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We’re now offering The World Next Door for $9.99 USD across ALL platforms, so hopefully if you’ve been holding back, you’ve got the perfect reason to jump in.

Just in case you happened to forget (Vesper, we’re looking at you!) we’ve also added a 1 v 1 versus mode where you can play as your favorite Human Savers Club members against your friends! It’s a great way to spruce up your spell-casting.

Stay up-to-date on where you’ll see Rose City Games and The World Next Door next (hint hint, it’ll be soon!) by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Talk soon ~

Your travel guide to Emrys,

The World Next Door - kimchica
What's next after the portals to Emrys have closed until the next Festival?

We’ve been hard at work on our next game with VIZ Media, and the time has come for an exciting Cat Lady update! Without further ado, here’s our brand new gameplay trailer and Steam page launch to kick off your Wednesday:

😻 Moar cats: You’ve gotten to see a lot of Melinda (fondly known around here as “Wizard Cat”) and Marshmallow, but for the first time, meet Nellie, Puddles, Scrappy, and more new friends in action on our Steam page! You’ll also get the chance to meet a few formidable foes as well…👀

😽 Picture purrfect: Take a look at our updated screenshots! They illuminate a little more of what you’ll experience throughout the game. Not just the combat, but some of the interactions you’ll have as you explore the mansion. Rescue cats, snag some sweet upgrades, and pick which of your fave cats will join you on your adventure.

😼 I can haz gameplay: Unless you took a peek while we were showcasing at The MIX E3, there’s a good chance you haven’t gotten to experience the gameplay of Cat Lady…until now! Check it out below and on our Steam page:


There’s a lot that goes into making a Steam page, so we hope you enjoy ours. If you are excited about the game, we’d truly appreciate it if you added it to your wishlist.

What’s next for Cat Lady? Continuing to design super fun levels and the most adorable cats! We’ll also be getting ready to take the game on the road, so keep an ear out for where you may be able to give it a try. 😸

Talk soon!
The World Next Door - Rose City Games
We’ve had a couple of incredible contests and giveaways to keep us busy these past few weeks (like our Tag-A-Friend giveaway, the Design-A-Mask contest, and our Fan Art Contest), but we’ve been pretty quiet about what’s next for the Rose City Games now that The World Next Door is out…

…because we’ve already been hard at work preparing a new game for you to enjoy!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to make sure you know we’re holding a flash sale for The World Next Door to celebrate the announcement of our newest project. If you haven’t traveled through the portal to Emrys, now’s your chance!

You’ve got 48 hours (June 4th and 5th) to grab a copy of The World Next Door at 33% off on Steam and Nintendo Switch. And remember: The World Next Door also comes with a local 2-player Versus Mode where you can challenge your friends to battles in the shrines!


And now for the big news. We’re so excited to be able to share with you the next title from VIZ Media and Rose City Games. It’s spooky. It’s cute. It’s a feline-flinging frenzy: it’s Cat Lady!

You can watch the teaser now on @CatLadyGame on Twitter and Instagram, and we’ll be showing off Cat Lady at The MIX E3, so if you’re headed that way, you’ll be one of the first to see the game in action. We’ll also be keeping you posted with updates on the progress on the Cat Lady official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook channels, so follow us there for all the latest mews. And yes: I will absolutely use this as an excuse to learn (and utilize) every cat pun in existence.

Talk soon 😻

The World Next Door - cwarning

This free content update lets you pick your favorite Emryn and battle against your friends in the shrines! (v.1.2.0)

  • 1v1 local multiplayer puzzle battles
  • 8 playable characters (complete quests in Story Mode to unlock)
  • 16 unique levels across 4 shrines (complete shrines in Story Mode to unlock)

Please note that 2 controllers are required for this mode, and players with a new save file may need to replay certain parts of Story Mode to unlock new content in Versus Mode. We realize this could be frustrating to players who have already completed the game, so you also have the option of using the following cheat code to unlock everything in Versus Mode! In the title screen, input [LEFT][LEFT][RIGHT][RIGHT][DOWN][DOWN][UP][UP][LEFT][RIGHT] and you’ll get a notification that new content has been unlocked.

More bug fixes and quality of life updates include:

  • Adjustments to casting and tethering hit-boxes for better spell-casting feel
  • Improvements for keyboard controls including new UI icons
  • Fixed issues caused by connecting/disconnecting controllers while app is running on PC and Mac
  • Added Dash to R bumper for additional controller support
  • No longer possible to fail a certain side quest because of certain dialogue choices
  • Nerfed Liza’s Homing Void special ability
  • Added option to hide the bounding box that highlights matching runes
  • Added option to cap game at 60fps for PC and Mac
  • Fixed a few spots where it was possible to soft lock progression
  • The mysterious trash can interaction has been removed
  • We found a couple more typos… oops!
  • Added titles to the epilogue images in the credits

Thanks to everyone for your feedback, and for your patience! We’ll be keeping an eye on Steam discussions, Twitter, and our feedback forms for any other issues that pop up with the new update.

