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After 2 years of development, I am proud to say that Battle Shapes is ready for its release! I hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I've enjoyed designing it - Battle Shapes is a genuine piece of me. As a 19 year old struggling to maintain balance with college, my social life, my future, and my passions, I'm always afraid of failing. I know the game is not the greatest, but I will use it as a stepping stone into bigger and better things. Now that the game is done, I will start working on the next game with every bit of experience I've gained!

I will continue to work on Battle Shapes to meet popular demand. I hope to release updates for more unlockable battle shapes, more game modes, and more headaches. Much love to everyone who supported my early access endeavors and I hope you continue to support others. Thank you very much.

P.S. If you have any suggestions for the game (all are welcome) - shoot me an email at


Ya Boi
Battle Shapes - Kawaiisun Games

A lot has changed. I've put together an old fashioned list to make it easier on the eyes:

  • Gear Levels
  • Nightmares Mode
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Stats Card
  • Download Screen

  • Main Menu
  • Game Cards
  • Difficulties
  • Story Line
  • Tutorial
  • Achievements
  • Boss Fight
  • AI

  • Shapestones
  • Space Surplus
  • Skins
  • 20+ Challenges
  • Shape Info
  • Challenge Info
  • Objectives

  • Centered Xbox Cursor
  • Wall Freeze Glitch
  • AI Corner Glitch
  • Teammate Ruins Perfect


Ya Boi
Battle Shapes - Kawaiisun Games

The months I've spent working on the game since the release have revealed to me some important aspects of being a game developer. After hearing many opinions from my friends, I realized that I could make more profit off the game if I implemented online multiplayer. So, I set the game in Early Access mode and promised the ability to play with people from miles away. Freeze. This is where I messed up. Compromising.

I don't want my game to have online multiplayer in it. I don't want to make online multiplayer games. I don't want people to play miles apart from each other. I want them to play right next to one another. As uncomfortably and as irritatingly as possible.

I believe simplicity is the best approach towards game design and I would like to contribute to this idea with not just Battle Shapes, but every other game I intend on developing in the near future.

With that being said, here are a couple of the changes I will be implementing in the upcoming Official Release:
- Removing Multiplayer
- Removing Ship Levels (Gears)
- Removing Narrators
- Doubling Down on Battle Mode

Removing these aspects of the game will prevent the player's focus from being spread out across different features. The removals are a way of reducing the available buckets for the player's attention to fall into - bringing more spotlight to the best parts of the game and disintegrating the worsts. With these updates I will also include thematic reworking and many design changes to better encapsulate the vibe I want emanating from the game.

I hope these changes help dilute the complexity and saturate the depth of Battle Shapes making it an overall much more enjoyable experience to both play, and develop.

I want to apologize to those who have invested in the Early Access portion of this game in hopes of online multiplayer and I want to thank you. You're support has made me incredibly happy and has aided me in this decision. I believe you deserve the best I can give and I love you all. I hope you will continue to support, and enjoy, this game.


Ya Boi
Sep 6, 2018
Battle Shapes - Kawaiisun Games

Sorry for the lack of updates lately - I've been taking the time to readjust to college life and classes. Now that I'm all settled in, it's time to kick development into overdrive!

I've decided to skip the multiplayer phases and jump straight into full release by knocking all the "stages" out at once - just think of it as one big stage.

With that said, I look forward to taking everyone on in the public matchmaking mode. Goodluck Battle Shapers. You're gonna need it-

With Love,

Ya Boi.
Aug 1, 2018
Battle Shapes - Kawaiisun Games

We've reached the end of July and, as promised, we got our first stage of multiplayer started (and released)! You can now play private matches in the online tab of the game.

As the stages progress and we get closer to the game's official release, I am relying on all my players to help me find any bugs so that I can get them fixed AS. FAST. AS. POSSIBLE.

What's next? On to stage twoooooooo!

Here's a list of the stages of multiplayer:

1. Private Battle Matches
2. Private Arcade Matches
3. Public Matchmaker, Leveling, and Profile Buliding
4. Leagues and League Matches
5. Polish

Anywho, love you all, and thank you for the support - enjoy! Also, if you'd like to contribute to the future by participating in polls or just find people to compete with then you should check out our discord channel @


Ya boi.
Battle Shapes - Kawaiisun Games

This latest update includes much needed adjustments to the Nightmares mode and the Shadow Boss Battle. Don't worry, I'm still working hard on the multiplayer. Enjoy!

Until next time,

Ya boi
Jul 6, 2018
Battle Shapes - Kawaiisun Games


Just wanted to share the progress I've made with multiplayer.

Matches are working but are a bit buggy. The lobby design is finished but needs to be programmed which I plan on getting finished this weekend. All in all, private matches should be available soon. Can't wait to whup everyone at this game as I'm currently the best player in the world

Much love,

Ya boi <3
Jul 5, 2018
Battle Shapes - Kawaiisun Games

Just added some quick suggestions I've gotten since the release yesterday. For a full list of changes check out the "Updates" window in-game.

Peace and love,

Ya boi
Battle Shapes - Kawaiisun Games

Just wanted to take a second to thank all the people who bought the game and, consequently, put some money down towards my college tuition. You're the real mvp~

I thought I'd want to have a couple weeks off after the release to relax and ease the stresses of mind after the cumbersome, anxious, and self mutilating process of releasing this slice of my life - but, to no avail, it's been one day and I'm itching to hop back in the ringer. As you can tell, I really do love and care for myself.

Regardless, in the first update I hope to introduce private matches so we can all play with our friends (maybe even buy it as a gift no?). Private matches will be the first step in the multiplayer development process and I MIGHT just include a couple hidden gems in the update as well. And, we can expect this update to come around before the end of the month. I would like to PROMISE it sooner but that's the safest thing for me to say. However, I can promise that I will get it out as soon as I possibly can.

Finally, if you'd like to contribute to the future of the game consider joining our new discord server - it's pretty small right now but I hope to grow it over time. You'll also be able to find people to play the multiplayer with once the update drops. Dope.


Thank you all again.

With love,
Ya boi

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