Jun 9
Escort Commander - Balz161
Hi All,
I just pushed out a small patch to fix a bug that was found in one of the user reviews.

-Enemy Stationary Missile Turret distance calculation math adjusted.
May 30, 2018
Escort Commander - Balz161
Patch 1.11 is going live today. It's a small patch addressing a couple issues. Please find the patch notes below.

Patch 1.11:
  • Slight increase to credit drop of enemy rocket cruiser

  • Colony Health Station will now heal asteroid bases

  • Slight increase to Colony armor for both Survival and Campaign modes

  • Added additional field on Survival Wave Completion Screen to display credits spent on Asteroid Base upgrades

  • Fixed bug which caused Survival end of level wave start credits to display incorrectly
Escort Commander - Balz161
Hello Friends,
Today an update was pushed to bring the game to 1.10. The new version includes a new game mode, Survival. Battle endless waves of enemies and see just how far you can make it. In Survival you can upgrade asteroids into bases to help defend your colony. The update also includes two additional Leader Boards to see exactly how you stack up to the rest of the Steam Community. Numerous additional enhancements have been implemented and bugs have been squashed as outlined below. Thanks for playing!

Survival Mode
  • Upgrade Asteroids into bases!
  • 2 New Steam Leader Boards (Highest Wave and High Score)
  • 9 New Steam Achievements

Additional patch notes:
  • Added additional asteroids
  • Slight reduction in fleet expansion cost
  • Slight increase in player Mix Bomb Damage
  • Increased Vulcan turret range
  • Slight increase to Vulcan turret accuracy
  • Increased point defense turret range
  • Fixed artillery shell impact to push smaller ships with more force
  • Artillery battery will now target Enemy Assault Frigates (small enemy ship with turrets)
  • Push direction of missile impact to enemy Rocket Frigate adjusted
  • If there is no saved game the "Continue" buttons will now be grayed out
  • Added particle effect to enemy bomb
  • Increased the range for Colony credit collection
  • fixed player health bar bug that would sometimes display negative
  • Fixed a text alignment bug with the pause menu
  • Fixed bug causing enemy rocket cruisers to not move sometimes after being pushed
  • Various additional bug fixes and performance enhancements
Mar 11, 2018
Escort Commander - Balz161
Hello Friends,

Thanks for the feedback. The below known issues have been patched. Thanks again for playing!

1.02 Patch notes:
  • Fixed Steam Achievement unlock for Comms Tower purchase
  • Player bomb can now be detonated with right mouse button (RMB) as well as ALT key
  • Fixed bug with player bomb not resetting if exiting room
  • Slightly buffed missile turrets (slight damage increase, and very slight rate of fire increase)
  • Added additional tip pop-ups
Feb 25, 2018
Escort Commander - Balz161
Hello Friends,

After reading the reviews and taking feedback from some testers, I have tweaked a few aspects of Escort Commander. My original goal was to make a casual yet fairly challenging game with a short learning curve, but I may have stepped up the difficulty a bit much. The focus of the patch was to step back the difficulty a bit.

With this update, I also simplified the shooting controls. The mouse buttons can now be used to fire both the primary and secondary weapons in addition to the keyboard. Also, based on the feedback I have added a tip pop up at the beginning of each level.

I really appreciate everyone's input and support. I will continue to update based on user feedback and I encourage anyone to leave your points below.

Thank you!

1.01 Patch notes:
  • Added mouse left pressed to fire primary weapon in addition to the 'space' bar
  • Added mouse right released will fire secondary weapon in addition to 'alt' key
  • Slightly increased the chance of drones to drop a credit
  • Destroying small asteroids is no longer a dice roll for a credit drop. They now all drop one credit
  • Added tip pop up beginning of each level
  • Slightly decreased cost of Frigates, Missile Frigate, and Assault Boats
  • Reduced cost to expand fleet size

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