DIY Simulator - Cristi
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Jun 12
DIY Simulator - Cristi
Hope you all are doing fine!
I want to show you what I've done in the past few days.

I added a new object to build. It's a... house, a tiny house. You will get an email to build a house like this, but not at your property. You will need to build it at the owner's property. The same model can be used to build a container farm (like Square Roots by Kimbal Musk).

You can buy the materials from the scrapyard.

To build that, you will need other tools than the ones that are already in the game, so I added new ones.

This is just an informative post, the update is not available yet. I want to add more and more things. By the way, would you like to build computers?
I plan to add to install/mount solar panels on houses. And maybe to repair cars, but that is just an idea.

I also fixed some bugs, but I already made a few small updates for those bugs.

Best regards,
Jun 8
DIY Simulator - Cristi
Today I saw that the game had a few bugs (major bugs) but fortunately, I was able to fix them fast.
  • The first one was at the market, you couldn't buy anything and because of that, everyone died. This is fixed now.
  • The second one was with the builder, it wasn't saving the progress. It's fixed too, and I also added to can "Cancel" the current object by pressing 'C' and get your parts back.
  • The third one was with orders, you could order even if the basket was empty.
  • And the final one was with some trees that didn't have colliders/collision.

And I saw that some people didn't know that 'E' is for interacting with objects and because of that, I added a text on the screen 'Press [E] to ....'.

All of them are fixed and please if you find a bug (or more), post on "Discussions".

Best regards,

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