- Corey
The World Next Door - chairliketeeth
Good morning!

Just a quick update regarding our upcoming patch. We’ve cleared Nintendo certification, and while I can’t set a date right now, I can confirm that it’s coming shortly. We were able to hit all of the improvements and bug fixes I listed in a previous post, and the patch will also include a pretty big update that we’ve very excited about… keep an eye out in the coming days for more on that!

We also set up a free demo of the game on Steam! If you’ve got friends who might like The World Next Door, please let them know they can try-before-they-buy now. ^_^

Thanks for stopping by, and a big shout out to everyone who’s been sending over fan art the past couple of weeks - y’all are amazing.

- Corey
Windscape - (Sin Vega)

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you have it. Lately it turns out I’ve needed a lot of soothing, which is fortunate because this week’s selection of the best indie games on Steam ranks highly on the alleviometer. We’ve the usual variety you’ve surely come to expect, and a bit less of the drama and thrills than average.

It is time, once more, for some long overdue Unknown Pleasures.

Chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool this week: plague doctors, Arabian cyberpunks, and… underground goddamn> monsters.


The World Next Door - kimchica
The fan art everyone has made for The World Next Door so far has blown us away, and we wanted another chance to see what else you have up your sleeves…and, of course, give away some fun prizes!

That's right: it's time for our second official Fan Art Contest!

Read our website for the details, but basically if you create fan art for The World Next Door, we want to see it! Tag us on our social channels when you post your art, and you'll be entered for a chance to win a bag full of VIZ and Rose City Games goodies!

The contest runs from April 29th - May 10th, with winners selected and announced by May 14th.

Learn more:

Have fun!
The World Next Door - chairliketeeth

We're happy to announce trading cards, badges, emoticons, and backgrounds are now available for The World Next Door players on Steam!

You can show off your trip to Emrys in style! Decorate your Steam page with backgrounds showing off your favorite Emryn shrines (or Liza’s comfy dorm room) express yourself with emotes, show off some beautiful new badges, and collect all 15 of the trading cards. They're live now!

We're hard at work getting more updates and fun events prepped for the near future, so stay tuned!

- Rose City Games team
The World Next Door - chairliketeeth

Good morning!

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who picked up the game in the first 48 hours, and for all the amazing folks streaming the game this week! We’re ecstatic to see so many people enjoying The World Next Door and sharing it with others.

We’re keeping a close eye on Twitch, Steam forums, and emails coming our way for feedback on how to improve the game. For example, yesterday we pushed a patch to fix a side quest bug on Steam (that’s good!) and for a bit there, the game had no audio (that’s bad!) Luckily, we learned about it right away from a Twitch stream, and we were able to fix it quickly.

We’ve received other notes, and wanted to run through some of the other fixes we’re currently working on:

  • Casting and tethering precision needs tightening up. We’re aware this is causing frustration during battles, and we’ll be addressing it in our next patch.
  • Camellia identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. There is copy in one of the side quest descriptions which refers to them as “her” - this is a mistake that wasn’t corrected while our team was developing their character, and I regret not catching it. We’ve updated the script, and this will be resolved in our next patch.
  • Some players are reporting issues playing the game using certain controllers. We tested as much as we could with Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, and Steam controllers - if inputs aren’t working for you, please let us know what your setup looks like!
  • Starting the game using keyboard controls needs to be more intuitive and consistant. We’ll be updating our UI and how inputs work in certain scenes to improve the game for playing without a controller.
  • There is an interaction icon that pops up over a trash can in the quad on certain days… this is leftover from content that we cut from the game, so you’re not missing anything there!
  • It’s possible to fail a side quest late in the game if you respond to the characters involved in a very specific way. We’ve fixed the issue and will have this updated in the next patch.
  • There’s a minor typo during Rainy’s side quest. It’s not the wost, though.

Being a small team, the best way for us to continue to improve the game right now is from your comments and emails - so please keep reaching out in Steam discussions!

Have a great weekend!

- Corey
The World Next Door - chairliketeeth
Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the game on day 1! We just pushed a small update to address a couple of things. To make sure you have the latest version, look on the title screen in the bottom left corner, and you should see "v1.1.5"

  • An issue where runes weren't populated in one of the sides quests (no spoilers!) has been resolved.
  • A typo was corrected in the first Texting Hours scene (talk about embarrassing, right?)

We're also looking into improving keyboard controls and the areas where tethering and casting runes can sometimes be sticky.

If you're enjoying the game, please consider leaving a review on Steam! We're a small studio, and this is our first release so it really helps us out!


- Corey

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