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Star Adventurers
  • 1. Star Adventurers can be acquired after Difficult Mode is unlocked;
  • 2. Star Adventurers have a chance of spawn whenever an ancient Adventurer is generated:
    • a. Summon has 10% chance;
    • b. Adventurer pack has 20% chance;
    • c. Completing difficult dungeons has 30% chance;
    • d. Completing Mystic Dimension dungeons has 50% chance;
    • e. Inn routine refresh has 50% chance;
    • f. Town events have 60% chance.
  • 3. Star Adventurers have significantly higher growth potential, with maximum rating of 404;
  • 4. Each Star Adventurer has unique Star Effect.

Item Update
  • 1. 5 new scrolls and 2 new star effects are added, and star effects have a chance to be generated from items of level 8 and higher.

Asset Update
  • 1. We have updated all battle maps😊

Other changes
  • 1. Increased damage cap to 500 million;
  • 2. Increased output capacity cap to 50 million;
  • 3. Adjusted recipe display in armour and weapon shops: recipes of level 8 and above will have their version of least P level shown;
  • 4. Fixed possible deadlock bugs associated with revive effects;
  • 5. Fixed a bug preventing Missionary’s dispels not properly trigger Collection Devices;
  • 6. Other minor bug fixes;

Happy gaming everyone!
Sep 10, 2018
Dragon Cliff - metainteraction
Mac Support has just been released :)

Sep 5, 2018
Dragon Cliff - metainteraction
New Equipment Type: Device

  • Devices are dropped from high level dungeons in Normal Mode, and all dungeon levels in Hard Mode;
  • Devices can automatically collect and release energies, provide significant battle advantages;
  • Devices can be re-forged and enchanted.

Furnace Enhanced: Gems Combine

  • Every 3 gems of the same type and level can be combined, to create a higher-level version gem of the same type.
  • Gem level cap is now 25.

Other Changes

  • All consumables are no longer counted as ‘item’: they will not occupy inventory space and cannot be sold;
  • Players can now sort items by effects in inventory filter;
  • Auto-tactic policy now unlocks at town title level 5;
  • Effect Immunity bug fix: effects that cannot be immuned are now properly honored;
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto-tactic does not process ‘free cast’ tactics while in Cooling Down state;
  • Added team number display in adventurer panel;
  • Optimized game save and backup process;
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Finally, we are currently working in full swing on a Dragon Cliff project and will be able to make more detailed announcements in coming months. Being the first game for two of us, Dragon Cliff has received tremendous supports from community. We cherish this opportunity and will make our best efforts to push this title further.
Happy gaming everyone!
Dragon Cliff - Valve
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Jun 15, 2018
Dragon Cliff - metainteraction
New Equipment: Amulet
  • Mystic Dimension bosses have a chance of dropping Amulets when defeated;
  • Amulets can grant set bonus for adventure team. Team bonus is activated when party members equip required set of pieces.
  • Amulets can be upgraded up to 100 levels: each level-up increases main attribute and has 50% chance of rolling an additional attribute. In addition, every 10 level-ups creates an additional special effect.

Adventure Energy Points
  • Adventure Energy Points replaces Adventure Time Restriction in previous version;
  • 1 Energy Point is consumed for every adventurer turn action, and 2 Energy Points are consumed for every tactic cast;
  • Healers can increase 15% total Energy Points per unit, and support units can increase 10% total Energy Points per unit;
  • When Energy Points reach 0, adventure fails.

High Level Mystic Dimension
  • Mystic Dimension levels are now endless;
  • Monsters in higher levels have higher battle stats.

