Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. - pdenton
Dear Players,

We have a big announcement: from February 1st our game is going to be available for FREE, and will stay free. No microtransactions and stuff.

This game is a project created after work and primarily for fun, with very little focus on marketing and commercial aspect. That's why, a year after release, we decide that there is no point for Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. to be a paid game. We'd like to thank everyone who supported us and bought Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. so far.

Best Regards,
Bob Games team
Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. - pdenton
Hello everyone! : )

We've just uploaded 1.01 patch and set up a 30% discount.
- balance improvements
- added UI pop-ups to indicate unlocked special equipment
- dialogue skipping improved for better readability
- small visual improvements

Have a nice day!
Bob Games team
Dec 1, 2017
Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. - pdenton
Major announcement: after 17 months of development Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. will be released on Steam on 11 December (Monday)!

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