timing a bit more
- Fully redesigned UI, still needs some tweaks but a great improvement from before
- Fixed an issue with text legibility on some HMDs
- Added Streamer (3d person) camera
- Added settings for Streamer camera selection
- Improved Nunchaku physics
- Improved slicing detection for Claws
- Added Easy difficulty for 4 tracks
- Overall misc. performance optimizations

Futurejam - hello
Hi all, we are excited to make Futurejam free to play!

The reason is simple, limited resources. While developing Futurejam, learned a lot about how to design a VR game and realized the limitations of our initial design. So we've taken those lessons and put them into Music Escape (link below).

So here's your chance to play Futurejam for free, if you like it, please support us by purchasing Music Escape. It's currently in Alpha and we have a big update coming next week.

And if you have purchased Futurejam before, we are happy to comp you a copy of Music Escape. Just find us on Discord: https://discord.gg/hnsKu5h

Futurejam - 2049VR
Hi Futurejam supporters! We have been busy the past several months updating Futurejam to something more fun and fully takes advantage of the benefit that Virtual Reality offers.

We are proud to introduce the culmination of all the hard work, and it's called Music Escape (Alpha Edition).

We will be fully supporting Music Escape going forward, so please join us!

If you have already purchased a copy of Futurejam before, you are eligible for a free version of Music Escape!

Just follow the directions below:

1. Join Our Discord
2. Send a Direct Message to "2040VR" with a screenshot from Steam showing that you own Futurejam and we will reply with a Steam Key just for you.

Please now that you have to be a member of our Discord for over 10 minutes before you can post and message or send a dm.

Looking forward to chatting on our official Discord!

-Team 2049VR

Sep 13, 2018
Futurejam - oxygamer
Hello community !

Changes in version 92:

- Updated engine version.
- Spectator camera disabled by default. It saves a lot performance (press "space" if you want to enable)
- Fixes of few bugs.

We are currently working on new game mode and level. We will share more details when it will be ready to play.
Aug 16, 2018
Futurejam - oxygamer
Hi all !
This is weekly changelog for Build 91

- Fixed few bugs, that cause graphical glitches
- Improved controllers vibration on pad hit. Especially it feels on Oculus VR.
- Significantly improved performance (FPS) in Bridge Club level.
- Significantly improved quality for spectator cameras. Now spectators see the same quality as VR player.

Now you can capture much better gameplay videos and screenshots.

Last 2 updates was mostly about fixing bugs and improving performance.

Now we can start adding new features and more content!

Hope you will enjoy the game :)

2049VR Team

Aug 10, 2018
Futurejam - oxygamer

This is what was changed in last update:

- Improved general performance.
- Fixed lighting in "Bridge Club" and "Warehouse" levels. Now light from all light sources are visible.
- New powerbar notifiers.

We are working on new music tracks and levels. It will be music of new genres, so the game process will be more diverse.

Enjoy the game!

2049VR Team


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