Forestation - Mr. Box

Meet Forestation: Circle of Nature - an endless wheel of seasons and vagaries of weather. How to grow a forest here? Time to discover all nuances of this changeable world.

You have a chance to become a part of this cycle, feeling like a Creator. Rule the weather, admire fleeting changes of nature and... solve puzzles! Each solved puzzle here influences the usual cycle of nature.

Complete a great deal of levels with unique puzzles, enjoy the renovated game mechanics and grow the best forest ever!
Forestation - Mr. Box
Become a part of the passage of time with the sequel of Forestation. Winter blizzards, spring streams, summer heat and falling autumn leaves - all this you can create with your own hands. Go from one time of the year to another by solving puzzles and launching the usual cycle of nature. Complete tasks, which are unique for each month, and observe the changes happening around you.

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Forestation - Mr. Box
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Forestation - Mr. Box
Hey guys, we have good news for you! Our other game CryptoFarm is out! Develop your own cryptocurrency farm and see how good you are in the art of bitcoin mining.
Check the game out and let us know what you think!
WonderBox Games Team
Forestation - Mr. Box
We’re really glad that Summer Sale's time has come! Summer is quite right time to plant the trees and enjoy them grow - so it’s really a miraculous coincidence that Forestation is co 75% off its price now! Do not miss it! Dive into a green wonderful world even if it’s not so summer-like outside!
Sincerely yours, WonderBox Team
May 30, 2018
Forestation - Mr. Box
Hi, everyone! We've just finished the update for Forestation where we made some bug fixes and improvements. Here they are:
  • Achievement for completing level 1 fixed;
  • Achievement for completing level 10 fixed;
  • Achievement for completing 10 islands fixed;
  • Achievement for completing all the forest/desert/swamp locations fixed;
  • New Year achievement fixed;
  • Scrolling through the level screen fixed;
  • Other small improvements.
WonderBox Games Team
Forestation - Mr. Box
Greetings! Please take a look at the bundle, which contains both an interesting game and DLC!
  • Forestation - plant green forests by drawing a continuous line through the cells of each field. Tricky levels and secrets await you in this seemingly simple brain teaser!
  • Forestation Soundtrack - original game soundtrack in MP3.
You can get the bundle following the link below - of course, at a discount.
Don't miss the chance to get these brain teasers here and now!
Forestation - Tim32
Hi everyone!

It's April 22, the whole world celebrates the Earth day, and for this event we released a long-awaited update for Forestation! Meet two brand new game modes. First one is Relax, a mode for those who like to watch trees grow. The second one is Retro, a mode for true fans of old console games.

You can look at your favorite game from a different perspective right now!
Forestation - Mr. Box
On FRIDAY the 13th always happens something STRANGE. You found A MYSTERIOUS BOX in your garage. There is SOMEONE in it! It makes you do THINGS! Do you want to find out WHO'S IN THE BOX? Then check it out and let us know what you think!

WonderBox Games Team
Forestation - Tim32
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Leave your feedback in comments and help us to make this game better!

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