Jan 11, 2018
Action Rush - White Enamel
-Steam Achieves are succesfully Added.
-Interface Visuals are Changed.
-An error is solved about time keeping
-An Error is solved about option menu and Reorganized.
-Now, All players finishing times are recording for each map.
-Now, You are earning star by duration of the maps finish.
-Simple fixes were made for lightning system.
-Effect amount is decreased, so disturbing effects are no longer see on the screen. Apart from that fog amount is inscreased for far distances.
-There are now checkpoints in the middle regions of the maps(Almost).
-The World 0 is no longer consist of 2 different parts. It's combined with other part, checkpoint was provided to the merge point.
-The World 2 is no longer consist of 2 different parts. It's combined with other half, checkpoint was provided to the merge point. It's a little easier to finish World 2.
-A small amount of Optimisation were provided to the World 3's particles.
-Disturbing objects were removed for World 4. For the Reach to the target that At the Second jumping point's required bulge was made a little easier.
-World 5 is now completely working over from luck.
-A small amount General Optimisation were provided.
Dec 20, 2017
Action Rush - White Enamel
- The zone required for Double Jumping is now indicated by the signs and "Follow".
- The first "F" key was added to the first map to make it easier to understand for the interaction of the first "F" key.
- Added extra cards to the first map.
- Now the selected language is recorded after you have changed languages. So every time you log in you will not have to change language.
Dec 16, 2017
Action Rush - White Enamel
- Map selection menu changed
- The "Lost" menu will no longer be encountered after you have dropped from a certain distance. After passing the character drop point, it will be beamed back to the birth point of the map.
- In the Settings tab, the Post-Process option changed the Graphic option, which was removed.
- The settings chosen by the player will now be saved instead of being reset. The deletion of the player record will not affect the record file in which the settings are kept.
- Packing of the game is renewed.

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