May 24, 2018
>Mars Taken - corpixgames
Finally, a huge update is live. The game required a lot of fixes, that affect a lot of bad reviews. The game should be much better now and most of bugs and glitches were removed.
Fix list:
- fixed save game
- completely new camera controller (much smoother)
- saving vehicles positions
- fixed walk collisions
- fixed main character slipping
- framerate optimization
- added inventory on pause screen
- fixed ammo hud
- fixed planting a bomb in mines
- in vehicle camera can be controlled now
- added wheels particles
- fixed credits
- fixed interaction HUD
- fixed pause menu
- fixed some enemies behaviors
- added collisions on some objects
- added save game indicator
- added music volume settings in menu
- many additional hints
- fixed many small collision glitches
- fixed many small bugs
Mar 25, 2018
>Mars Taken - corpixgames
- Fixed invert mouse settings
- Mouse sensitivity setting is more accurate
Mar 25, 2018
>Mars Taken - corpixgames
A new patch is available.
- fixed losing a gun and knife by walking through the door (scene change)
- fixed Pause and Save - Healthcare machine interface in some points of game
(save and pause interface was not clickable)
- fixed some NPC collisions
- fixed some static objects collisions
- fixed some problem with occlusion on the station
- blocked the way in the main hall of the base that was forbidden for a player
- (fixed) Some NPC walk through a table on the station
Mar 24, 2018
>Mars Taken - corpixgames
A new patch is available.
Fixing a few most annoying issues in the game:
- fixed save games and checkpoints
- fixed bug with an invisible knife
- fixed explosion cinematic (there were two main characters on screen)
- fixed doors collisions on the space station
- added hints in crucial points of gameplay
- HUD now is visible when you have no gun equipped.
- added HUD information when you can make a stealth kill
>Mars Taken - corpixgames
Today I can announce that > Mars Taken will be released on March 23'th.

It is a Third Person Shooter that takes us to Mars surface. The player will be an ordinary engineer that goes to Mars just to earn money for his sick wife. Unfortunately, Mars expedition will not be alone. They woke up aliens that were sleeping on the Mars surface.
Find the real secret of this expedition. If you think that it is a game about aliens and are wrong. Find that answer.

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