Puppet Kings - Timba Games
Patch 1.4.0 is out today and with it lots of fixes and new features:

  • Steam Cloud Save
  • Resolution Settings
  • Window / Fullscreen Settings
  • Sound Settings

  • The Ancient fight was completely reworked to be clearer to the player and more fun

  • Fixed Totem audio, some audios kept sounding after defeated
  • Fixed Forge audio, sometimes there was no sound at all
  • Fixed Ultima audio, sometimes there was no sound at all
  • Fixed some localization texts
  • Adjusted MainMenu canvas for all resolutions
  • Added Control tutorial for both Pc/Console
  • Removed the posibility to pause the game while on map or on boss defeated
  • Added Game Version on the bottom left corner in main menu

Puppet Kings - Timba Games
We have been working on versions of the game for all the major desktop platforms.

The MacOS version was silently published last week and today we are launching the Linux version.

We are asking the Linux community to give us feedback on this particular version, since it is not extensively tested yet.

Now everyone can enjoy the block breaking madness!

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