Sep 13, 2018
Futurejam - oxygamer
Hello community !

Changes in version 92:

- Updated engine version.
- Spectator camera disabled by default. It saves a lot performance (press "space" if you want to enable)
- Fixes of few bugs.

We are currently working on new game mode and level. We will share more details when it will be ready to play.
Aug 16, 2018
Futurejam - oxygamer
Hi all !
This is weekly changelog for Build 91

- Fixed few bugs, that cause graphical glitches
- Improved controllers vibration on pad hit. Especially it feels on Oculus VR.
- Significantly improved performance (FPS) in Bridge Club level.
- Significantly improved quality for spectator cameras. Now spectators see the same quality as VR player.

Now you can capture much better gameplay videos and screenshots.

Last 2 updates was mostly about fixing bugs and improving performance.

Now we can start adding new features and more content!

Hope you will enjoy the game :)

2049VR Team

Aug 10, 2018
Futurejam - oxygamer

This is what was changed in last update:

- Improved general performance.
- Fixed lighting in "Bridge Club" and "Warehouse" levels. Now light from all light sources are visible.
- New powerbar notifiers.

We are working on new music tracks and levels. It will be music of new genres, so the game process will be more diverse.

Enjoy the game!

2049VR Team


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