Additional Changes
  • Completing Mystic Dimension levels can now refresh the Inn.
  • It is possible to define minimum Growth Potential for adventurers auto-hire.
  • Fixed description for Warrior’s Sunder: reduces target’s All Resistances by 25%
  • UI optimization and bug fixes.
May 24, 2018
Dragon Cliff - metainteraction
  • Scroll of Tactics: removed 100% rage cost. Now each tactic cast increases rage cost by 30%, up to 90%. This effect gets reset (back to 0%) at start of each battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused rage cost value displayed incorrectly in Adventurer Panel.
  • Scroll of Bun: trigger condition has been adjusted to ‘whenever friendly unit kills an enemy unit’.
  • Scroll of Summoner: instead of resisting negative effects and having spirits consumed, now each spirit increases 10% Effect Resistance Rating.
  • Scroll of Arcane: in addition to existing effect, Drunk Reader’s damage dealt now ignores targets’ Resilience by 50%;
  • Scroll of Blade: trigger condition has been adjusted to ‘whenever Red Horn kills an enemy unit’.
  • Added new scroll: Scroll of Ghost (Young Warlock exclusive)
  • Added new Night Blade exclusive star effect: Demon of the Night, has a chance to be generated from level 8 and above melee armors and weapons.
  • Added new Chubby Lady exclusive star effect: Hold On!, has a chance to be generated from level 8 and above melee armors and weapons.
  • Added new consumable: Magic Bread.
  • Optimized shop UI;
  • Added tactic free cast indication;
  • Removed dungeon effect ‘Ghosting’ from Mystic Dimension;
  • Adjusted Knight contribution: now grants contribution for Practice Points boost and Chest boost. (Effective for newly generated Knight only)
  • Minor bug fixes.
Apr 6, 2018
Dragon Cliff - metainteraction
Talent Tier 3

1. Every adventurer has 5 additional tier 3 talents to choose from;
2. Players can spend up to 3 talent points on tier 3 talents;
3. Talent points are reset for all adventurers.

Scroll Changes

1. Added 6 new class-exclusive scrolls;
2. Now all scrolls have 1 All Color Socket;
3. Increased drop rate for Star scrolls.

Other Changes

1. Added 3 new star effects, possible on all lv.8+ equipment.
2. Added battle log for unit kills: it is possible to view damage logs on unit kills.
3. Added damage meter: it is possible to view adventurers total damage done during adventures.
4. Minor UI optimizations and bug fixes.
5. Fire Seed: now fire seed damage is restricted to 1500% of caster’s output capacity from equipment, changed from 1000% of caster’s output capacity.
6. Element Master effect in Mystic Dimension: now changed to ‘1 shield that immune to all elemental damages’, from ‘7 Shields each immune to 1 individual element’.
Mar 30, 2018
Dragon Cliff - metainteraction
Added Town Event System

1. Players can run town events, and each event grants exclusive benefits for the town.
2. Running events uses policy points and consumes money/practice points every day.
3. Running events increases residents’ happiness. When happiness reaches 100 the resident will contribute extra effects for the town.
4. Residents may lose interests for certain events if they have recently participated in them.
5. Added new consumables produced by town events.

Other Changes

1. Added Adventurer Rating, and it is easier to spot growth potential differences for adventurers of the same class and quality.
2. Optimized town stats display.
3. Added ancient adventurers auto-hire.
4. Added auto-exploration.
5. Optimized Adventurer Panel.
6. It is no longer possible to have gems with both intelligence and strength.
7. ‘Commandment of Spell’ effect enhanced: At the start of each battle, acquires 8% of friendly members' strength as wearer's agility. Increased from 3%.
8. Added new gem: Evil Heart
9. Increased Mystic Dimension maximum level to 500.
Mar 23, 2018
Dragon Cliff - metainteraction
Talent System

1. Talent system is added, and players can now spend talent points to further customize adventurers
2. There are 4 talent tiers, and tier 3 and tier 4 will be released in future versions.

Gem Adjustments

1. Gem attribute value generation is now more stabilized.
2. Gems with 3 and 4 attributes now have higher attribute values.
3. Adjusted attribute pool for gem generations, removed individual resistances and added all resistances.
4. Added new gem: Commandment of Spell, and it is droppable from Mystic Dimension and the last 30 levels of all maps in Hard Mode.

Itemization Adjustments

1. Removed individual resistances from all recipes;
2. Now attribute ‘All Resistance’ will replace all individual resistances for new items generated;
3. Star effect ‘Confident Healer’ now is restricted to staff and robe only.
4. ‘Suffer-less’ will now appear as star effect on items of lv.12 and higher;
5. Added new star effect ‘Sacrifice’ for lv.11+ items.

Other Changes

1. Reduced Negative Effect Reduction Rate on bosses and mini-bosses.
2. Now items of higher levels have a chance of producing multiple Fragment of Demon when dissembled.
3. Optimized crafting interface.
4. Adjusted accessory prices.

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